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Where's the love for Rand Paul?

I've been following Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and this website for some time. I get the feeling there is not a lot of love for Rand Paul at times. Why is that? When I see him give interviews and listen to what he says, he's the most measured, intelligent man next to Ron Paul. I see him playing more to Neo-Cons at times, but I feel he does this for political reasons, probably a run for the Presidency in 2016.

Where is the grassroots groundswell developing for him? I doubt very much Ron Paul is going to run. Why when he gives interviews on CNN and FOX it doesn't make it to the top of the headlines on this site?

We NEED to start developing strategies NOW, and fomenting support for Rand Paul as he is our best hope!

Let me know what you think!

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Ron Paul's stated objective was to change the course of history. That he has done. At least for those of us who have accepted the change that was required.

Thanks for running a great site Michael.

Everyone else needs to face the facts. Governments are a proven failure and political parties are a dying breed.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

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I just read your comment

Michael, and I totally understand what you are saying and respect your absolute right to do whatever you want with your own site, but I was left kind of wondering, in practical terms, what does that mean? Does it mean that by default, Rand Paul posts will not be front paged, even if it is one that receives a lot of interest/upvotes? I agree that Rand is not Ron, but also feel that he has a lot of good things to say and is making important contributions in his own right, and if he runs for president, it would certainly be a valid topic for discussion and debate. I guess I am just wondering what your decision to not make this the "Daily Rand" translates into, not because I think that Rand can not win if this particular site chooses not to support him, but because I'm just not clear on what the rules concerning posts about Rand will be...?

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Hi Denise

In practical terms, feel free to post stuff about Rand. While Rand is not a primary interest of mine, the way Ron Paul was in 2007/8, and less so in 2012, I'll still keep an eye on Rand, so I'll appreciate news postings.

What I want to avoid is creating an echo chamber that misleads people into believing that Rand is more popular than he is. He is definitely in the mix, no doubt. But there are other contenders as well, and there are downsides and drawbacks to Rand as well.

Personally, I would like to see more balanced coverage, so that no one is mislead. This kind of filtering is covered in the book, The Filter Bubble.

If you ever saw the documentary "For Liberty" you can see how I suffered from it. It was actually a shock to me in 2007 / early 2008 when he came in 4th or 5th in New Hampshire (I forget now, exactly).

Because I was here at the helm of the DP, I thought Ron Paul was way more popular than he actually was. The polls showed him in 5th place. I thought that was BS. Bogus. That the MSM was lying. "Look at all the support he has here on the Daily Paul!" I said to myself! He's going to win New Hampshire!!!

And when he came in 4th or 5th or whatever it was, with about 8% of the vote, just as the polls predicted, I had that moment when illusion meets reality.

The funny thing is that I watched myself in the documentary "For Liberty" explaining that, and with the benefit of hindsight and time, I could see that the guy on TV in my living room was d e l u s i o n a l.

I don't want to contribute to that delusion with regards to Rand. I've learned since then.

Absolutely Rand is a valid topic of discussion and debate, and I know the bias here will likely always be pro-Rand, unless he goes total neo-con. That is also a possibility, in which case I think the tide here will turn against him.

He's in a tough spot because he has to appeal to the mainstream GOP. Most people here are not that. So eventually (I think), he'll have to throw us under the bus. That is part of the reason supporting him is such a risk. He's much more of a politician. I don't want to be tied to him and have to support his positions (such as sanctions on Iran), because I can't.

As such I / the Daily Paul won't be supporting moneybombs and call bombs and such.

So feel free to post stuff about Rand, but also feel free to post it from both angles.

This time, more than supporting, I'm interested in watching, thus I have the domain RandWatch.com. At this time, it just points to the Rand forum here on the Daily Paul.

But if it starts to turn into a civil war here, I'll make a concerted effort to set up a new site and push folks there so I don't have to be the 'referee' in such a civil war. We saw that at the tail end of the primaries with Gary Johnson supporters, and I'm not eager to repeat that either.

I hope that answers your question.

He's the man.
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Thank you Michael,

for your thorough and thoughtful response. I have a much better understanding of where you are coming from and, honestly, I think that is a great way to approach things. I did not know about the RandWatch domain and that looks like a great way to keep up with Rand without having to devote the entire site to him. I totally get everything that you are saying and our viewpoints are really quite similar.

