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Happy 5th Birthday my son.

I gave my son his first troy ounce of silver on this 5th anniversary of his birth to keep with his 30 Mercury Dimes and 180 wheat pennies. Yes, November 19th, 2008 @ 3:53pm will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Before I say those three important words,
before you tear the paper and fling the bows
and before the sweets your attention take,
a few things my dear boy I want you to know...

of the 1825 days,
of the 43,800 hours
you have babbled, wobbled, crawled and screeched;
gestured, drooled, spit or bellowed the highest pitch
a pterodactyl could reach,
you have always shone bright as a star...

and even from the moment first
that in many ways could have been much worse,
in some dream amidst a child's brook
your smirk set at ease my troubled look,
and even now at five years since
I recall how my heart you did convince:
of love and trust and by delicate breath,
a space forged for me
neath a tiny chest...

so before I say those three important words,
before you forget me in the dazzle of gifts and lure
and before little friends your attention consume,
Happy Birthday my beautiful son.
I love you.

From Daddy.

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