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Kevin Trudeau faces up to life in prison for writing a book about weight loss.

Kevin Trudeau faces up to life in prison for writing a book about weight loss and how it can be cured naturally without drugs and surgery. He was fined $37 million originally and refused to pay. One of his books, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About was a national best-seller for several months and brought him a lot of attention. He has been getting sued by the FDA for years and was banned from selling supplements. He has helped and woken up countless people to the corruption of big pharma and government. Pray for a positive outcome and an end to governmental and special interest tyranny.

He was one of the first to expose me to Ron Paul, libertarianism, Alex Jones, and freedom.


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"Life in prison"? Nope.

He looks like a garden variety scammer according to the info here and at least Wikipedia info can be vetted:


Kevins Other Books

Ive seen the info ads on the other books about getting money from the government for all kinds of things. Ive often wondered....
We are forced to pay the government..so why not take our money back? And if Kevins books help people learn to do that...we should start using them...And then we can take large sums of that money and back the rEVOLution....Interesting concept...doncha think?

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

again, no info

If you didn't bother to read his book, save your opinion, and go read it. Each one offers no info, they, like everything else in his life, is a scam that promotes you paying him $10's of thousands of dollars for something else. His financial book gave NO answers to anything, and was far more confusing... but that's the point you are not understanding.

Anyone try the Royal Velvet ( dear antler ) spray he pushed?

Anyone try the Royal Velvet ( dear antler ) spray he pushed? I've been on that spray for about a year, BUT also have been using AJ's / Youngevity - Beyond supplement. I quickly saw improvement in sleep, stress, energy and a few other things. I'm considering stopping the Royal Velvet an am wondering if anyone else had positive experiences with it.


hate competition, especially if they have charisma.

I am a fan of Kevin Trudeau ...

But he is not facing life in prison for writing a book.

It is for hiding cash that the U.S. says isn't his.
It is for fraud.
It is for violating hundreds of federal codes.

All of that makes him more of a hero in my book, except for the fraud part, but he is not facing life in prison for writing a book.

Just an FYI.

God Bless.

so if a judge fined u 37 mil

so if a judge fined u 37 mil and u couldnt pay it or didnt want to and they put you in jail, isnt that kind of the same as just putting u in jail. would u pay 37 mil because u wrote a book that someone disagreed with? theres no 1st amendment rights. do what the govt says or go to jail. those are your options. none of the people who read the book complained about it or asked for a refund so how is that fraud?

f___ all forms of govt.

I wasn't talking about the book in reference to fraud.

I have read one of his books and I liked it.

Didn't agree with some of it. But very thoughtful.

Even if he is a con man, if

Even if he is a con man, if he did it without violence, then he should not be looking at going to jail. Jail should only be for violent people.

Like Bernie Made-off?

You think he should be under house arrest in his mansion instead?

RP R3VOLution


OK. Great point. So someone that robs you non-violently, and some people to the point they lost their life savingss... that's apparently OK with you.

I think you are parroting what you think is the libertarian definition of violence; but, you are mistaken.

If he exposed you to Alex

If he exposed you to Alex Jones, then perhaps you recall his first appearance on Alex Jones' show where he claimed to have been at the Bilderberg meeting the previous week or so.

Mark Dice has many videos about Trudeau that are must see if you want to know about what Trudeau has been up to the past few years. Here is one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7h-s0eKh7A

And I am very pro-supplement and have no doubt there is a war on vitamins and supplements coming as one of the many side effects of obamacare. It is already happening if you're paying attention, actually, but I mean coming to the mainstream. The eventual goal will be to make all vitamins prescription only, except for some do-nothing multivitamins and maybe the ones that are already relatively mainstream like Vitamin D. I've found a litmus test to see if a doctor is worth listening to is to ask what vitamins they recommend patients take.

Mixed feelings on Trudeau

He has a history of being a con.

