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Where's the love for Rand Paul?

I've been following Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and this website for some time. I get the feeling there is not a lot of love for Rand Paul at times. Why is that? When I see him give interviews and listen to what he says, he's the most measured, intelligent man next to Ron Paul. I see him playing more to Neo-Cons at times, but I feel he does this for political reasons, probably a run for the Presidency in 2016.

Where is the grassroots groundswell developing for him? I doubt very much Ron Paul is going to run. Why when he gives interviews on CNN and FOX it doesn't make it to the top of the headlines on this site?

We NEED to start developing strategies NOW, and fomenting support for Rand Paul as he is our best hope!

Let me know what you think!

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To my fellow DPers

I responded to a comment on this thread thinking it was current.

Please note the date of its creation.

My bad for keeping it bumped.

Couldn't find the comment that made it up on the recent thread section, must be way down below.

No Apology Needed

...I believe that I "missed" this one and have been enjoying reading it and the various comments...particularly Michael's!

It's given me a new perspective and has informed me on a few circumstances I was not aware of.

I guess there are no coincidences?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I support him

I think he is the best Senator that we have. I also hope that he runs and wins the presidency because it would improve the United States. No, he isn't Ron Paul, but to think he is hawkish on war is silly. He made sure that an amendment was added to sanctions bills that didn't allow for war to happen. He took a lot of the teeth out of the bill itself. I think he did the best he could to stop us from getting involved militarily. Others may see it differently, but from what I saw he was actually bending the bill to be less severe. If he had just turned his nose up and voted no without his amendment than war might have been in the picture, faster.

I met Rand in 08.

we had just had our asses handed to us and we were protesting.

the rally for the Republic. was where it happened.

need I say more?

Given the alternatives I would support him but will never trust



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Nor should you

That being said, I think Rand would do an excellent job supporting the concerns of the the Ron Paul people.

I don't think we should ever just trust

Someone in gov't. But, I stand by what I said. Rand Paul as President of the USA would drastically improve our situation. There is no denying that.

He kisses Israel's ass way

He kisses Israel's ass way too often. Simply unacceptable. And frankly, disgusting. My love for him is in the trash can cause of his support for the apartheid state of Israel. He also plays on anti-Muslim fears in regard to 9/11 rather than facing the reality of what happened that day.

Hmm was it his endorsement of Romney?

Or his insistence on a 'special relationship' with Israel? Yeah that Israel that is responsible for the lavon affair, the attack on the USS Liberty, and 9/11.... With AIPAC dictating our foreign & domestic policies. Yeah, that's where my love for him starts to get shaky.

It was his TIMING...he announced this on the day his

father was having the best support in Texas and many of us still had some hope.....if there was any hope left it was his own son that killed it with deciding to announce his support for someone other than his father on that particular day to have maximum negative impact on his father.

Rand could have made his announcement the previous day, the next day, not at all or whatever; instead he did it purposefully to do maximum negative damage to his father in that specific day.

Am I the only one who sees this? I know I must now be, but it sure does seem that way......!


I never had any interest in politics

until I decided to support Ron Paul.

But I don't like his son Rand Who?, and I don't
trust Rand Who?

America, your next president appears to be
-Hillary Clinton- .

Gee-I had written something similar below before I erased it

after someone down-voted it......is it save to say that I agree with you? Maybe I will just tag along with you since you got four up-votes compared to my one down-vote for having the same opinion....


Speaking for myself-I was

I removed this comment as it's Friday night and I don't feel like being voted down.


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Why the Daily Paul will not become the Daily Rand

I've mentioned it before, but not in a really loud way, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify it again.

As the owner of this website, I'm not interested in it becoming a "Rah-Rah-Rand Paul" kind of a joint. It did serve that purpose for his father, Ron Paul, beginning in January of 2007 and maintained that role through 2012. But going through the whole thing again for Rand doesn't hold much interest for me.

There are a variety of reasons for this, which I will give in no particular order.

Running this site through the two election cycles was an incredible amount of work. That work was intrinsically rewarding during the first cycle. It was much more of a slog the second cycle. There is not going to be a third cycle for Ron Paul. Even if there were, I wouldn't do it again.

