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Best infographic on Silver

Source: SBC Gold.com

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How much is consumed permanently every year?

Must know.

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Thank you. Nice graphic. Did you make it?

If so, please state so boldly!

If not, it does not apply as a "DP Original"

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He's the man.

see also 'silver extinct...'

On dp of course.

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got it!

No, I found it and thought it belonged here.

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This is why non-scientists should not make decisions

While I support silver's adoption as a precious metal version of money, this info-graphic is way too much hyperbole to be taken seriously. In fact, it does more harm to the argument than support.

I'll create categories for the problems I have with the info.

Outdated Uses
Photography - The industry is dying off rapidly, using 1/5th now.
Industrial Water Treatment - Aluminum coatings have taken over.

Overblown Amounts
Aircraft Alloys - Used in the 'parts per billion' range where it's even undetectable after creation.
Spacecraft Tile Coatings - MAYBE a total of an ounce has been used for all spacecraft to date.
Window Coatings - While numerous, each ounce coats hundreds of thousands of square feet of glass to 0.00000001 inches thick; even this is being replaced with aluminum, copper and nickel rapidly.
Automotive Relays - Only used until a better design can reduce its need by substituting an Aluminum alloy. Berillium-Copper is king here.
Solar Cells - Minute amounts and changing technology are reducing the need more each year.
Superconducting Wire - Adoption will be replaced with cheaper electricity making it unnecessary; minute coating amount is overblown.

Up to 65% of global silver from cell phones, batteries, gold (8-60% of gold jewelry is silver), alloys and window coatings is recovered and either re-alloyed or refined.

Only 3-4% of silver is used for coins or bullion. When industry uses taper back from 40% to 25%, available silver for coinage (and medical/electronic) can both triple from the same supply. Silver's supply is increasing 2-9% per year.

I'm not saying it's not a good metal with many good uses but to say that our world would come to an end without it so it's going to skyrocket is just misleading.

many "scientists" have

many "scientists" have agendas and are dumb as rocks. See it all the time.

Yea, i hate to agree

those are very good points. being part of the liberty movement dedicated to truth we need to be extra careful not to overstate or use misleading phrases. silver is pretty bad ass tho. FURTHERMORE im still searching for this mystery worlds strongest alloy made with silver although i suspect it listed almost nowhere if its in the parts per billion range, thats pretty much the amount of skin flakes that are going to fall in during smelting or any particulate matter.


ok i found an article

about adding silver to Al alloys to increase heat resistance and strength at upper thermal limits but it said its basically all still being research tho that was from 2010. aluminum alloy 2139


I knew there was a reason I liked silver.

Thanks for reminding me of what it was.

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can someone

let me know what this alloy of silver and aluminum is bc i cant find it


Yea, silver will be going up, but first it is going down, down,

down. I will start to accumulate physical early in 2015 when the price is under $5/oz.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

What's your thinking

behind that? I'm genuinely curious. :)

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Bump and more reasons to buy silver


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Great source...

of info!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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