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Dallas Police Assault Free Speech Activists, Punch Alex Jones

Protesters were peacefully assembled outside a barricade in downtown Dallas near the site of the official commemoration of JFK.

The barricades were opened and almost out of nowhere, police marched through and forcefully pushed protesters back, with several being violently assaulted, including radio host Alex Jones who was punched in the stomach.

One of the victims of the violence was a father with his young daughter on his shoulders. The girl began crying, but was pulled to safety by her mother.


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Posting the same tripe

over and over again doesn't make an argument.


...they will just downvote you for no reason.

+1 for the truth... for what it's worth. I remember when this happened, quite a few of the organizers were upset with him.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.


That Goldspan and Granger haven't commented on this. But check out those accounts using Labels to discredit an idea in action.

Michael, I understand that running this site is a pain in the ass. It was fun when we thought everyone should understand that handing out water bottles with Ron Paul's name on them might fix the country.

I don't think any of us understood how deep the mind control through banking has been thrust upon us.

It all comes down to what we really stand for in our hearts. You have created a place for that to happen, and for doing so you will be attacked by those that hate Freedom.

Michael, only do what you can. Many of us have given a lot. But I will never quit, just find new ways. That option is open to you as well.

That all said, this IS a battle of an Idea, and your site attracts the flak that hates it. You have done an amazing job for the right reasons.

God Bless,

BaseAss as Goldspan addresses me. ;)

I'm not an AJ fan

I'm not anti-AJ.. It's just that AJ's articles and information do not interest me as much as other articles and information.. I really like reading about what others are doing in the rEVOLution/Liberty movement.. last GOP convention had so much LIBERTY, on books (Ron Paul on three tables at least), tee shirts, banners, programs.. it was a Liberty convention with the establishment looking like a purple thumb.. and this is what makes me happy, so that's what I like to see on DP.

I do not down vote or come on these threads and bash people or their issues.. or AJ.. I admit, I'm not a fan.. but I'm not out to get Alex.. Alex has a role and I guess I respect that, just like 911 Truth.. I'm not a truther, but I've never told a truther to get lost or feel any need to insult them.

If you can show me where I've used lables to discredit Alex, I'm very curious to see what you are talking about.

I don't understand your lable issue.. I'm opposed to GMO labeling because I have no problem reading the USDA 100% orgaic lable.

Maybe it's your lack of labeling why I don't really understand you? Seems you have an issue with my confirmation as a Catholic? It also seems you have some obsession with me that I don't get at all. Why are you naming me because I didn't post? It's as if I'm damned if I do or don't with you.. where's the liberty? Where's the peace? Where's the love?

My thoughts on the post.. we're seeing Sheriffs not police and sheriff is a county juridiction.. so

Who pulled the permit? Seems to me there was no permit pulled and this is what happens, which I would not be surprized if someone from We Are Changed and the organization was charged and fined for public disturbance. And that's why I didn't comment. I have more questions than feelings about it... but let's consider who I am

I've been an activist since 1973 and participated in many protests, rallies, be-ins, and well organized events, poorly organized events, and have produced events, which I had to pull permits, had to have insurance, had to have clearance, had to work with law and order so what I'm seeing on the video wouldn't happen.

I was at a protest once that got violent, trash cans set on fire, cars rolled, police cars and an ambulance were trashed.. and I would never want to do that again, so I appreciate a well organized protest, and I am very sorry about what happened to We Are Change's event.. I don't enjoy watching videos like that.


There's no need to be a fan to be fairer than this, Granger

I found and posted this above, and just for you, to offer a personal invitation to see and hear the eye-witnesses give the facts, at the scene of the crime the day after; and hear the wicked report one Dallas newspaper made up out of whole-cloth, so that you might better appreciate my record in posts below and how it contrasts with your initial take on what happened there.


Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

I'm trying

I'm listening.. and AJ is very hard for me to listen to.. but them media is hard for me.. it's a lot of blah blah blah and "eye witness".. (vry liberal.. maybe that's why is creeps me out as it reminds me of the liberals screaming about trees or whatever.. that shril breathless panting reporting just too hard for me to hear..

so far AJ is loving the Dallas police nadsays the Sheriff didn't get the emmo.. that's what it seems to me.. AJ admits he provoked DHS.. a joke.. why?

Why do that? Is AJ there to make a point about his opening rant or there to tell jokes to DHS? deep sigh...

I guess it wasn't exciting enough?

AJ tells everyone to "be nice". Was there something happening that AJ though the people with him were not going to "be nice"?

AJ says he was suckered punched in the stomach.. so is he going to press charges? Let's see.... deep sigh

AJ is laughing because the feds looked like deamons? Ok. I wouldn't be laughing.

AJ was punched in the stomach.. has laughed and now decided he needs to fight? Back to being punched in the stomach.. onto a stoy about a homelss guy in CA...

deep sigh....

14 minutes AJ says first day no problem,, they worked WITH the police.. the permits went to court.. Judge says it needed to be opened.. AJ is dicing his story.. back to being punched in the stomach... and again AJ admits that he believes that the Sheriff's didn't get the memo.. sue. What's so hard.. he was punched in the stomach and Sheriff's didn't get the memoo.. so sue!

18 minutess. he talks about other law suits and NY losing.. so it's not like he doesn't know he can file a law suit.. so now I'm listening to see if he's going to file a law suit..

he says now Thank god nobody really got hurt.. deep sigh.. but he was punched in the stomach. AJ is coughing.. hope he's not getting sick from the cold rain..

The only other place her's seen this in NY? Maybe it's a good time to start having anniversaries of Kent State?

OK.. 24 minutes into this.. AJ admits that the only reason he showed up (beracuse he saiys he didn't want to) was because the city said no pamplet passing. And this is how AJ creativiely deals with it.. this is his protest..

Anthony G.. seems like a nice person, defends the interveiwer.. AJ is role playing which leads us to witness report by Lee Ann McAdoo.. says Dallas is the city of cover up (SF has Dallas beat!)

At this point, it's begiining to appear that AJ is seen as a "muckraker".. AJ wants to be targetted and they enjoyed targettting him, and the city of Dallas is going to support the Sherrif, even if the Sheriff had a mixed message..

AJ is interviewing the videotographer now, and he wants to know.. "What did they say about me?" This is what gets me.. it's about AJ. This isn't about rights.

Oh he can barf the word "rights", but he's much better staging a scene.

Okkk,, so now we have LeeAnn again, and she's telling us about the part of the event that ... do you have a vid of AJ up on the grassy knoll shouting, "No More Lies!"

I don't get.. if there is no one there.. why bother shouting "No more lies".. if there is no one there.. pedestrians? People leaving..

The guy speking at 36 mins asks about needing a permit. I don't recall a time in my life that I didn't need a permit to protest, unless it was someone else who pulled a permit.

now Rob Dew is ging his report.. nice how he and AJ have matchiung gloves :)

38 mins.. AJ says,, "maybe the football thing was the punch in the stomach"? Someone needs to tell Lee Ann Dallas has a female Sheriff.

This is torture listening to AJ... he's now walking,, and unless there is something in his broadcast you think I'm missing.. please let me know the time.. other than that.. Much ado about AJ.

Granger, I like to read your posts because you always bring

an uniquely twisted slant to the table. Rarely do you disappoint. You lost me once again though when you said "Who pulled the permit?" WTF. You are not a liberty lover if you believe you need a permit to speak in public! You are goofy!

And yes, I am trying to be nice to you today because I really want to say you are f'd up beyond all reason and only a lobotomy will bring you peace! But I think you have serious mental issues and if I prod too much you might get more active, which would be bad for us all.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I get a permit because I am a liberty lover

what I am not a lover of is people getting hurt because someone didn't know what they were doing, had a good idea that went south due to poor planning. Now maybe this was planned.. Maybe this is how AJ attracts an audience? Jerry Springer show is very popular.. I saw it twice.. not my style.. but hey.. what a great way to use those left over mardi gras beads.