It would be ridiculous for me to run this as the Daily Rand. It just isn't worth it from an opportunity cost standpoint. I have other things to do, and a project such as this during election season is fairly well all-consuming. Plus I'm not really that jazzed about Rand.

So if you're looking for that "grassroots swell" that you mention in your OP, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. As radiofriendly mentioned in a comment below:

Rand Paul is doing better in polls than Ron Paul ever did. So, first off, don't worry about him not having support. What you see here is just a tiny snapshot of support. My parents like Rand Paul - my parents have never heard of the DailyPaul and never would care if they did.

I think that is hilarious - hilarious because it is so true.

There are so many complaints about the Daily Paul being a "conspiracy" site or a "fringe" site, or whatever. For the past two elections, I had to really try to minimize the "fringe" stuff on here for fear of making Ron Paul "look bad." As if it really mattered.

I'm not going to do that again - certainly not for Rand. If that is the case, then you have to ask, Won't it make Rand look kind of bad, being mixed up with all this fringey stuff?

Personally, I like the fringe. That is where the interesting stuff happens. I'm not willing to compromise myself (again) in order to throw support behind a politician. I grew tremendously as a result of running this site. But for me to go back to behaviors of 7 years ago would be a regression, and it would be dishonest of me, to myself.

I hope you can understand that, and I hope that you respect my choice.

But to riff a little off of your question and radiofriendly's comment:

Did Mitt Romney need a 'groundswell of grassroots support' to win the GOP nomination?

Did John McCain?

Ron Paul had it, and where did that get him?

What I'm doing is asking you to think, not fall back on cliched patterns and mental recordings, such as "The Daily Paul did this for Ron, therefore it must do it for Rand."

The past is not the future.

So I would ask you to go back and check your premises. I think that "blitching" (a word that combines the words blogging and bitching, coined by DPer and friend Octobox) on the Daily Paul and sites like it are emotionally satisfying to posters and commenters. It gives your brain a nice little shot of dopamine. But like sign waving, it doesn't do much in the big picture.

All the sign waving and the spray painted banners were great for raising name recognition for Ron Paul in 2007, because at the time, he didn't have any! Rand is playing a different game, and that will require a different strategy.

To directly answer your question with another question:

Why when he gives interviews on CNN and FOX it doesn't make it to the top of the headlines on this site?

What good would it do if they did? Let's go back to what radiofriendly said:

My parents like Rand Paul - my parents have never heard of the DailyPaul and never would care if they did.

My counsel to you is if you want to develop strategies and foment support, do so in a way that is actually effective. Something that was effective in 2007 likely won't be effective in 2014 and beyond.

Radiofriendly suggested the Ron Paul Forums. There is an community of activists there, and I think they're more gung ho for Rand over there.

But campaign insiders laughed at the Ron Paul Forums. One such insider told me this directly. They felt that in many cases, the Forums did more harm than good. I can only assume that this was a veiled communique to me and the Daily Paul as well, so I'm not singling out the Forums. What I'm saying is, if you want to support Rand, then THINK.

I'm not into activism for activity's sake. Nor do I want to see people working at efforts that have the opposite of their intended effect.

Something I've wondered is whether we'll see the rise of the "Paultard" 2.0?

Paultards were famous across the internet for bringing up Ron Paul in completely unrelated comments on stories across the internet with statements like, Ron Paul is our best hope! It annoyed the hell out of people.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat or even a Libertarian. If you have to put a label on me, the best one would be that I'm an Individualist. That means I do what I want to do, and I expect others to do what they want as well, and that we respect each other as individuals.

Since you asked (nicely), I took the time to answer your question. You also helped me to work some of these thoughts out by allowing me to commit them to written words for the first time, and for that I thank you.

I hope that answers your question. Since I'm on the other side of the world now, it is bedtime for me, but I will check back on this thread to clarify anything that may need clarifying.

In the meantime, I would echo radiofriendly's advice to check out the Ron Paul forums as well as give a plug for radiofriendly's own site: www.iroots.org, where I believe that you'll find the kind of activism you're looking for.

But before that, I would encourage you to think about a few things.

Are you sure you're not just looking for a savior? Do you think a politician can make the world a better place? If so, how can you be sure you've picked the right one?

Do what you want to do - always. All I ask is that you think. That has been my underlying mission with every website I've ever run.

