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Shouldn't we be worried more about the TPP?

Erin Ade of RT's Boom Bust show discusses the Volker rule obstacles, JP Morgan's plan B for US debt default, and end with Lori Walleck explains some bad things hiding in the TPP. 28:06


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Personally, I doubt it will pass

But I do recognize that it sets a horrible precedent that they can even keep such things off the transparency screen. Hopefully, Congress will see enough concern from their constituents that they won't pass anything along these lines.

Yeah, we should ALL be worried about the TPP.

But it seems to have been buried, and hidden behind smokescreens.
The Fairfax media here in New Zealand wont touch it, we never hear about it, and not one politician is jumping up and down about it.
This private business deal, thinly disguised as a "treaty" will be the final "take over" of this small, amazing country.
Our entire country (and yours) will be in the hands of Global Corporations, and ultimately International Law, making the laws of our respective countries obsolete. When the TPP is signed, NZ and the United States will lose the sovereignty of the people and place it firmly in the hands of a cartel of Globalists and lawyers, who will be able to bypass YOUR laws in an International court.

TPP and TAP are the NWO's last/final push

If we can stop TPP and TAP, we can effectively end the corporate-bankster control scheme.

Teh interwebz will mobilize at the last minute to stop it... when Joe Schmoe finally figures it out.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?



TPP will be devastating, yet few people know or care.


More info here:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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The people can't focus...part of the plan.

They keep all the zones flooded with so many agenda items the people who do care are kept in a tizzy chasing all the issues, which keeps resistance diluted. It makes the masses heads spin, so they just ignore it all for peace of mind. I believe these are purposeful tactics in the ongoing degeneration of America.

Undo what Wilson did

to win a battle only to have

to win a battle only to have to fight another one again......im waiting for the battle that decides the war, and just like sopa, it aint over till its over, but should they win the tpp battle, the one that decides the war would make tpp and all of the rest obsolete, should liberty win the proverbial war

Im sick and tired of the ongoing battle, im waiting for the big wins or that one final win, at least for the next generation, and who knows, tpp may end up being it, who knows.....sudden public shift is not a myth to one like me, i actually think alot of liberties in history may very well have been won that way, and i think power hungery folks are very aware of that