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Where I'm going, why, and the future of libertarianism

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where ever you go

there you are.

Have a safe and wonderful journey.

I wish I had your talent becasue the changes happening in the GOP are at this point phenominal! And being we are climbing in the party, job opportunities are opening up.. campaigns are gearing up.. events need to happen and be filmed. I'm really happy Ron Paul invited us in the GOP and I'm really glad Rand Paul is making sense to the main stream. WE ARE THE FUTURE

I encourage people to join us on the committee and kick GOP ass.

I LOVE it!!

So Bon Voyage!! Best of luck to you! Via con Dios.

Taking over the GOP

may feel good but if the American People (including self proclaimed libertarians), the politicians and "courts" do not understand our laws then what good does taking over the GOP actually do?

Why does protecting our freedom and upholding our laws require wasting time and treasure in politics? If our laws are upheld then voting does not matter at all.

Even Rand Paul has demonstrated clearly that he does not understand our laws and he continues down the road of a nation of men's opinions instead of actually upholding the law.

Ensuring voting is and remains irrelevant to the protection of liberty is a path of one who is not confused. I am sure most are so confused that this comment probably makes no sense to them. Nearly everyone seems to believe that voting is the only way to correct the problem. Others may be so confused and small minded that they think I am referring to violence as a solution to correct the problem, when I am not referring to violence either. For it is those understand real law who will know exactly what I am talking about.

How much more time will one have to actually exercise liberty if voting and politics are not required for maintaining liberty? How much 'power' does a politician or bureaucrat have when the law is simply upheld?

America has turned into a hell hole of confusion where everyone has an opinion about what 'should be done' but few actually understand our laws thus root themselves in a confusion that has no value to upholding the law and prohibits themselves from obtaining and maintaining liberty. Confused people working in politics will simply replace one tyrant for another or at best have a little less tyranny for a little while all while claiming they are winning.

Politics is not the answer. Understanding and upholding our laws is the answer.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


What it does, is puts people who believe liberty is healthier than a nanny state in a position to materialize Ron Paul's message, restore the republic..

Politics is a business, much like professional sports, and part of that political game is to change the laws.. and that has been happening with the neos, in both parties, who have worked hard to bring us a global government, and much of what we have today is that global government and why it appears the constitution no longer applies.

I believe politics is the long answer if the process is going to be peaceful, I do not believe that Egypt, Libya, Syria are achieving freedom better and faster than the USA. Do you?

Our juries are the supreme authority

over government. Those "laws" that politics is forming has no lawful application to the people nor does it claim to. It is the confusion of the American people that is granting such application of the resulting "laws" through their own consent. Lawful policy has application to the business of government not the People. Any policy for government claiming to be applicable to the People has no force in law and its application to the people is null and void and never existed. Any policy for government in violation of the bounded capacity of Constitutional contractual binding obligations is also null and void and never had lawful authority to be applied to the people. Voting by people who do not understand law and presume that the laws they make apply to something other than the function of the bounded constitutional capacity are a danger to liberty.

If one goes from a recommended solution of politics to violence as the only possible path then that man or woman has shown themselves to be ignorant of the protections of law, justice and our Constitution and should have no say in any matters in law whatsoever.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


The fact that government is armed, it has the power of force.

If you have a military with better tactical abilities I imagine you could pull a coupe.. but if not, you have very little choice when a representative of a government department shows up with arms, whether you agree (and the majority don't, as no one likes being arrested) or not.

Your post reminds me of Mary Croft and what I call the sovreignity hole.. what is the difference between Mary Croft and a Nun? Mary Croft profits off it and a nun lives it.

If a man or woman claiming to be "government"

uses power of force against me with no valid cause of action and no liable principal they are acting on behalf of, then they have no lawful power and are, at minimum, breaching the peace and breaching their duty and liable for remedy for their injury upon me. Any man or woman claiming an official capacity of a Court of Law who obstructs justice is also in breach of duty and committing a felony act of obstruction of justice.

If you think a coup is necessary or you have no other choice for upholding the law then you are seriously confused and are not qualified in law to re-present for anyone.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...