Love and blessings,

He's the man.

Are you sure you're not just looking for a savior?

No. Im looking for leadership. Like it or not, leadership changes the direction of a ship. I don't blindly follow a leader but I sure as hell know a good one when I see them.

I respect you so much Mr. Nystrom and I hope DailyPaul is here for a good long time. Ive grown and learned so much with all the activists and posters here. DailyPaul has always been a home away from home for me. A place where I get to feel normal and find solace with like minded individuals.

Rand Paul has continually displayed the kind of leadership.. lead the charge... stood at the front line while taking hits... that is what I see in Rand.

You like him too... but just don't want another presidential responsibility like 07 and 12. I feel ya. Its gotta be a loathsome burden at times.

I hope that your attitude towards Rand grows in a positive way. I hope you end up seeing Rand the same way I do... and until he really deceives us, sells us out or blatantly ignores us.. I honestly hope you reconsider your position with him. He is not his father, but I personally believe Rand represents our movement better than anyone else. He has the leadership skills, wisdom and fire to win.

I highly doubt he would let his family down.. let alone the people that helped build his career. We can talk after his Presidency.. but until then I hope our movement unites around him and delivers America a victory.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

nice reply , i plan on

nice reply , i plan on supporting GJ2016 unless rand reverses alot of his right wing pandering.

I have 0 plans of ever being a gop delegate again.

Ron Paul 2016

Michael Nystrom's picture

Me neither.

I have 0 plans of ever being a gop delegate again.

But to each his own. I think I know someone who might (maybe). That is their decision, their choice, and their life. I wish everyone the best on their own journey.

Every journey is wonderful, because every journey is personalized for that individual, and ultimately, every journey is (ultimately) a journey of growth.

Being a GOP delegate was part of my journey. I'm tempted to say something melodramatic / trite like, "And I wouldn't trade it for anything!" (cue the orchestra)

But the truth is - I can't trade if for anything. I did it. I went there. I saw it up close. I learned enough that I'm know there is no reason for me to go back.


On a separate note, I'm not interested in supporting GJ either. I saw that movie before, too, and I'm not interested in seeing a rerun of that one either.

And likewise, just as an FYI, this joint is not going to become the Daily Gary Johnson, either.

No, it was a one shot deal, supporting Ron Paul for president. A singularity. A one of a kind.

You can't repeat the past. Can't recapture the magic of what is gone, gone, gone.

He's the man.

You are funny, Michael :)

Hello, Michael.

You made me laugh before going to bed: "This joint is not going to become the Daily Gary Johnson either". You are so humble. You call your awesome website your "joint". You believe so much in FREEDOM you allowed all opinions. If it were a bar you could have called it "The Free-For-All" (...and watch the furniture fly! Lol!!!).

I think you encapsulate the sentiment of THE ORIGINAL RON PAUL
R[3]VOLUTION circa 2007. I learnt about Ron Paul in 2007 and begun supporting him non-stop ever since. I did not come to The Daily Paul until much later because I felt no need to: Myspace was AWESOME in those days.

If I am correct, it seems to me you've had enough. You more than anyone deserve to do - or not do - whatever you want. You are a young guy and deserve to enjoy life. I hope the site stays and remains The Daily Paul and hope it's not much work for you: You have many friends here.

Myself? I am exhausted, disgusted at how Ron Paul, his delegates and all of us were treated. I don't like Rand Paul (long list, one he created for himself). I like Judge Napolitano, but besides for The Ron Paul Movement...let's say that I can't picture him filling Stadiums. I cannot picture anyone filling stadiums and having a Worldwide following as Ron Paul does, and with all that we could not make him President? (...because of all we know prevented it).

All I can say is: God Help Us All. I spent all this year recuperating from 5 exhausting years. Friends of mine who only supported him for the 2012 campaign say they are exhausted. I just think to myself: Really? Multiply by four.

You are an awesome guy, Michael. Everyone in this country owes you BIG TIME for trying so hard to try to help make things better for everyone - even those who don't know you. You helped create a WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT.

I hope to meet you some day and thank you in person.

For 2016 I want a really nice and special girlfriend, more work (this year was the worst ever) to have more income and enjoy life's simple little pleasures. No money bombs for Jesse Benton, sorry Mr. "Thanks for throwing The Ron Paul REVOLUTION under the bus when we were doing better that EVER in mid-summer 2012".

