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JFK Assassination Witness Speaks for 1st Time: Other Victims of Lee Harvey Oswald?

This story was broken in Miami, where R. C. Nelson retired from the Dallas Police Force, resides. Nelson did not even speak to the Warren Commission at the time. But he's telling his story now, and you can read it here:


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Isn't it strange that after

Isn't it strange that after all these years, Americans are still inundated with confusion and misinformation over credible film footage, reports from legitimate investigative reports from international critics of the Warren Commission, testimony from legitimate witnesses on the scene.
Even according to this 11th hour witness who kept quiet all these years...I don't think so...the description of Oswald was already given out for apprehension before anybody knew what was going on at all. Since Tippett is not here to give any evidence or testimony of his murder...nobody knows how Tippett was killed? do they?...so there is no one to corroborate this man's story at any time.

I have not commented on this thread until now,

but I believe that the testimony of the officer was calculated to come out at this time. I also do not believe the testimony rules out a conspiracy, in and of itself. Thank you to dobropet and Marc Madness for the links to Oliver Stone and Lew Rockwell. I have read others pieces on conspiracy: they have made some reasoned points that have not been reasonably answered by those who hold to the 'lone gunman' theory..

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Oswald was a total patsy who admired JFK…he was easily set up. Roger Stone discusses this in our interview re: his book pointing to LJB as the man behind the killing


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I'd look further into the evidence with some reading material I highly recommend. As well, timing of this story seems to try and keep the spotlight on Oswald, instead of LBJ along with the complicit Secret Service, not to mention the CIA.