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YAHOOOOO! Yahoo vows to encrypt all its users' personal data

YAHOOOOO!! Yahoo vows to encrypt all its users' personal data

AP Technology Writer
Nov 18, 6:46 PM EST

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Yahoo is expanding its efforts to protect its users' online activities from prying eyes by encrypting all the communications and other information flowing into the Internet company's data centers around the world.

The commitment announced Monday by Yahoo Inc. CEO Marissa Mayer follows a recent Washington Post report that the National Security Agency has been hacking into the communications lines of the data centers run by Yahoo and Google Inc. to intercept information about what people do and say online.

Yahoo had previously promised to encrypt its email service by early January. Now, the Sunnyvale, Calif., company plans to have all data encrypted by the end of March to make it more difficult for unauthorized parties to decipher the information.

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Yahoo: We're going to encrypt EVERYTHING

Translation: We're going to encrypt everything and give the encryption keys to the NSA because the FISA court will make us so this is really just blowing smoke up your HEY HEY!



Who cares?

What does it matter if your Yahoo is encrypted if the NXA has the key?

This is a PR smoke and mirror dance from Yahoo and the MSM.

Vicious Corporatist Cycle.

Corporate/government rights infringements. Anti-constitutional laws placed on the books, the onus is on us in a day of court.

Then companies such as this decide to counter, financially passed down to the consumer. Laws are not reversed, but now money flows to both government and corporate entities.

Here's and idea: Enforce the Constitution. If people/socialists WANT to be tracked, they can OPT IN. Meantime, LEAVE ME OUT OF IT.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

its a

its a START..........something that should have been default, assuming the "spy" pratts dont have methods to circumvent