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Found a book - Biography of a Bank - Harper and Row Publishers

Story of the BoA lol

Published in 1954.

Page 254-255 ~

Fill in the brackets. What product was it??

"They were getting $296 a ton (1920) for their product, as against $100 five years before. They behaved as if the price would never go down. ( ) land sold fo as much as $2000 an acre.....
In 1922 the boom came to an abrupt end when the price of ( ) dropped to $73."

Very good account of bankng development imo.

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Southern Agrarian

Good attempt

But... it was raisins.

Many speculators lost heavily including local banks.

The origins of BofA are from San Fran which was then the Bank of Italy started by the Giannani family.

800 pages with photos chronologically ordered till the publishing date by Marquis James.


Man i was way off. Guess

Man i was way off. Guess people really liked fiber back then.

Southern Agrarian