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Stirring JFK: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." Video

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Unfortunately, it is not true

If I hadn't taken the blue pill, I would be moved by this and think it was "so true". But it is entirely false.. this is what they want you to think, that this group of thugs (which Kennedy was a part of) can make a peaceful overthrow of a them impossible... the only thing these looters can do is try and brainwash everyone into believing it is impossible, and that's what this speech was designed to do... JFKs father was a world class criminal, so yes, let's put these ass clowns on a pedestal and listen to everything they have to say with a tear in our eye.

I'm sure JFK was well aware of the tiny dot:


Peaceful? Violent?

Who Cares?!
This video is a perfect tool to start the process of Ending This Farce.
It Cuts Right To The Core.
No Politics.
No Liberal vs Conservative.


Presidential speechwriters are ever so much better, usually, than the presidents themselves, just as it is much more entertaining to read a transcript of the Writer's Guild Awards (for screenwriting) than to watch the Oscar's or Emmys.

This is why Reagan sounded much better than he acted, and I'm sure the same is true of JFK.

I mean, they all use "freedom" like a buzzword.

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How is it so easy to believe

How is it so easy to believe the French Foreign Legion attempted a Coup D'Etat and assassination of Du Gaulle, but in America people believe that would be impossible to Assassinate JFK


Don McCoy · Top Commenter ·

Don McCoy · Top Commenter · Irondequoit High School
Seriously? WHY are we angry!? The Left is actually succeeding in destroying this country and no matter what we do we can't seem to stop them. Obama creates any laws he wishes to, by fiat. Obama's eliminated the ability for the minority party to challence the appointment of judges. Obama's DESTROYED healthcare. We can't get jobs. Now Obama is pushing amnesty and carbon tax? And he's working on plans to pretty much eliminate the Second Amendment. And there's ultimatley NOTHING we can do at all about any of it. ..really? You have to ASK why Americans are angry? We're being deprived of ANY form of recourse to address this uspurper by legal means. HECK, in the final insult, Democrats even manipulate the elections. Why WOULDN'T Americans be angry?

America faces anger