I bought one of his vitamin products and was supposed to have the ability to cancel. Tried to cancel, phone rang off the hook. Finally had to go to bank to stop payment to them. They overcharged. Looked up online a couple of years later, and sure enough, he got in hot water over those things.

A friend of mine gave me the your wish is your command tapes. Good information, and I think it has some merit. But the tape was deceptive, obviously done by one man talking into a recorder in an empty room. He claims it was a full room full of rich elites and "illuminati" which he claimed to be affiliated with or a member of, but pronounced wrong, with a french soft "e" ("ay" phonetically) on the end. While none of their voices were heard, or any other voices heard, ever, on the tape, one did hear police sirens outside the room on several occasions during the tape. So much for the supposed "opulent" "ski resort" setting with a large crowd of "elites".

So I think he's a bit of a con.

But he's also a bit of a libertarian. And I think that in a libertarian world, caveat emptor means a lot and guys like Trudeau would have to be tolerated.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

I've watched his infomercials for years

When I was a kid, I loved infomercials. His was one of my favorites. He basically pioneered sleezy 'get rich quick' type advertising. Here's a weight loss example:


This is what I was referring

This is what I was referring to in my thread from two days ago at http://www.dailypaul.com/305735/irony The President can lie about healthcare and it's apparently ok for him to lie like that. But if some infomercial marketer lies about his book, he faces potential life in prison.


Can They Put Me in Jail

For owning a copy?

I think I got it for free at a garage sale, but still... the contents could be dangerous.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

my question,,,why was he living in the USA?

if he knew this stuff was pending..he cud have been outside the country to avoid being caged

He will probably make money on that too

Maybe another book or a made for TV movie on how he avoided a federal conviction. Put that guy on the stand in front of a jury and he will probably sell another 12 books! LOL

We need to do our duty and help all victimless crimes

Trudeau needs to DEMAND to be heard in a Common Law court by jury of his peers who are knowledgeable about jury nullification. This is how we take back OUR courts!

Time to sue corrupt bureaucrats PERSONALLY the the People's Common Law Grand Jury if they fail to do their jobs. We all need to learn about this process and do our duty to keep govt in line. Take back our courts through jury nullification.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeplTS49eKg Dean Clifford - Courtroom Procedure & Jurisdiction – Full
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XnVqSNV3Aw&feature=youtu.be "Good jurors nullify bad laws" - Campaign to promote jury nullification
http://fija.org/ Fully Informed Jury Association
"Reaffirmation of Oath of Office, by (original author unknown) revised by Gregory Allan (4K)
Hold Public Servants to their oath, or make them pay the price. It basically asks them to sign a contract to make you one of the people to whom they have sworn an oath. No one will ever sign this, but showing it to them and asking them to sign it becomes evidence they have been put on notice."
"Grand Juries are the highest and most supreme power...So, if all political power resides within the People, and the People, sitting as Grand Jurors, have the ultimate control over all criminal matters and are free to indict whomsoever they will, including public officials, why propose Recalls of public officials?..e one and only way we will ever recover our country, and that is through our inherent power to establish Special Grand Juries." has the power to enforce law and remove people from office.

This is general info.

I'm not his judge/jury. I have not heard/seen the evidence. I reserve the right to judge until after the fact.

you've had 20 years

After what fact?


Victimless crimes.

Those people that he called crybabies for forking over tens of thousands of dollars. Clearly they're not victims. Nor are the people that actually expected information from his books rather than whining about what a loser he has been.

Was his jail sentence for a victimless crime?

there are no victims in credit card fraud and larceny... i guess

1990-1991: Larceny and credit card fraud

In 1990, Kevin Trudeau posed as a doctor in order to deposit $80,000 in false checks, and in 1991 he pled guilty to larceny. Trudeau had used the credit cards of eleven customers of the mega memory product to fraudulently charge approximately $122,735.68. He spent two years in federal prison because of this conviction (Choi, 2005). Later, in Kevin Trudeau's book Natural Cures, Trudeau claimed that he has since learned from his experience, and is now motivated to help people rather than merely to make money for himself.

