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Just Watched Enemy OF The State with Will Smith After Not Seeing It For A Couple Years

The movie is about the egregious acts the NSA uses to frame, lie, cheat, defame and destroy people. What is a nation to do with people like these? Makes you think after hanging out on the dailypaul for a year now. The movie can be seen in 1080p on youtube.com for free.


Enemy of the state is that what we all are?

I might drop a donation to the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF anyone else know of good organizations that fights for our privacy?

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What ever tech they show, they've already had for 10 years.

The movie was out around 2000 I think. That means the tech in the movie was from around 1990.

Think about that. Particularly in light of recent news.

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Not to sound too

much like a conspiracy "nut", but I noticed some time ago when I watched this movie that there is one scene in particular, right after Gene Hackman's hideout is compromised, when his building is blown up and falls in a very similar fashion as the twin towers and building #7, free-fall in it's own footprint. That is not so unusual by itself, but if you freeze the computer screen that Gene Hackman and Will Smith are looking at shortly before he blows the building, you will see the birthdate of the senator that they are trying to get information on (played by John Voight) is guess what?....September 11. Strange coincidence? Perhaps, but when taken in context of the entire movie, the building falling and the date which was shown, I seriously have to wonder....

writer i see is david marconi per imbd,

and here's a blurb they have on it. he wrote it after reading a james bamford book: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0545861/?ref_=tt_ov_wr

I kept looking for the Star Trek Bridge w Capt's Chair...

Good Movie...Thanks :)

i wonder if this is what

i wonder if this is what government officials secretly mean when they say, whats the problem everyone knew they were doing it

So, which role inspired Snowden?

Great movie! When was if 1998?

cant decide if its a warning

cant decide if its a warning or very very subtle doublespeak propaganda

All i know, the movie seems more relevant now, with the nsa scandels then when it was released , pre 9/11, 1998

Thanks for the post, i was watching half heartily but it caught my attention, less then halfway through but i think im gonna stop it, watch it later so its got my full attention......i remember seing this during its time of release, and i distinctly know right now, I DID NOT GET IT THEN, didnt particualrly have any love for it, funny how it feels like i can appreciate it more, now that i get things i wasnt even aware of, in the intelectual sense, my heart i think is still the same...... its an eye opener of an experience, its one thing to know, you think a little differently from before, then to experience the reasons why you know, as it happens........its these things why the term "awake" was coined


Bad guys ALWAYS tell you what they are going to do to you before they do it. ALWAYS. They cannot help themselves. They WANT to tell you. They NEED to tell you.

It's part of their nature.

Every time I'm in jail this movie is on.

I shit you not.

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and why do you think that is?

and why do you think that is?

That and 'Demolition Man'...

About a dystopian controlled society...

They are usually on the regular broadcast tv at some point in each stay - no paranoid theories.
Otherwise when we're watching the in-house movie channel it's usually something like Ocean's Eleven or Inception.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.