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Richard Cohen and the Angry Progressives

It’s increasingly hard to find newspaper columnists who don’t produce a deep fit of narcolepsy. Most major dailies commission a bunch of apparatchiks who toe the party line, whether it be Republican or Democrat. They insist the “other side” is out of step with what the country needs while theirs is ready to create paradise on earth. The difference between the two factions is slim to nil, but it makes good fodder for the gullible reader.

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post seems to have broken the mold, almost inadvertently. Over the past few months, he has written a series of articles that have gotten the professional whiners of the progressive community all flustered in their metro glasses and skinny ties. Many of these columns don’t express any profound wisdom. They are more of a layman’s view on culture – representing the evil, black-hearted views of the America of old. Cohen himself is an admirer of liberal policies, which makes his anachronistic views all the more offending to his own kind.

The first of these horribly ignorant opinions surfaced in the 80s, near the height of the crack epidemic. Cohen had the gall to defend jewelry store owners in New York City who refused to allow black patrons in their establishments due to a heightened fear of crime. Whether you agree it’s just to make criminals out of individuals based solely on skin color, businessmen always have the right to allow whom they wish on their property. But as Sen. Rand Paul learned, you can never make that argument to leftists. Property rights must always come second to crushing intolerance. The predictable backlash aimed at Cohen forced the executive editor of the Post to issue an apology.

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