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Problem with the DP chat.

I have seen him do this for like a month straight. Every single day. This is a transcript of the last 3 hours on the chat. 99.9999% of this smudge talking to himself. Am I to assume spamming the chat is permitted then?



5:08 AM
oooooooh it's 40 below and i don't give a **** got a heater in my truck and it's off to the rodeo
alamand left and alamand right come on ya ****ing dummy get yer right step right get off teh stage ye gods derned goof don't ya know.....
that ye piss me off
you effin jerk
ye get on my nerves.....
ooooooooooh here comes Johnny he's a one ball man got his pecker in his hand and he's off to the rodeo.....
5:10 AM
**** he had a porche with a lambo engine + extras
"Im a race car driver!"
5:11 AM
johnny was a racecar driver
(primus sucks)
5:12 AM
yeah Les Claypool
waht do you have for this?
that's what you got on this
dog will hunt
mosh pit!
throw me more knees and elbows
now hurt me
i kinda need you to express yourself
"if only i could feel this way forever. if only i could feel this real again. the only thing i ask of you, promise not to stop when i say when"
and she said...
and smudge says
that love is a sacrifice
and it hurts and it never stops
and somehow that's good
and every now and then it fills a kite
and it flies right into the sky
love is about letting go
and holding on
never let go but be ready to at any time
love is about putting something ahead of you or behind you
love is always changing clothes
but always the same
love is elusive but it sneaks up on you
5:23 AM
so perhaps we can spend a moment and talk about AUTHORITY
so i went to court yesterday
and i had my troubles but there were people there with more of htem
might seem like i went into that building and disarmed but where i go i take personal responsibility for the safety and well being of all humans
so i'm handing out tissues
we did a spontaneious laying on of hands and prayer for a couple people
and one of the prayer leaders was the janitor
and i was watching like a hawk
this is the intense point
where we got most to lose
there was a young man...
who was upright and bold but got into trouble
i crossed right in front of the judge and sat down next to him and gave him $20 and said "don't ask questions"
he wants to be security
he wants to be a warrior
so i told him hey man, don't sweat this one, almost all of us in the violence trade booze it up"
and that's just the truth
you have to be either overtly crazy or have a good excuse
it's almost like the guys that don't drink?
those are the ones you really wanna keep an eye on
5:29 AM
5:29 AM
i got into the gun trade for one reason:
i met a man that was so brave and utterly uncompromising that i swore to follow him anywhere
and along with that promise i had to take on a badge and a gun
i have put both down and i don't miss either a bit
but i would take them back up in one second if this man calls me
i will follow him into the grave
what he tells me to do, i will do or die trying
he is possibly the greatest man i have ever known
and i will never be as much of a man as him
i was his deputy chief
i don't need the badge anymore
i carry that in my heart
his training resonates in our own movement security
when we do what we do we do a lot of basic police training
most of it is what used to be called common sense and a lot of it is about de-escalation
but we train for every scenario and it just so happens that our movement is blessed by a lot of highly motivated dudes with muscles
5:36 AM
5:37 AM
so again our training scenarios are about de-escalation
we have all the muscle we need
excpet for mat the ape
who would be totally awesome in security
i can just tell
sometimes you want the guy taht doesn't want authority to take it
we like muscle but we want to use it almost never and try to resolve situations
i dunno mat
you might be a bit too much of a rogue
like to fit into a team like that
you are kind of a wild man among wild men
you have my seal of approval for what that's worth
you are always gonna be testing the edges
and what our dynamic is is secondary, i think you are gonna do a lot of good for others
carry on my wayward son
i got your back when you need it
or i will try
there's a code
cool thing is when you get in and we respect you
you got this hidden back channel that's been around for a long time
it's moral authority
and it's with us in what is politically analogous to hell:
and we mostly retain this
5:47 AM
one of the appostate teachings are those of one of the wives of jesus who channeled holy Yahweh and said "you are an intersection of matter and passion unlike anything that has come before"
here i am a 47 year old trainer and i can't wrap my head or my hands around this really
what puts this fire in my eyes?
what puts this strength into my body?
it would seem that i am a vessel
and UNIMAGINABLE POWER is occasionally poured into me
phreaking mat
i wonder dude
i am in no way better than you
i just wonder, it seems like you had to get through life on your own
but i got all this tutilage
i got a tradition, i had to work to find it but i have been trained my whole life
i feel for you bro
it seems like you had to do everything alone
what i want to tell you is that now you are part of a trive and this is kinda how it's supposed to be
and a lot of people think you are awesome
i guess i'm one of them
what you are is brave mat
willing to pay any cost
that is a really good thing
but it has to be good for you
hells man why not?
5:55 AM
5:55 AM
right jj?
5:56 AM
5:56 AM
if mat is gonna be a kickass young warrior he might as well have a kickass time
and there is only one time to be young in these bodies
i wonder if mat should get laid more but that's kind of a distraction
there's only one way to gather enough data to decide that
i mean seriously
to gain a statistically valid sample....
i'd have to screw everybody you know
which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing
i dunno
can we get the donkey back?
wait you guys don't remember that?
we put a hat on her head and caller her Matilda?
6:02 AM
6:02 AM
yeah apparently so awesome that you are in a total state of denial
6:02 AM
i remember all
only downside to opensuse
mouse is a tiny bit too sensitive
but that is easily remedied
6:04 AM
i am just blown away by the fact that a donkey can out drink South Africa
6:04 AM
smudge how long exactly did marconi oppress women from his home on cape cod
6:04 AM
dot dot dot dash dash dash
"no problem do not send help"
hey marconi what are you working on?
a communications device which i will prevent certain people from using"
hey can i ask a stupid question?
hey awesome this little bug just flew in and he's green
and really small
and i never saw a but like that before
he looked kinda bright neon green
not sure what his agenda is
good lookin little feller
6:14 AM
my pitbill won't let me pick him up
ever have a war dog?
four footed teeth machine?
funny how life is
i never wanted weapons
now i am court ordered not to own or posess firearms or ammo
like that is gonna make one bit of difference
m pitbjull is one of the most effective weapons i ever had
as far as peronal defense goes
now here is the awesome part of owning a war dog
i shall now go to sleep and my war dog will take up position guarding the door
and i shall pet him
and sleep like a child"

and finally he passed out. WTF?!

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Mat Mat Mat Mat

are you actually competing with me to be the silliest goose in this gander?

No matter. I'm grateful that things seem to be looking up in your life that you are doing fantastic with bitcoin and this place is generally better off for your presence. You would be missed.

Don't know how this doesn't come through but we care about you. Yer an awesome young blood.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

congratulations on being the

congratulations on being the 2nd person to use DP chat

Southern Agrarian


You early risers, are seriously missing out. Most times the chat is pretty civil and engaging, but as with all free conversational environments, you do get outbursts occasionally. Suppose it is one of those inconveniences Mr. Jefferson opined about regarding his preference for Liberty.


Its just a shame... in

Its just a shame... in between when he passes out and wakes up + has his liquid breakfast the chat is generally pretty nice.



I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy