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BenSwann.Com: Cop Shoots Teen Holding Toy Gun (VIDEO)

BenSwann.Com: Cop Shoots Teen Holding Toy Gun (VIDEO)

6 hours ago | Politics, US | Posted by Kristin Tate
November 19, 2013

14-year-old Nicholas King was shot by a cop after displaying what appeared to be a large-caliber handgun.

Little did the officer know, the “gun” was fake.

The incident happened outside of a party store in Battle Creek. King was allegedly hiding in the bushes with his realistic-looking toy when the police were called by witnesses.

An officer, whose name is not released, showed up on the scene quickly. According to WoodTV, the cop claims that he ordered King to put his hands in the air. The suspect then allegedly “produced” what looked like a handgun. The officer then shot King.

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