Yeah this guy is not one of

Yeah this guy is not one of the good guys. He sells books and doesn't give any information. He has been busted many times for not delivering what was promised. He is a snake oil salesman

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

I've Read the Books and Listened to the Audios

I've read the Weight Loss Cure and Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About... twice. I like them both, but the Natural Cures book is the one that really helped me turn my health around.

I've also read the court transcripts and what Kevin was charged with... what a bogus witchhunt. And guess who the prosecution is... the Federal Trade Commission... aka the government. The guy is facing life in prison because he expressed his opinion that the Weight Loss diet was easy. He even offered a refund if you read the book, did the diet, and did not agree... but very few, if anyone, complained... except the government, which testified that no one from the government did the diet... go figure. Hundreds of diet books hit the market every year promoting all types of drugs and chemicals and the government targets this guy because it hurts the manufacturers of those drugs and chemicals and also exposes many of our government agenices for what they are... larege multi-national corporation protectors, information suppressors, and individual rights squashers.

I've also listened to the cd's, "Your Wish Is Your Command" that preceed membership in GIN. I think they are spectacular... a lot of wonderful information... consolidated and presented in a way that is easily understood. I've used some of the techniques discussed and I am a lot happier and better off for it.

Lastly, be aware of anyone who uses the phrase snake-oil salesman in a sentence... this is a smear phrase often used by the MSM. Normally, the author is not trying to diseminate information, but rather disinformation by smearing someone with a nasty word or phrase and then carefully plucking "facts" and inserting them out of context to make their case. I encourage everyone to dig deeper and keep an open mind... especially if the government is on the side of the smearer.

your wish is your command...

Once again, you want the real info... go buy Wayne Dyer... sorry you didn't know about Dyer before this guy, but the fact he's ripping him off and doing a poor job isn't in his favor to those that knew the real deal.

downvote away!

Hiding questions because we can't answer them... very libertarian...

Tell me, what nutrition expert (ignoring that his background is actually not nutrition) goes on TV and says "I eat sugar all day"?

These people here don't even see his stupid comment he's using to manipulate you outs him. Those that support him are as blind to being manipulated as you think your friends who watch MSM are.

Oh, I suppose I and dozens of others are 'taking things out of context.'

Just because you read someone and they introduce you to new ideas doesn't make that person not a scam artist. That's actually a necessary part of the ploy is to convince you they are offering something worthwhile. Glad you found out some information from his books; you could have gotten more with actual answers from reading an actual expert than from a scam artist.

simple question for the downvoters...

What health professional says they eat sugar all day long?

Do you not even realize how he's manipulating you?

You understand when he sympathizes with your fears and says ridiculous things that make no sense... he's manipulating you?

Like when he says the food monopoly is bad, but feeds on your fear of being overweight?

Or, how about he feeds on your fear of global control, and offers you a solution in his unnamed group of GIN members who defected from the illuminati?

Or, how he feeds on your fear of paying too much to banks, and if you just pay him $1,000 / month, he'll show you how to not get ripped off...

My God, the formula is so obvious you have to be wanting to get ripped off not to see it... and yet you worship a guy that has lived his whole life according to the formula, if I only can promise them lies based on half of the truth, give them the most basic of stuff they somewhat connect with, they'll send me money for info that is otherwise free?

Amazing how hardcore many will not give their freedom and dollars to a corrupt govt, but beg to give them to a obvious liar.

Snake oil sales man!

I hope he gets what he deserves!

I just read...

a review of the book. As I said. He is selling a website. The book is basic information. Congrats to the people so intent on being suckered out of their money they bought a book from a guy who is an 'expert' writing basic info. He's such as expert you too can eat sugar all day, sign up for his website, and learn the secrets of the universe.

Why are people so dumb? You know libraries have books for free if you really didn't want to be taken.