Planning/organization is one thing. Having to have a permit...

...for something that is supposed to be a right is quite another.

Your statement "I get a permit because I am a liberty lover" makes no sense whatsoever.

I don't understand why it's so hard to understand

Do you log onto DP? Why do you have to do that? Why do you have to register? Where's the liberty?

I like the permit deal .. here's a perfect example why.. I did a hempfest back in 96.. thousands of people showed up.. I had a permit, insurance, my own security ... during the event Todd McCormic shows up.. oh I should say, there were three layers of security, the police, the venues, and mine (and probably others)..

This is previous to Prop 215.. Todd pulls out his weed to make a statement about freedom to the security.. so I, the permit holder, am paged to see what I want to do about Todd.. I don't want to do anything about Todd. I took Todd into my security for the event. What the police did after.. nothing.

Now if I had not had that permit, Todd could have gone to jail for a very long time.. or let's say a bunch of people who hated hemp came to the event to protest.. that permit gives me the right to remove them.

Moral of the story.. whenever you go to a protest or rally, find out who has the permit because if shit happens.. that's who can help you.. this protest above wouldn't have happened with a permit.. police would have stood there, gave them peace signs.

I believe you have to accept things as they are of you hope to understand HOW to change them. Permits are they way they are, and in my experience, they are a good thing because people don't always want the best for each other and that permit is what gives you the right to have your say. They want to say something.. they can get a permit. It's actually fun part of the planning events I think..

Walking up to the office and telling them how messed up things are and wanting a permit.. makes you feel double good.. you told them to their face and then you have a parade.

DP is private property, that's why.

That said, I don't disagree with what you said elsewhere about blocking traffic.

That doesn't make sense to me

Because DP is private.. And Nystrom is the Mayor, people ask Michael permission to post things.. I have.. there are plenty of things I don't ask to post, but when it comes to fundraising, consideration for an event, I asked permission. When I petition, I ask permission.. I don't know.. I do my best to respect the laws and even when petitioning, I asked permission to petition.. I saw broken arms from people who didn't ask permission when petitioning for Nader's ballot access.. I don't like seeing people hurt.

I only read the first paragraph but I had to stop because I

was starting to get vertigo. Clearly you are confused. You don't have the foggiest notion about PRIVATE property VS Public!

OK, I glanced at a couple other paragraphs near the end, hopped off before I started to upchuck. Are you on meds? If not, maybe you should be!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Sure I do

Public means it's not yours to do what you want.

Private means it's yours to do what you want.. and liberty is for private to continue do what they want.

If I want to grow tomatoes on my property I have that right.. If I want to grow tomatos in the state park, I do not have that right unless I have a permit.

If I want to collect trash blown on my property I have that right. If I want to collect trash on the highway, state park, city.. I do not have that right without a permit.

Try it. I didn't make the laws Ira.. I work within them.

deacon's picture

asking the employees

for anything....including permits,is not freedom or liberty
it is the polar opposite...they are chains,and a noose around our necks
It is unseen walls of an open air prison complex.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

asking what employees?

Some events are done in theaters.. should I not ask the owner permission?

If I'm going to occupy 4 cities blocks for 4 hours with a protest, you don't believe I should get a permit? Just block traffic and tie up businesses in the name of liberty? Boy I bet that will win a lot of friends to liberty, eh?

deacon's picture

to what employees.....

