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Scientist Proved Thermite On 9/11 - Tells Corrupt BBC Why He Fights For Liberty (Video)

You might have heard of Danish Scientist Dr. Niels Harriet, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. He taught chemistry, photochemistry, and photophysics.

He published a scientific paper proving the physical impossibility of the official story of 9/11 and also verified the presence of nanothermite.

Dr. Harrit ends this very interesting BBC-Attempted-Hit-Piece Interview by answering the question: "Do you think you put yourself in harm's way by doing the work you do [Publicly Decrying the Official Lie....i mean story]?"

His answer should BE PUT TO MUSIC -- it is reminiscent of Ron Paul -- or Judge Napolitano in the "Thomas Jefferson of our day" opening speech (which I'll post below for reference) Well, no one can compare to The Judge -- but this is so moving that he moves himself....in the middle of a hit-piece. WATCH:

Watch Dr. Harrit, a Patriot of Liberty:
(This takes you off-page because i bring you right to the part you NEED to see, the rest of it you just SHOULD see)

His Website is also interesting: http://nielsharrit.org
Red Ice Radio Interviews among other TV Interviews.

And Judge Napolitano's speech in the first 50 Seconds of this Ron Paul Video is EPIC:


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"I can't go back"

he is so right that we need to face the truth

or When He Wipes a Tear...

....after asking the shill interviewer if he has kids: "It's what we do it for, right?"

He's definitely one of the good guys.