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Bahaha. Boston Cops to Have GPS Installed in Patrol Cars; Suddenly Not Such Big Fans of Big Brother Tactics

I'll leave it to you to insert your sardonic observations about police hypocrisy and related matters in the comments below.

The obligatory excerpt:

Boston police officers wary of GPS for cruisers
Fear too much scrutiny of police under city’s plan

By Maria Cramer | Globe Staff | November 18, 2013

The pending use of GPS tracking devices, slated to be installed in Boston police cruisers, has many officers worried that commanders will monitor their every move while supervisors insist the system will improve their response to emergencies.

The change, a result of contract negotiations between the city and the patrol officers union, puts Boston in league with small-town departments across the state and big-city agencies across the country that have installed global positioning systems in cruisers.

Boston police administrators say the system gives dispatchers the ability to see where officers are, rather than wait for a radio response. Using GPS, they say, accelerates their response to a call for a shooting or an armed robbery.

The addition of GPS, which still needs City Council approval of the arbitration award package that resulted from the negotiations, is the most dramatic change from the new contract facing officers as the department begins a new level of scrutiny. Another change: Cameras equipped in district booking stations would record officers and preserve film of their bookings of suspects.

The GPS devices have stirred the most anxiety.

“We’ll be moving forward as quickly as possible,” Edward F. Davis said in an interview shortly before he resigned as police commissioner Nov. 1. “There are an enormous amount of benefits. . . . This is clearly an important enhancement and should lead to further reductions in crime.”

An officer in trouble is also likely to get help faster if commanders know exactly where he or she is.

“If an officer calls for help, we’ll know the cars that are closest to them,” Davis said.

But some officers said they worry that under such a system they will have to explain their every move and possibly compromise their ability to court street sources.

“No one likes it. Who wants to be followed all over the place?” said one officer who spoke anonymously because department rules forbid police from speaking to the media without authorization. “If I take my cruiser and I meet [reluctant witnesses] to talk, eventually they can follow me and say why were you in a back dark street for 45 minutes? It’s going to open up a can of worms that can’t be closed.”

Read the whole thing: http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/11/18/gps-now-monitor-...

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And the real problem is the one nobody here has brought


WHY does this have ANYTHING to do with a contract negotiation with the union??????

This is a policy that should be determined by the city and the union should have ZERO input in this decision. Yet, the change comes only after contract negotiations.

What a crock of shit and another reason public unions need to disappear.

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"Who wants to be followed all over the place?"

said one officer.


Car 54 We see you.

Circling Dunkin Donuts

Money talks and dogs bark

Isn't Karma beautiful...?!

Funny how they didn't feel like they were violating (4th Amendment) when they shut the city down and the thugs pointed "real" assault rifles in the faces of thousands and thousands of American citizens earlier. Funny how they yelled, barked, humiliated, threatened and intimidated the good citizens when they instituted undeclared martial law on the people banging door to door when not even a fool would've let that demonic killer teenager near them. And NOW the police state members "feel violated"? Karma is a b**ch.........


Cops turned Libertarian.

Pat Kraemer

Whaaa?! Police don't like their police state now?!

Are we getting just TOO tyrannical for the tyrants?

Yes, exactly WHY were you in

Yes, exactly WHY were you in that dark alley for forty-five minutes where known criminals hang out? Oh, you were extorting people and collecting hush money? Well, as you were officer!


"This is clearly an important enhancement and should lead to further reductions in crime.” Yeah, from the criminals that work for him.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

We need you at Elm and 5th

This is not the area where the most accidents happen.

This is not the part of town where crime is the highest.

This is the spot where the road is clear and wide and most drivers feel safe driving at a speed higher than posted.

Plus there is a nice building you can hide behind to "catch" perpetrators driving 10 mph above the posted speed.

You can write up to 6 tickets per hour. 6x200 dollar fine= 1200 dollars x8hr shift = $9,600 daily.

9,600 day x5 =48,00 weekly x 4 =196,000 per month.

Wow! One officer CAN make a difference!


Perhaps if they join the Democratic or Republican Partys they will not be issued the GPS lol

I guess it is also a question of 'time theft' as they call it.

If they are ok with it, so be it. I am sure it was 'sugar coated' when it was sold to their unions on the flip side. Might work against the more independent type people though.

It will be interesting to see what the new performance reviews will be like.


This is a good thing

And the officers will soon realize it. We have GPS in out units. We have video cameras that record in front of the vehicle and the back seats as well. We have microphones we carry on us that turn on whenever we use our lights. Whenever we transport a female, we are required to call out our starting and ending mileage.

The end result is a ton of bogus complaints being thrown out when people come to the station and say "Officer so-and-so was rude to me, and cussed me out...(or hit on me)" Some people walk out immediately when the supervisor says he will go pull the audio and video from their traffic stop.

"Liberty supporters" have a reputation for making false allegations as their way of fighting back against the police state.

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have any proof

of that blanket statement you made (your last paragraph)
or was just pulled from nowhere land?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Personal experience

What else?

Edit: I'll give you a bit more than that. Most liberty supporters have a ridiculously poor understanding of their rights. I deal with plenty of people who will consent to anything because they think they have to but on the other hand I deal with lots of people who think I need consent for everything I do. People will complain because they maintain the idea that almost every interaction they have with a police offier is a violation of their civil rights. Other people think if they complain about everything a cop does, eventually cops will become timid and only concerned with not getting complained on. Hardcore gang members are famous for this but their runner up is the "government is always wrong" crowd.

Don't you think it's a little odd

that you find yourself on a web site arguing with people who love personal liberty, freedom & the constitution ? I mean, isn't there a family dog out there that you and your ilk can go shoot ? I mean seriously, there are citizens out there that need to be sodomized in a pointless search to win the "war on drugs" ?? I'm sure there's a drunk women in handcuffs who's face you can smash into the ground isn't there ? But no, instead of trying to clean up your own gang of organized thugs you find yourself here wining about non violent freedom loving people trying to restore the moral fabric of our country that you participate in the destruction of. Good for you Sir !!

Ron Swanson


That's funny. Every new movement attracts malcontents who are just looking to stir up some controversy. Looks like you've found yourself a home here.

Karma Police

Reap what you sow. Now join the cause of liberty.

great news

i think it's common practice to require criminals to have tracking devices these days anyways.

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Reassurances for nervous cops

Reassurances for nervous cops

1) This is for your own protection
2) If you're not doing anything illegal you have nothing to worry about
3) Police departments all across the country do this

Because it's the public money

Because it's the public money being spent employing their public employees, using vehicles being paid for with public money. The public has every right to know their public vehicles are not being used for private or illicit activity not in the public interest. We have every right to protect our investment with GPS and black boxes. If the cops don't like it, they can quit and go to work at Wall-Mart or McDonald's.

These records should be kept

These records should be kept on EVERY government employee who uses a vehicle from their work. I cannot count the number of times I have seen government plates at restaurants and movies and places you KNOW they shouldn't be.

Why were you in that back

alley talking to that prostitute "informant" for 45 minutes? Haha too funny. I know firemen here in Orange county. They all know where the rub n tugs are. Bunch of deviant thugs.

How about

putting these things on the vehicles of all our congress-critters!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Cameras also, then they can prove their innocence.

If they have nothing to hide from taxpayers...

Free includes debt-free!


a healthy dose of the system's medicine.