everyone you and I pay for,this includes
cops,politicians,mayors,all city financed employees
these are the ones who work for us,we are the employers
""some events are done in theaters""...yes they are,and that is private property...roads are public..we are the public,we finance the upkeep
they are ours,for our private, public use
"if we are going to occupy 4 city blocks for 4 hours"...again,them roads
are ours..we own them
do cops get a permit to close off roads to bust a suspected perp? NOPE
they just close them down,and usually longer than 4 hours,they just close them down,no one in,no one out,and all done on their word
Cops do not won roads,they can by being a tax payer,but not just by being a cop
And no...I do not believe one should have to get permits from the employees
to do something we have the right to do in the first place
This is giving them more power than they are supposed to have
and this is how and why they all have stolen it,well not stolen,it was freely handed to them by block by block,piece by piece
and this is why we as a nation are in the shape we are in,and to me,this is why most of us fight against it all...but,I could be wrong
the bill of rights starts out,,congress shall pass no laws,but have we not seen pass laws that go directly against the const?
City councils passing laws that directly contradict the states own const
cops.judges,lawyers tossing protesters,non violent people in jail,and for what the courts opinions...I know this was a bit over board,but I wanted to make a point
each and every form of gov,cannot have more authority or power than the ones who they work for...do you agree?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Do cops get a permit?

Actully, when they have events, yes they do get permits. Cops do not own the roads, that's right.

I don't have a problem with permits. I have a problem when through corruption they won't issue a permit (they don't like your issue, or party, or looks). That is what gets me.

deacon's picture

that was not my question

I asked if cops block roads going after a perp
do they get a permit to close whole blocks down
nice try at trying to talk around it though
that piece of paper does not make it right or wrong
and not having one,does not make it illegal
we have the right to free speech,no where does it say,it can be regulated
changed,if indeed we have that right,then no man has the right or authority to change it at will...that is freedom

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

They have a built in permit

Like a guy with a license to sell beer and wine, except tax payers give law and order their permits.

When an ambulance or police car are coming up behind you in traffic with lights flashing and sirens blaring do you pull over or do you think that you have the right to be free and do what you want?

As dfar as I'm concerned deacon, you want to have a protest and not get a permit.. go for it.. I'm pulling permits.

deacon's picture

well,let me ask

if one group has it,and another group may not get it
is that really freedom,or even const?
If it is a law,isn't the law supposed to be,no respecter of persons?
is that even fair or just?
And yes i put myself under no man,the creator says not to,meaning man is not above another,nor has any more authority than i possess( that is a contradiction to think otherwise)
Laws,ordinances,codes and statutes have been created out of thin air
most go against the will of the people(but all were done to take,steal and stifle,and all go against the const,so therefor doesn't that mean,they are non laws,and should not be followed?..for me,this is the case

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

So they were created out of this air?

I believe they were created for secular legal reasons, and I don't feel anyone is above or below me over pulling a permit anymore than I believe anyone is above or below me getting a driver's license..

please see Promisekept's post about the REAL ISSUE.. a pernmit was pulled and was breached.. now we have a real issue.

deacon's picture

the real issue?

no,the real issue is in asking to do what we can already do
this topic,the post,is one small issue surrounding it all
but does bring it to light
If governments are instituted for man,and they are created
to uphold the laws of the states,and the fed gov,then they have broken
their own oaths,and our own laws
and by doing so committed acts against their own people..is this so hard to understand?
you act as if this the first time we have chatted about this subject
why should i see promisekepts posts,that is not the real issue,what is spoken of by him/her,is one issue out of many where the gov's overstepped their bounds,broke the laws,and committed acts in direct violation
of the laws they seem to think we are under...but not them(the very ones who created them without authority to do so...if indeed we are our own gov

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


When this thread began I wondered if the problem had been a permit issue.. it is. They were REFUSED a permit. You represent a few here against permits. Good luck with that anywhere in this world.


A permit, sought, denied, lead to a statement of legal fact

The city had no other way to undo the permit-only zone, than to admit folks, at some specific point in time, access to where they used to freely go.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass


si the permit was denied.. that's a shame.. which brings us to Ron Paul's warning about dissent.. you have to be willing to "pay the price", which is exactly what we saw.

Not everyone present outside sought a permit to attend

When the city made it a permit-only event, they denied everyone not officially welcomed in to cross their arbitrary line. Any property owners, business owners, and others who normally had access to that area were denied simply because folks with titles said so.

After it was over, no permit-line continued to exist. That was where and when the Sheriff's thugs asserted their force. No resistance was offered, except to show their willingness to be pushed up against and back, though they knew their right was to be exactly where they were being forcefully denied.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Finally, a post we can agree on, Sistah!

