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404 message

What is going on with the 404 message at the daily Paul home page?

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Now it says redirect not found on this server

Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) server at www.dailypaul.com Port 80

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anyone else encounter this?


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I'm not having any issues.

OP, you should post the direct link you're getting the 404 error from just to make sure.


I am using www.dailypaul.com. It is coming up dailypaul.com/cgi-bin/redirect.ha, now. That page has something abut Ron Paul, Flip-flopping, as the title. Hacked?!

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Not me! (looking out the window!!) Just seems real strange. I had to change my yahoo home page account, too. The Firefox account wanted me to use their browser! I am still getting the 404 for the home page. The Internet connection has not shutdown, any more.

ahhhhhhhhhh......i want one

ahhhhhhhhhh......i want one (stamps foot)

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