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Hello DPers:

Your input would be appreciated on the following:

1) Any more tips on having a successful re-election money bomb for Justin Amash?

Ideas can be emailed PRIVATELY to: privatepledge@gmail.com

2) If DP management would allow it, are there any legal prohibitions to having a DP money bomb for an election candidate and giving .25% of funds raised to the DP and the rest to the election campaign. (The .25% can be advertised, I am just not familiar with election laws.)

3) Anyone know anything or have any updates on Henry Herford for Congress? There have been no responses to any inquiries. :(


4) Are any DPers interested in helping out with fundraising, marketing/advertising, graphic design, web design, administration, public relations, customer service, financial services, financial networking and security, legal services, etc.

Jobs would be liberty motivated related and work-from-home.
Volunteer and/or paid positions.
Presently, paid positions are open for U.S. Independent Contractors only. But anyone interested in helping or working in any way should email now their name and contact info; resume and/or other experience and abilities; work/schedule/pay/# of hours desired; anything else deemed important.

email info and all questions to: privatepledge@gmail.com


Thanks for your input and help. :)

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My suggestion

you would check with Amash's campaign committee and treasurer. The federal political Practices Commission made a number of fundraising changes this year.. for example, all donations.. ALL donations over $24.99 MUST have name address, phone, employment (email)..you can make Amash's campaign a complete pain in the ass with opponates setting you up on your lack of knowing the laws and then Amash takes the fall. Grassroots is called astroturf as soon as fundraising and money are involved.

Being that Amash is high profile I would do my best to do exactly what the campaign suggests.. maybe you should ask Amash's campaign to ask DP to have a money bomb for Amash?

Thank you....

...very much for your input. It's been pretty quiet. :(

That is why I'm asking the DP for tips. ;)

We should hear something soon.


If I was Amash's camapign treasurer, I would expect to pay DP for space; However, Amash's race is for his district and that's where they are going to focus because those are the votes that count.

Some folks resent money coming out of the area to help a ccandidate, so I can't see Amash's campaign going outside his district seeking votes because opponates will use that as evidense that Amash NEEDS outside help to win.

If you live in Amash's district, then you would want to contact the campaign and volunteer. If you do not..

2014 are local elections.. they are usually small by comparison to a presiential election, and so it's a good time to get involved with local campaigns because many of these people are going to be the people working the 2016 campaigns.. and somewhere near you is a Camapign for Liberty, Republican Liberty Caucus, Liberty Caucus and others that began as Ron Paul Meet0up and grassroots and developed into caucus's and are now feilding candidates.. it's a very exciting time to be a Ron Paul Republican..