Goodbye Politics. Now, that's FREEDOM. What a relief :)

Wisdom Strategies

I really hope

I really hope that the Libertarian Party nominates one of it's own. I really wish with all my heart that the Libertarian Party will promote from within. And I really hope the REPUBLICANS like GJ stop using third parties as a political pawn and person political tool to spoil what Ron Paul Republicans have worked hard to achieve in the GOP. GJ should be supporting us, eh? And Libertarians should be presenting America candidates that make us envious and MSM rages about.

That's my feeling about it.. I think this "duel party" crap is worse for the Liberty Movement (as in divided we fail) than duel citizenship bruhaha.

the only person that spoiled

the only person that spoiled the gop for me is the establishment and rand pauls pandering. blame rand paul not the lp or me for not wanting to be a gop delegate. the blame is on rand paul.

Ron Paul 2016

I'm not blaming anyone

I really hope the LP can promote from within rather than depend on a loser in the GOP to stand for them.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I agree with you on that

It is a shame that they feel the need to take the GOP's sloppy seconds.

Why do they feel the need to do that?

Probably because they don't have the quality to promote from the ranks within.

He's the man.

Pssst: Wrong.

Pssst: Wrong, Michael.

"Probably because they don't have the quality to promote from the ranks within."

What about...

"Because THEY will NEVER allow it". (wink ;)

Wisdom Strategies

Good for you

I am sure Hillary will make a great dictator for us. This is not just about you and I am sure my Grandchildren will just love growing up in a Communist country. You can look back and say "I helped do that". Good for you.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Oh brother

[ rolls eyes ]

This is not just about you

Actually, yes, it is. My life is about me. It has nothing to do with you, an anonymous screen name, which is all you are, coward. A "nattering nabob of negativity," to quote another member of your beloved Republican Party, Mr. Spiro Agnew, disgraced vice president to Richard Nixon.

If you think Hillary Clinton is the biggest threat to your liberty (I don't happen to share that opinion), then Go. Do. Something. About. It. YOURSELF.

Stop asking me to do it for you.

Stop hiding behind an anonymous screenname thinking you're making any kind of a difference at all. You're not. Nobody cares about you blitching on the Daily Paul.

Take. Responsibility. For. Your. Own. Life. And. Beliefs.

He's the man.

Thank you for the example

In going, I am hoping that you know I truly care about your trials. Thank you for the example of love and understanding for my passion to make the world a better place, not for me, but for my grandchildren.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I have nothing to do with your grandchildren

That is your responsibility.

I don't care much about an anonymous screen name "caring" about my trials. I know that my "trials" simply serve as the entertainment for others, and if you would be honest to yourself, you would understand that as well.

Take care of your own grandchildren. They are not my responsibility. I have no idea who or what you are. Take care of them yourself. I'm tired of being anyone's messiah. As for the Pauls, they just want your money.

He's the man.

Thank you for your "concern"

I have been dealing with "real" live trials just as you have for the last couple days. If you do not wipe it off, I will share to you "Who" I am and "What" I am and I can tell you that I would never sell the same server...What twice? three times? So you want to question honesty and integrity? I have but ONE user name at the DP man, You have many personalities here and so do your "good friends".

What is the price to buy your friendship going for lately? How much ass kissing and cash does it take?
not me Bro, That job belongs to someone with the very sad two faced backstabbing integrity of like your "good" friend "Jefferson". In the end, your trust in the wrong people will be your undoing. It hurts to see you let life get the best of you man, you may think I deserved this, but I have seen you do it to those that did not.

Do what the fuck you have to, but you are the one in the wrong here. I'm just in it for my grand kids. I am the same and have not changed one bit in four years. It was just apparently now my turn this time around. Who's next? Wiz, Mike?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

blame rand paul for pandering

blame rand paul for pandering me away from being a delegate. I am sure there will be a right wing nut that will be a delegate for rand instead of me.

Ron Paul 2016


When I joined the committee I was the only Ron Paul supporter,, Now there are 6 all wanting to go to the 2016 convention and nominate Rand.

I'm so excited about 2016.. It's going to be a great time!