I have been watching Rand very closely and the jury is still out on him for me, although at this point I do tend more toward supporting him than not because overall at this point he has more checks in the plus column than the minus and he seems to be an honest man...but as you alluded to, we shall see. I think he has the potential to do some great things, but I also understand why others have been led to question his ultimate agenda. I can't explain it, other than a hunch, but I really do think he wants the same things for our country as his father does, but has decided to play his hand a little differently so that hopefully he gets a much different end result. Only time will tell. Either way, I am definitely interested in watching it unfold and this really is one of the few places where you can get a more complete picture because viewpoints are readily available from either side. Thanks so much for the information and for taking the time to clarify. Peace & Love :)

as a gop delegate the last

as a gop delegate the last 8years. I have 0 interest in being a rand delegate or ever being involved in the gop again.

I will support GJ 2016 and expect the randbots to attack as they usually do, doing nothing to attract me to the gop as if that could be done.

the gop is like a leaking dirty septic tank, best it be capped off and buried forever.

Ron Paul 2016


"Are you sure you're not just looking for a savior? Do you think a politician can make the world a better place? If so, how can you be sure you've picked the right one?"

That's worth framing and putting on the wall!

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

not looking for a savior but

not looking for a savior but i have no interest in rand or his pandering. I do not trust rand paul. Rand lost me as a delegate. i was one for 8 years, sadly rand doesn't want or need me. his pandering is why i cannot support rand paul. I am sure there will be plenty of right wing nuts to step in and support rand,rubio or ted cruz. I will not. blame rands padnering not me. If he winsthe primary on his own. I assume he can change is tune like romney and pander backwards. Until then i will not be wasting my dime or time on rand paul or the failed gop. Ron inspired me to join the gop. Rand inspired me to leave the gop.

Ron Paul 2016

As a Ron to Rand Paulbot

I approve of this message.

Ron Paul Inspired me to JOIN

Ron Paul Inspired me to JOIN THE GOP, Rand Paul inspired me to LEAVE THE GOP, I approve this message.

Ron Paul 2016


I'm really glad that you left the GOP and I wish you much happiness.


Your response was both good and bad.

Let gop die, or take it over. I still fight with myself everyday about this.

For those who still want to engage, maybe consider RLC. At least for now.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I really believe

people need to do what they want. The GOP is NOT for everyone and I'm not here to promote the GOP. I am here because I recorded my journey into the GOP, which I NEVER thought I would be a Republican.

I would owe a million dollars to everyone who bet me on DP that I would join the GOP 6 years ago.

Now I have a purpose in the GOP helping liberty candidates and representing liberty in my county.. I have learned much about the nuts and bolts of politics by becomming a treasurer and having to file the forms with feds, state, county, party, and the vast BUSINESSES that form the GOP. BUSINESSESS..

I had no idea.. I had a concept.. but now I see Ron Paul's invitation into the GOP is not just for liberty, but for prosperity.. I didn't expect that.. so to me, (((PAF)))

It's important that people are themselves and finding liberty.. maybe specialtyblend will come up with a new party and everything will be so awesome and brilliant that Ron and Rand look pale.. and I'll be happy to join what specialtyblend's got going.. but until then, I'm going to plug along in the GOP and work on these liberty campaigns because that's who needs my support.

Specialty blend does not need my support nor does he want it. I'm cool with that. I wish him well in all sincerity!

(((( Granger ))))


:-) :-)

:-) :-) :-)

I KNEW that you were Liberty :-)

Granger, the day that you decide to leave may be the day that I decide to as well. So I hope that you never do :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


You know.. several businesses need to be set up?

Talk about the need for like minds to come together.. IMO what the GOP liberty movement needs to do is start forming corproations to work campaigns. We need to go pro.. People here complain what Benton made.. Benton didn't make anything compared to 90% of those working campaigns.. know what Obama's treasurer/cpa made?

We need to go pro, get in those upper circles, take over the suites and enforce the constitution to win ;D

Agreed, and you are right (( Granger ))

Also, aside from writing/proposing state legislation, we are in fact recruiting. This is up to each state to accomplish. It is tremendous work, but this is exactly what it takes to be relevant.

