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Bitcoin Versus The Senate - Round 2 - Live Webcast (via zerohedge)


Following yesterday's good-cop-bad-cop Bitcoin discussion, it is the turn of the Senate's Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs committee to comprehend the benefits of the unregulated cryoto-currency and why the fiat-defiers should be crushed (for their own good of course). Law Professors, FinCEN Directors, and Bank commissioners in on corner, and the CEO of BitPay in the other... ding ding, Round 2."The Present and Future Impact Of Virtual Currencies - security and international trade and finance" We can only imagine the vol about to hit BTC prices following yesterday's fun and games...

Today's Witness list (and their lengthy testimony links)...
Panel 1

Ms. Jennifer Shasky Calvery [view testimony]
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Mr. David Cotney [view testimony]
Commissioner of Banks
Massachusetts Division of Banks

Panel 2

Mr. Anthony Gallippi [view testimony]
Co-founder and CEO
BitPay, Incorporated
Ms. Mercedes Kelley Tunstall [view testimony]
Partner and Practice Leader, Privacy and Data Security Group
Ballard Spahr LLP
Ms. Sarah Jane Hughes [view testimony]
University Scholar and Fellow in Commercial Law
Maurer School of Law, University of Indiana
Mr. Paul Smocer [view testimony]
BITS President
Financial Services Roundtable

Live Stream via Senate:


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They should rename it 'Bernankoin'...

then everyone would want some.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.