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Bitdrop app beats NSA surveillance with anonymous encrypted file transfers

"A small Swiss app developer has invented what it claims is a way to securely and anonymously transfer files between a browser and a mobile device without having to leave any traces of the user’s identity, device ID or location.

Marketed by creators Bitdrop as a way of defeating surveillance by the NSA and others – “zero knowledge privacy” – users simply initiate transfers from the firm’s upload portal after scanning a QR Code using a dedicated app running on their mobile device.

This code creates a unique and time-limited window for files to be transferred to the user’s mobile (or shared with a third party that has a download code), secured using what the company calls 256-bit “variable encryption,” essentially a way to randomise conventional symmetric keys for each transfer."

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Pretty cool. Here is the

Pretty cool. Here is the bitdrop site:


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