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Preppers: How will my fellow American patriots communicate if/when SHTF, like an EMP?


Scenario: Nuclear EMP goes off somewhere over continental US... President orders Martial Law declared, orders firearms be confiscated, food and medical supplies confiscated and redistributed... They start kicking in doors, taking resistors and certain 'targets' off to FEMA camps or wherever... Rumors that U.N. and/or foreign troops are behind some the raids... It looks like America will never be the same...

Considering we'd be under Martial Law, military communications technologies would be deployed to disrupt and compromise patriot/civilian communications.


How do Patriots communicate in order to form a resistance and restore order in their neighborhoods and communities?


What will we do when SHTF, my fellow patriotic, liberty-loving Americans?
How will patriots be able to communicate if there were, say, an EMP created by a nuclear blast at high altitude above North America?
Or a Banking 'glitch' and no one could spend money, buy food, energy, etc.?
What if they enact Martial Law, raiding homes, taking guns, taking people and families away to FEMA camps?
How will we organize, in order to assist our neighbor, or resist a takeover?
Or will it be every man/family/prepper group for themselves?

America, we NEED a plan, a basic concept of how to communicate immediately in this type of scenario.

Here is an interesting interview by Bob Powell interviewing a 'former' 'CIA' agent about this one possibility:


If we face an 'enemy invasion' will we stand together, or fall alone?

I feel like America has no plan. The American People have no plan.

The banksters have plans.

The gov't has plans.

Why don't the people?

There's currently no "well regulated (citizens') militia necessary to security of a free state", that isn't just a reserve branch of the military. There is no apparatus for local militia/freedom groups to communicate nationally, to organize and mobilize...

So... big picture... not your personal 'bug-out' plan, but BIG-Picture... EMP, or "normal communications" shut down... What do we do?

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Here's another website

Here's another website dedicated to emergency communications, the American Redoubt Radio Operators' Network


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Thanks for these links!



You're welcome. Depending on

You're welcome. Depending on atmospheric conditions, it can be rough trying to listen live to Liberty Net as it's based in the eastern part of the USA, but I find myself spending less and less time on the InterNet and more time on SW. I won't miss the InterNet much at all. The content of the conversation on the Liberty Net is very good. I enjoy it.

For those people who worry

For those people who worry about the effect of an EMP blast on most electronics, one might want to review or join the forum at www.radiopreppers.com

Although I'm unconcerned about the alleged effects of an EMP blast on electronics disconnected from long conducting paths, I still review www.radiopreppers.com periodically for alternative sources of information as I'm very close to abandoning personal access to the InterNet.

Good luck

My question is, if all the

My question is, if all the personal communication is down, wouldn't the playing field be leveled for all or would official communication stay on-line?

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Learn old comms methods

Ham operators will always have a way through. A decent Ham radio, antenna, power supply and Faraday cage is all you need. The license is not hard to obtain now that they've dropped the Morse Code requirement and if the SHTF…I'm sure a license won't matter too much. Other than that, you can always just get with a group of local operators already prepared and communicating across the world. :)

They do require a Socialist Security Number though.

what a shame.

Surprised so few know the answer to this

I am a Lt and founding member of our Sheriff Auxiliary. If you don't know what that is then you need to start there and get one going. If your Sheriff is against this and you cannot move, I suggest you find a better bugout location with an active auxiliary. Buy a postage stamp parcel in the county at the very least. (you may be surprised how cheap some land only or derelict house and land are in these rural counties) Then get involved in the auxiliary. Now you have a place to vacation doing the prepping work you love so much.

(it is like a volunteer fireman only you are backing up the non-first responding sheriff activities, especially important under emergency management situations.)

The 1st division auxiliary is out of Lawrence County Missouri and they have worked a lot of bugs out. In their case they brought the last century auxiliary out of mothballs and gave it an overhaul thinking of their work as a prototype to help other communities. There is strong growth in the seeding of the network. Contact LCMO auxiliary to get the documentation and advice you need as they are very approachable. That is the constitutionally valid answer today and in the day after tomorrow.

I mentioned something about this

not having seen your post.

Great that you are involved and spreading the word - until
we can get functional state militias again, going under the
auspices/authority of the sheriff seems pretty key...

Two Scenarios

Man caused EMF - I visited with a retired general about 5 years ago. He confirmed this issue and that it can be put over an area for a long standing time. He also said that anything needing a spark plug to start it would probably not work (generator, older cars?). In this case there will be troops ready to come in and take over.
Intense Solar EMF - Will fry everything not protected.

You will not be driving anywhere. But if you could, stay away from towns where mobs of people will do anything for food and water (elec. needed to pump gas). Here is a good article http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Articles/tabid/109/ID/1049/A-Sug...

Your premise is flawed as an

Your premise is flawed as an EMP blast will NOT destroy all electronics. Electronics with relatively long conducting paths, e.g. attached long wire antennas, will certainly be destroyed, but most electronics will fare reasonably well even without special protection. If an EMP blast occurs to sufficiently damage electronics or facilities, you're not likely to survive to communicate. ;)

Radio will always be the best method of communication in times of emergency whether local or intercontinental. Learn the proper etiquette of using a radio so you can transmit whether licensed by the FCC or not (pirate radio).

Starfish prime

is an example of how low yield high atmospheric detonations can produce significant damage to even small electronics as well as infrastructure.

I'd suggest a Faraday cage, for the most important things.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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Unless it is accompanied by

Unless it is accompanied by carpet chaff bombs over wide areas. I don't think that's likely though.

I've wondered this myself though, if something did cause SHTF then I'd like to be able to communicate with my family 1300 miles away. I wish I had the money to prep well but I don't have the cash to spare to do anything significant. The only thing I could think of would be to somehow drive to where my family is and get everyone together to survive. Though I'm the only one who seems to have SHTF prep in mind.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

We're not living in Richard

We're not living in Richard Carrington's time, ~ 1860, with miles of iron or copper wire interconnecting telegraphs. Most of the lines are now fiber optic. Radio is the answer. You might want to review the following website for a portable device with a lot of capability. The original projections for designing, manufacturing, and distribution were overly optimistic, but steady progress is being made for probable delivery in the spring of 2014. I have one on order.

Meet Earl, www.meetearl.com

Best wishes everyone and have a Merry Christmas.

On the contrary, most of the communication backbone in this

country IS still copper.

Fiber is but a drop in the bucket right now.

The internet backbone is

The internet backbone is fibre. 20 years ago I would agree with you, but it's mainly the cable TV systems that are staying copper, due to sticking with RF and channels nonsense instead of just requested packets of data over IP. Most telecommunications are fibre from pole to pole. Basically remote bumblefuck is all that had copper phone lines anymore. They just refuse to run fibre to the home most everywhere. Also, nuke blast EMP effects on modern electronics is overrated. Electronics are so shielded these days to meet FCC standards, due to the sheet amount of radio devices out there. It's going to do basically nothing but suppress radio communications for a few seconds. Now, if we had actual EMP weapons deployed at strategic places on the power grid, anything plugged into your outlets would be fried.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

I say

Meet all your neighbors now, I know most of the folks in my small town.
Identify as many like minded folks in your area as possible.

Word travels fast.

You can buy a FM transmitter and Antenna on the internet that will broadcast on the normal FM band. For a few hundred bucks you can have a radio station that any of your neighbors can pick up.

Hlly 20 watt packages will run between $250 and $450 with antenna included. 20 watts can in theory be heard for miles, but a lot of factors must be considered.

It is a science, and I know very little about it. Research it (Micro FM and Pirate Radio)

Just decide how much power you want. The FCC may fine you if you use too much.


Texas Liberty Talk Radio http://www.ragingelephantsradio.com/

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

too much to cover in a response, but start here:

There is simply too much to cover, and too many possible scenarios to go through in a post. Several volumes would be required to simply touch the surface. With that being said, there are some pretty good books on these subjects. First and foremost, start with your hierarchy of needs:

Water, Food, Shelter, Hygiene / Medical then security.

Though it should be said that if you're planning for an EMP, even just over North America, we as a human race are likely to suffer a 80% die-off within 10 years, from all the nuclear reactors cooling pools going up in fire. Think of a thousand Fukushimas and you'll be part way there. If you're anywhere near a reactor, or North America when that happens, don't be.

In a word you need a community. Friends and neighbors helping each other is the most important thing you can have.

Pick up a copy of "A Failure of Civility" on how to organize a community group and provide security (written by a couple of Spec Ops guys). For the other areas, pick a any number of great books. For the medical, it's hard to beat a well stocked aid bag / supplies, and the "Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook (2007 edition).

Communication... That's what I'm asking about. That's the key.

It is way too much to cover, to try to answer what to do. I specifically am talking about communication though.

Scenario: EMP goes off over continental US... President orders Martial Law declared, firearms confiscated, food and medical supplies confiscated and redistributed... They start kicking in doors, taking resistors and certain 'targets' off to FEMA camps or wherever... Rumors that U.N. and/or foreign troops are behind some the raids... It looks like America will never be the same...