I've been trying to catch up after a busy day elsewhere, away from keyboard typing; when after posting here above, http://www.dailypaul.com/306033#comment-3268091 , I decided to read down to where we are here. I was tempted to jump in sooner, but I hoped you'd give me a really good common point of agreement to build on, rather than much of what I read above.

You did, and here's where: "I don't have a problem with permits. I have a problem when through corruption they won't issue a permit (they don't like your issue, or party, or looks). That is what gets me."

What happened there Friday was that the City of Dallas had made, temporarily, a permit-only zone of what was, at all other times, an openly public space. Free-speech zones,(what a misnomer, eh?), were also temporarily set up by the city at a distance determined to keep down audible dissent from interfering with their totally arbitrary cordoning off for their cult-ceremony celebrating the Big Lie. City, state, and federal powers converged like vultures on that site to try and prove to themselves, and the media reporters present, that they were still somewhat in control of enforcing it's prescribe remembrance.

There were law-suits filed after permits kept out all those who had been vigilantly watching all the various and sundry ways that facts, witnesses, math, and science, have been ignored, suppressed, and murderously transgressed on many levels by the very people inside the permit-only zone.

The dissenters had a clear legal statement, from city lawyers, not a permit, because the area was to be returned to full public access AFTER there permit-only ritual-sacrifice of the Truth had been slain once again, in effigy, while pretending to honor Kennedy's legacy.

I don't have a problem with permits, under those VERY limited circumstances where legitimate jurisdiction applies. What happened in Dallas Friday was a totally arbitrary show of force, and NOT a permit violation by the good folks there to honor their love of truth.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Thank you Bruddah

I really appreciate you clearing that up, because to me, what you have posted IS THE ISSUE, and I'm very glad that we can agree rather than debate whether permits should or not exist (LOVE to those who want to debate this with me).. THE ISSUE IS breach of permits by the city and there are law suits filed..

Are they seeking contributions, evidense, witnesses, and petitions filed, any reach out for awareness and participation to help restore Dallas to constitutional government???

What can the liberty movement do to help the Plantiff?

And really ((((promisekept)))) Thank you for posting and letting me know because I was genuinely wondering if it was a permit issue.. because if I had pulled a permit $, paid insurance $$, advertized and promoted my event $$$, and had the Sheriff department stomp on my event.. I would have called the police and definately writen to my Senator and congressman and filed a suit for breach of contract, harrassment, intimidation..

I can't imagine my Sheriff or anyone in his department doing that. I am so BLESSED to have Sheriff Tom Allman and his department.. Tom would have personally shown up and asked to see who was in charge (who pulled the permit) and asked to see the permit.. and if there was some reason that they could not honor the permit.. he would have asked permission to talk to the group and then he would explain why we could not, and he would offer to help us form another event.

Occupy does not pull permits, but we all know where they are going to be every friday between 2 and 5 PM.. two blocks south and one block east of, Ladies in Black, who do not have a permit, but we all know they will be there standing against war as they have for over a decade.. and none of the vets for peace pull permits to wave American flags, peace flags and signs every Sunday.. but we all know where they will be doing that... but if I want to show the film, "Freedom from Fascism" at the town hall.. I gotta pull a permit.. and I'm ok with that. I'm not OK with what happened in Dallas and I hope there is a way for Liberty activists to help.

Make a better top post IMO

A permit line was waiting to be removed by good folks

Who had peacefully assembled in remembrance of both the events that history actually honors, in the very place where it happened, even if they were withheld, temporarily, from being present at the anniversary's geographic scene of the crime.

The law suits were filed back when, last year, the mayor announced they were going to create this permit-only zone around the event. When they were denied, folks got a legal statement of fact that their access was to be restored as it was before the event. AJ and crowd were only there seeking to finish what they came there to do and document. After they were allowed to reenter what was otherwise always their right, THAT was when the Sheriffs' goon-squad acted out of bounds, where there was no longer a legal boundary to defend.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass