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Why nobody gives a shit if you stay or leave the DP

Stop posting about this!! Nobody gives a fuck whether or not you guys come and go! Stop spamming the site with your useless posts and lets stay relevant to the purpose of the site.

Those of us who stay love it. Those of us who don't like it, head over to CNN or some other site. The DP is original, and I like coming to one of the few websites dedicated for people who think like me. So please don't let the door hit you on the way out, and I'm sure you'll be back in the future anyways.

Please STFU! -Thanks

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I see some hilarious

I see some hilarious headlines from time to time. This one got me.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Against my better judgement I

Against my better judgement I also LOL'ed.

I'm surprised the RNC doesn't bombard us

With even more useless topics than there already are.

Infiltration and subversion are tried and true tactics that have been around for an age.

Imagine the reaction were we to start commenting on Politico, HuffPo or Fox articles en masse.

Or infiltrate the establishment RNC.


What makes this thread any more "relevant" then the ones your complaining about?

SteveMT's picture

This post IS real.

It's from the heart of Liberty.

Pretty relevant since...

This thread is addressing a frequent nuisance.

OP is right. I really don't give two shits why anyone feels the need to publicize that they're quitting. They just want a pity party. I'm truly sick of it. Attention seeking whores.