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(LIVE) Allison Bricker Show - Tonight: William N. Grigg - Gun Confiscation

LIVE! 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Hola, fellow Liberty Lovers here at the Daily Paul, tonight on the show, we will be speaking with William N. Grigg on California's draconian gun confiscation regime, whether it could serve as an example for the feds, and how it connects to the "Knockout" meme making its way through the old media.

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Peace, Love, or rEVOLution

- Allie

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William N. Grigg on now



I could upvote this 10 times. Will Grigg is an extremely important voice in the Liberty Movement.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

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For the AB Show.

Call in, don't be shy. (888) 252-9911