Grassroots going pro, because it is We the People, NOT the corporatists!!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Wow, i had'nt realised until

Wow, i had'nt realised until now, i mean REEEEALLY realise, how incredibly well founded this website was, thanks nystrom, not for DP, but for being the person you are who happens to have created a home away from home

Whatever may come of dp, where ever liberty may call home, thankyou for the memories you inspired by making that one decision to start this site

You just gave me a little of that feeling that brought me here, and that my friend is the power of words, thankyou

As for the discussion at hand, .....ive proverbially dumped a bucket of water on my head, and walked away

Michael Nystrom's picture

Hey man, thank you

I really appreciate your words.

Really, all I want people to do is think for themselves.

I don't really care if you support Rand Paul or Not support Rand Paul.

My only hope is that whatever you (and I don't just mean you - I mean everyone here who is reading) choose to do, you have a grounded, well thought out reason for doing so.

I think the OP was coming from a place of reflexive emotionalism. I hope the dumping of water on your head wan't a result simply of what I said. I don't want to be anyone's guru. I just want people to come to their own true and honest conclusions.

Thank you.

He's the man.

For all the reasons you said MN, PLUS ...

this site will be the only place to level out real Rand Paul criticism.

Obviously as Rand goes mainstream as our first libertarian politician (Ron Paul our first libertarian Statesman), Rand Paul will get lots of democratic leftist criticism. Yes he'll face more and more of it, even the stupid "you're a racist" kind and the "you're a plagerizer" kind.

But where will really profound criticism come from? Where will the R3VOLution side get to voice its opinions? Answer: The Daily Paul.

Don't get me wrong, I am delighted we now have our first libertarian politician. And I think future ones that wear the "R" or "D" on their chest will play the game as best that they can. I think that is a good sign. And I cannot wait to see our first libertarian politician wearing the "D". No doubt he or she will be "all for public education and a safety net", that is just enough to continue wearing the "D" label...just like Rand Paul must always be "all for our closest friend Israel and willing to do what it takes to stop Iran".

But the DP can always be the voice of the R3VOLution, with its unique blend of civil-libertarian/paleo-libertarian passion and belief.

Long live the R3VOLution!


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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Thanks Treg

Very interesting and insightful comments.

The DP should give Rand a fair shake, but shouldn't shy away from, or censor criticism the way we did about Ron Paul.

The problem with the DP regarding Ron was that we did - I did - censor valid criticism about Ron. That made this place an echo chamber, and therefore made it unbalanced.

But the DP can always be the voice of the R3VOLution, with its unique blend of civil-libertarian/paleo-libertarian passion and belief.

Yes. I hope so.

Thank you.

He's the man.

to quote one of my fav movie lines:

'This shit is chess, it aint checkers.' Denzel Washington in Training Day

I have a ton of respect for Rand. He grew up watching his father be chastised and ridiculed. Rand saw his father remain committed to his beliefs against all odds.

The DP is a broad mix of folks. I think of politics through the lens of someone like Lee Atwater. I see Rand as a great leader. He is constantly trying to build coalitions. He stands up for our rights, our wealth and our way of life.

I understand why he voted for Iranian sanctions. I don't agree with them but I that isn't going to stop me from supporting him.

I also understand why he supported Romney. The thing I dont get.. if Ron Paul isn't pissed that he supported Romney... why the hell are we???

Rand Paul has done more in 3 years to defend our views than anyone else in power. He is not Ron Paul. I believe in his leadership because he constantly displays the best leadership traits. Being principled. Building coalitions. Defending our laws and legal system. Pointing out corruption. Coming up with solutions to our problems.

Rand Paul will make the best damn president America has seen since Ronald Reagan... at least.

The purists can all scream from the mountain tops.. ISREAL!! Zionist plant!!! Sanctions!!!

At the end of the day... Rand Paul stood up for 13 hours and demanded the administration clarify its position on killing American citizens. Wake up folks. Who else best defends our positions?

I refuse to turn my back on Rand. I can't wait to hear him announce. Im going to bust my damn ass to see he wins my city.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Amen to that!

Amen to that!

Michael Nystrom's picture

Yes it is chess.

But it is multi dimensional chess. And in this game, you're the pawn, and that is all you'll ever be.

Do you know what the function of the pawn is? It is to go out and get slaughtered. To protect the King and the Queen at all costs. You only move forward, not backward, and then one step at a time, not in broad sweeps like the knight, the castle or the queen. You can only kill sideways, not directly. You are of limited use. Accept your fate and be done with you.

So far, Nicholson, you appear to be a good pawn.