How do Patriots communicate in order to form a resistance and restore order in their neighborhoods and communities?
Considering we'd be under Martial Law, military communications technologies would be deployed to disrupt and compromise patriot/civilian communications.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

be connected to a group with comm people

Sorry, but that's the most practical. Get involved with oathkeepers or another local organization and you'll be good to go.

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Have Ninja Warriors build night runner network.

I'm half serious. If things were to get that bad, you will need strong athletes to run messages at night.
The best answer has already been given though; community. Your local group will already have the means to communicate with the neighboring communities. Join a gun club, meet some people...

Undo what Wilson did

I know, I was thinking... "that's actually a good idea".

...horses are probably faster though, lol.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Generators or solar and

single side band radios as you can reach out thousands of miles with those.

Lot of responses on this thread advising people to do this or...

...this or that, and you'll have a "secure internet connection" or whatever.
Unfortunately, none of those tricks will do you any good most likely, in a scenario like I have described.

This thread was specifically about SHTF, involving something like an EMP, or major communications breakdown, Martial Law, or something along those lines...

In this scenario you may not have electricity at all. Cable and communications networks will be down. They will likely employ the military communications/anti-communications technologies that have been deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan. They will shut down electronic means of communication, or it will be compromised.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

cell jammers are short range

Just as an FYI, the Cell and radio jammers that were used in Iraq and other areas are short range. They won't black out a metro area.

If you're looking for advice on comms on DP, here's your plan. Do this now.
1) Go driving through your neighborhood and look for big antennas.
2) If you've found a batch of antenna, go bake a batch of cookies, or buy a nice bottle of scotch and knock on the antenna house door.
3) Give them cookies/scotch
4) Make good friends with your local HAM radio operator.
5) done.

I'm not trying to be overly cheeky, but it's true. If you're not already a comm guy, your best bet, and savings of a ton of money and enormous amounts of time, is to make friends with your neighborhood HAM operator. He can help you start learning, and if SHTF, he's going to be your best bet.

Thanks. Good advice I bet...

And good point about the jammers being short range. Though I wouldn't bet my life they don't have the capability to jam or intercept or whatever at a greater range. In metro areas the non-electronic communication will be easier because of the proximity and density of population, but will also be more chaotic and not somewhere I'd like to be. However, if the jamming technology is indeed limited to short-range, they certainly cannot be everywhere at once, even if that technology is very inexpensive and very portable.

Cookies and scotch... got it.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

modern day Paul Revere?

Is someone going to ride from town to town on horseback warning their mostly apathetic fellow Americans that the UN troops are on the way to their town to take their guns and put them in FEMA camps... and they better get out quickly, or soon mount a resistance? Will you?

I'm sure we have a bunch of brave 'minute-men' out there... But how will these patriots communicate, if regular communications are compromised by superior technology?

I feel like this is a much more important topic, and needs to be thought about.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

We Must Be Realistic

If we do not get a Liberty majority in Congress or a Liberty President through 2014 and 2016, the OWO will happen. It is at that point that small resistance will spring up all over America. It will start with small groups and will grow over a few years. A lot of people will die and that will bring more towards the movement. It will not happen all at once, it will take many years to get back our Liberty and it will not start taking hold until the people that are still blind wake up and a lot of them will not until they realize that they have lost their freedoms. "You do not know what you got, until it is gone."



You asked for organization. Here you go. OathKeepers for the win.

Some one is doing some thing.
You do not have to be ex/current military/police to join.
Sign up. Be a part of the solution.


if your talking communication means?
Assuming there is power John McAfee is building a new internet that is D-centralized. It bypasses the net all together. It hops wirelessly from box to box using smart phones as hop points as well. It cuts the government clean out of the game. Pirate internet baaaby 119 days and counting :D


"You only live free if your willing to die free."

Then there is what we used to do.

I provide yet a 3rd answer.

Historically we organized threw our churches.
They were the center of town social life and still respond to organize and help during local disasters in much of America.
Many small towns still center around the town church in rural America.

If not for the churches whipping the congregations up and spurring men to act we would still be standing to God save the king.
That must chap a lot of atheists hides too :D

Look up "The black robe regiment".

Now a days you would have to find a preacher not compromised by the politically correct. Their faith is suspect any ways. Any preacher that looks to his congregation to lead is not looking to God to lead.
So find a good God fearing preacher in your area. You can bet his congregation is preparing.

"You only live free if your willing to die free."