You've successfully rationalized Iranian sanctions.

You've successfully rationalized the endorsement of Romney, by deferring your individuality to the Messiah, Ron Paul: if Ron Paul isn't pissed that he supported Romney... why the hell are we???

Absolutely. Don't feel a thing. Defer to the Master.


What the hell does Ron Paul have to do with any of this? Ron's an individual, as is Rand, as are you and I. I'm sure Ron will eventually come out and endorse his own son for president. Duh. Blood trumps principles. Blood trumps everything. Duh.

Some people are happy being pawns.

So, happy pawns, let's go back to the movie star Denzel Washington, and his quote from the Hollywood movie "Training Day", (which I have not seen): This shit is chess not checkers.

Oh baby! Let's quote Hollywood!

Fine. Have it your way. Agreed. This is a game of chess.

Just remember, your place. You are the pawn in this game.

As such, you are:

  • To pledge undying loyalty to The Candidate.
  • To rationalize every statement and decision made by The Candidate.
  • To always defend The Candidate.
  • To never criticize The Candidate.
  • To denounce critics of The Candidate.
  • To send money to The Candidate, and his affiliated organizations
  • To beg, plead and argue why others MUST send money to The Candidate (He is our best hope!)
  • To vociferously proselytize and champion The Candidate in every and all venues, including dinner parties, web sites and public transportation (the rise of Paultard 2.0).
  • To discount and pooh-pooh The Candidate's competitors, even when the ideas are in line with the values of liberty (such as Ted Cruz's 21 hour faux-filibuster of Obamacare). Because those candidates are (obviously) just copycats and plants
  • To compare The Candidate glowingly to Ronald Reagan
  • To never forget, that The Candidate is always right, never wrong, and must under every and all circumstances be supported with every and all means at your disposal. Always and forever.
  • To react with grace and humility when, at the end, you are thrown under the bus (again) when The Candidate endorses Chris Christie. After all - at the end, who else can best represent our positions but The Candidate's recommendation. (To quote yourself if The Candidate isn't pissed that he supported Chris Christie... why the hell are we???

Yes, I agree. It is a game of chess. Like I said at the beginning - it is a multidimensional game, and The Candidate is playing on levels you don't even know exist.

So just make sure you know your place, and don't get uppity.

You're the pawn in this game.

Have fun getting slaughtered.

He's the man.

What did Reagan...

do that was so great again? I know that he talked a good game but maybe you can help me understand what he actually did that made him such a great president. The War on Drugs has been the worst tyrannical effort taken up by the federal government since 1913, even worse than alcohol prohibition in the '20s. He approved the first $1 Trillion budget even though he spoke of shrinking the federal government. Are you sure that you are not just regurgitating spoon-fed nonsense? Personally, I like Rand and would welcome a top down change that included him as president. I just don't think that it would matter as the beast is already far too big to tame.

I guess I'm not alone

the minute i hear a

the minute i hear a republican mention reagan liberty or not . I tune them out Reagan was BS and did nothing to help liberty or the US Constitution.

Reagan did nothing in my eyes that helped liberty or freedom or the movement as is today.

Ron Paul 2016

Reagan was my first President.

Something he did that hasn't been around since him...

He was a patriot. No President is perfect but Reagan certainly had a way with words. Reagan could make the American message sound perfect.

His intentions were good. The war on drugs was because the crack epidemic was insane. I remember when crack hit America. It fundamentally changed the country because the crime was insane. His heavy handed approach backfired. Luckily we as a nation are realizing the policy needs to be changed.

Leadership starts at the top. Holding people accountable. Following the rules. I don't think Rand is a messiah.. but I do believe he will do the best that he can and hopefully right the ship before it sinks.

For me.. that is what matters.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Michael Nystrom's picture

Cue the violins

His intentions were good!

Even though he f*cked up the country forever, and for good.

Your'e great at rationalizing. You'll make a great pawn.

He's the man.


you think he was a great president because he talked a good game? His policies did not match his words. There was no bigger contributor to the police state that we live in today.

I guess I'm not alone


what ever you say man..

Let's hope Washington gets dug up and single handedly changes the course we are on. At least he won't be a tyrant... oh wait.. whiskey rebellion.

Never mind.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Wenzel 2016


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Good info, however,

according to FreedomWorks, Rand has a 100% voting record in 2012 and 2013.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul