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Why I dropped Microsoft products like a bad habit and won't be going back - A Lesson in Freedom

Well I did it. I finally pulled the plug on Microsoft and erased clean their proprietary nature that represents not freedom, but the very proprietary nature of a closed system.

Sure, it has created a boom, complete with anti trust behavior and accounting gimmicks. Yah, it created a few millionaires that used to be the envy as they drove around in the Vipers by 35. Yah it fueled the real estate market, I mean everybody should own 5 houses and drive up the costs of real estate for everybody, including senior citizens and their 5 acre horse properties that saw 17 percent increases in property tax once upon a time, forcing many from their properties, being on the fixed income.

Yah, it created jobs, to the extent that the unskilled peoples of this country, coming from public education, could not obtain work there.

Yah it is true that you could get on with a temp agency, without healthcare....but these are just a few pieces of anectodal evidence of the mirage.

If Microsoft is the Oasis, what is Globalism?

I made the bold move to rid myself of their proprietary nature that did not represent freedom, but rather built in manipulation, vulnerabilities, ongoing problems, and no resolution, but total control. I saw enough. I broke the mold. No more updates. See ya. No need for their products.

Solution? Linux.

Open Source for me was a solution. It allowed me to realize alternatives, one that does not fund globalism, the modern day eugenics movement, or elitism.

The end result of the profits stuck out like a sore thumb, all that profit that is being pilfered from society is being hoarded into elitist ties, under the guise of philanthropy and humanisitic causes.

Well I can see through that, from those that wish to play god as they continue down their dangerous path of Globalism and social engineering.

I could no longer support it. I took that step and so should many others if they even care.

I can no longer pay to play for their fake caste system, where they get involved in things that they should not, be it Common Core or vaccination programs in Africa. Sounds good, but against the will of parents?

So enough was enough. I pulled the plug. No more left wing cowardice hiding behind Progressive Agendas that are really as evil as Hitler Germany. The fake caste system, the importation of foreign workers to the detriment of US citizens and taxpayers, and the usuary of the public education system to tell the dummies that they lack in skills and fail in math and science to me, is really just a lie or another way of saying that they don't want critical thinkers, that they want compliant worker drones, or they will import others to finalize their Global Agenda and create a fake monetary stream based around not consistency and quality of a product, but rather a built in system that further creates social disparities, that of the have and have nots.

So to combat that, I made a move for freedom. I dropped Windows like a bad habit.

There is another world out there. There is real competition. There is capitalism. There is freedom of choice. There is privacy where others work with the NSA.

Learning both systems, cutting my teeth on Windows, and then rolling over to Linux took some getting used to, but I had to stay with it.

One by one, I want others to get up and take a look at the politics that hide behind this company and their products. Yah XBox is cool. Doesn't mean that I will buy that product again. Halo is a badass game, too bad it probably contributes to many greater problems in society, but I won't hold Microbaby to that one here, although there is probably some truth to it.

So on the personal computer market, I say roll it over now. On the hand helds, roll it over now. Make that move to Linux. Consider the phones that Linux sells if your into that. But bring competition, innovation, and freedom to market.....versus proprietary market where they think they can reap insane profits and devour economies because people don't know any better.

A person should be able to be whatever they want to be when they grow up. But these companies and their HR departments control the market and force feed the market and the credentialism and then say Americans lack the skills they require. Well at that point, it is time to cut them off for good.

I'm not sure where to go with my newly found skills. I mean it would be nice to help others roll over, one PC at a time, perhaps find a company that would welcome this, as I want to help others with taking back their freedom. Others are out to subvert freedom with their Global Agenda and they act childish in this endeavor to the extent that they are arrogant about it and act like they own the football, and if you don't like it, they will leave the game and take the football with them. So be it.

That is if you want to play that game, and watch it play out via public education.

The next question is, with this open system found, that of Linux, how can one create opportunity to further bring competition to market? Are there any arenas out there that feel the same and would team up to take on social engineers to take on those that would erode society for their ill gotten gains based on proprietary software? If so, let me know. I want to get back on the roles of healthcare to deal with a medical condition. Obamacare isn't going to help. Obamacare and the globalists have created the problems and forced it. Now we must circle back and put an end to it, and bring competition, solutions, services, and freedom to market.
At least that's why I did it.

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Apple is WORSE! Talk about proprietary. I boycott Apple...

...and always have because of their non-freedom policies.

Although I did try to download I-Tunes once but it was taking over my entire music files and converting them to thier crap format.

So I stopped the download and have never been back.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


The X Bone sucks.

This thread makes zero libertarian sense

Upfront disclaimer before I piss off all the unix fanboys:
Unix, Linux, Qnx, Android and all the other related ones have their purpose. Probably very few of you even know that Qnx (a unix/linux variant) runs most of your microwaves and other appliances in a 20K footprint, never needing rebooting. Just like this, the others can do some amazing things. They can be tweaked to constantly keep up with the latest hardware, software, net and social requirements.

That said, that's what they're designed for. That's all. None of them (with a partial exception of Android) can be installed one time and satisfy all the needs of all the users. PERIOD. Sure, it may be nice to get 5% better performance on one thing but to jump that up to the 100-300% increases, you MUST be a guru that understands all the interconnected nuances between flavors, versions, drivers, schemas, hardware and often even social movements. I utilize my computer much more than anyone I know and Windows handles everything flawlessly. There is no alternative that can do that.

In security, they have the tools but people rarely use them correctly. Since they hold the most market share, they are the largest target for virii and malware but make no mistake, all OSs have vulnerabilities and NSA backdoors. They just don't make headlines. I follow the trends and have had no infections while using it to its fullest.

Microsoft went the other way. They make a group of products with all of this built in and minimized as much as it possibly can be. They always have. Did any of you know that they had drivers included for all the devices past and present, ready to install with near foolproof steps. They even had drivers for those giant laser disks of the early 80's and probably still do. They took plug-n-play autoinstall to levels that no one but Apple has rivaled to date. They created API interface systems to let developers standardize everything from user experience to printer handling to network access to device access and did so without confusing the less computer literate. They standardized the registry system which, while may call it bloat, allowed programs to install and set themselves up with absolutely no foreknowledge of the system. And lastly, they maintained the most backward compatibility of any of the alternatives.

In every single area of computing, they dominated by offering the most with the least confusion. Were it not for them, we'd all be still looking up install configuration options, IRQ settings and available memory addresses in some paper bible to make sure everything we wanted was compatible.

Also, they brought user friendliness and standards to the suite of most used products. Some people don't like their spreadsheets or word processors, but those people are always biased toward a former habit. Word Perfect absolutely sucks when you want to get deep into it. You must learn coding to do anything advanced while Word maintains its ease of use. And strength is not compromised in this. Word has no significant limitations while WP and the others are dead in the water when you want to advance.

This is especially true with Excel spreadsheets. This program is the single most powerful one ever conceived and it's complete right out of the box. I've interfaced it to mainframes and automation equipment, then added a mail system and intercom and text alert system and had it send official EPA reports on a schedule with no interference for years. I've built a system on it which verifies authority, secretly emails a time-sheet across the globe (tiny one for slow bandwidth), receives it at the supervisor, imports the data and validates it, allows the supervisor to sign it, the emails it off to the IBM mainframe to print the checks. Built into this was legal auditing, executive budgeting and departmental planning, also automated. Just try that with any other software, custom or off the shelf. You will spend a million dollars with multiple companies and be forced to compromise many features.

Things like this are often missed by these Mac vs. PC vs. Linux debates. If you want to rail against proprietary controls, Apple should be your target! If you want software or hardware that works flawlessly with everything out of the box, there's no competition. If you want a home automation system that controls your video and hosts games and offers integrated surfing and you want lifetime support, there's no competition. And if you want a product that every genre of person can use, there's no competition.

So, I think many here miss these features of the giant of the industry. Not only that, but unless you've supported a thousand users or an elderly person who just bought a new printer for their 7 year old PC and doesn't know what they're running but wants you to help them over the phone, you have no right to criticize a company for offering simplicity in that.

And the whole globalism, eugenics argument against Bill Gates is overdone as well. With a limited knowledge of vaccine ills, he has promoted their use for the betterment of the impoverished, not their demise. To see this, one must look at the world from his perspective. His organization, BMG, has done lots of good in the fight against malaria and some other major diseases that the civilized world eradicated decades ago. He has placed hundreds of thousands of computers in classrooms where they didn't have one before. And as far as his comments on reducing the population, he recognizes that educating people is the fastest way for their population explosions to end. Arguments that he wants to kill off people are unfounded and asinine.

Globalization, to him - a liberal, democrat pseudo socialist - is still seen as a good thing. Instead of knocking him for using this mindset to help people, how about we try educating him on how a free market (a fully international free market) will end poverty by bringing liberty to all?

Just wanted to give a perspective that most will never hear on a corporate bashing site. Microsoft may have some anti trust issues here and there (they all do) but they really do offer something that the people want and they do it reliably and seamlessly.

Is this opposite day?

My experience was precisely the opposite of yours:

Mac - paid for, semi-open system, "just works" right out of the box with anything I throw at it.

Linux - free, completely open, "mostly works" but where it didn't was either my own fault from tinkering, or at least I could fix it.

Windows - paid for, closed system, damn thing never worked, or if it did, was more painful than watching paint dry. (the paint was usually faster) Less than 10% of hardware I through at it "worked" out of the box, unless you include downloading drivers, buying diffrerent models, and restarting and reinstalling stuff, including the entire OS several times as "out of the box."

The interoperability you speak of is NOT from Microsoft. Not by a long shot. Hell, most of it still isn't interoperable with itself, though I guess mileage varies considering you allegedly love it. Windows doesn't play nice with anything but Windows, and even that is a crap shoot or the moon has to be just right.

As for Excel - M$ didn't create that either, Apple did and to this day, it is still far superior to Word. Word isn't likely even necessary for probably 98.763% of the public. In most cases, Notepad or Leafpad or even a damned pen and paper would suffice over Word. Using M$ Office in many cases is like trying to clear space to plant a flower with a nuke. (along with all it's attendant regs, tech hands, control systems, etc.)

And if interoperability is your measuring stick, you can forget Office - unless of course everyone else you deal with owns it as well. Then at least you have a fighting chance.

I digress...

It must be opposite day

I didn't say windows was the best at anything but more the best overall for the masses. And yes, that's an opinion. Personally, I would love to have Linux get their shit together, collect all the relevant tools in one install, include all the drivers and converters (even if using an on-call download), and consolidate all the flavors, builds and types. That would be my favorite and then I would suggest it for almost everyone. Still can't do advanced CAD or any CAM but those are usually too specialized for average Joe.

I disagree on Word. Sure it is bloated but it converts docs from anywhere to anywhere. I am often forced to use it for many international exchanges because there are parts of the world that literally have never heard of OpenOffice, et. al. And I'm kinda removed from the others but memory has it that even fairly recently the others had printer incompatibilities - WP?? (I HATE PRINTERS) Word even handles some graphics jobs (conversions, etc.) better because of the excellent cropping tools (for a word processor). But I do agree it's way overdone. Perhaps that opinion comes from my never delving into its code background.

I actually mastered Excel on the Mac long before the windows version came out-1989?. Went nuts when I was able to dump Lotus! My last 3 jobs have had me write extensive VBA code behind spreadsheets and they have performed awesome. I have animated graphics, live comment info, realtime updating charts, stand alone apps with a locked down interface - cool stuff. The conversion to/from mainframes, automation systems (in real time), online data sets, scripts and email clients is all flawless, once you figure out the idiosyncrasies. My current one has 10,000 lines of code and manages live data to archived flat files (to be compatible with Wonderware and a web server) and runs 24/365. The EPA auditors have even certified it for replacing 3 paper copies of emissions records. The cool thing is that I even used excel macros to help write most of the repetitive code. 'One right-click generated 6 lines of code with unique attributes, over and over.' :)

The point is that no one else can cover all those needs with a single product line. Sure, you can mix and match to get close if you know lots about the offerings but I doubt the others will ever get 500 users to self upgrade their non-MS stuff as easy as pushing a registry setting out on the network. I've done email clients, active directory, MS Office and even 2000-XP this way with maybe 5% needing any tech. (Dang, that stuff seems like a lifetime ago!)

What do you get paid by the

What do you get paid by the social media department or do you realize the threat of open source versus the proprietary threat to our society when it funds great social disparites, funds eugenics, funds left wing globalist causes, and siphons off huge amounts of resources needlessly versus a free and open source product?

Be Your Own Media!!!

Perhaps you could be more clear, distinct

and pointed in your multiple questions. Or are they accusations? I can't make heads out of how to respond.


Your post made sense. There definitely is value in the services provided by some of the mainstream companies. I tried using Ubuntu, but I switched back because I have no idea what I'm doing.

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

go pay for it, if you allow

go pay for it, if you allow them to put you under lock and key, changing things incrementally, making you pay to play, making you update, pay for their built in vulnerabilities, only to have someone get paid (revenue stream) to fix it because your brain was trained this way. It's a great group think methodology, and it's captive if you allow it.

Hitting the buttons and learning a new system.

I didn't fall for the cost of the service or the extortion you get from being locked into a closed system. That is the lesson. Everything we are doing wrong in America is because of closed systems.
Open systems or open source is just one way to combat a flawed and manipulated system. It busts up group think methodology, and the politics that it brings. The solution is competition. It really comes down to how people cut their teeth and the race to get the software on the OE. I am not a paid social media person. My job isn't dependent on a closed system. I say convert your family and friends to Linux. Teach the globalists a lesson.

Be Your Own Media!!!

You assume an aweful lot

You are making the flawed assumption that all it takes is to hit some buttons and learn something and all ones computer problems will go away. You could not be farther from the truth.

As someone who has been in charge of numerous types of systems from mainframes to mini's to Sun to Mac to MS PCs to multiple flavors of Unix PCs, I can tell you that there's definitely not a free one size fits all solution. You're either going to pay or you're going to compromise. Be it keeping up with the latest changes just to do something easy like adding hardware or researching workarounds for software incompatibilities, many people will out work the extra cost they paid for a system that's relatively simplified.

For you to come on this site and tell others that one company that does things you don't like is anti-free market is hypocritical. It's precisely those choices that make the free market.

And, me thinks you don't even understand the concept of a closed system. Apple is an example while MS is not. As just one tiny example, I can convert any type of MS Office document to any of their competitor's formats. I cannot say that for any other setup.

If you think MS software is flawed, please do show us another alternative with anywhere near the market share and which has less bugs, patched or not.

Lastly and just for fun, I'm currently exchanging some power point and excel docs with 2 individuals in 3rd world countries (Hong Kong and Bulgaria) and it's been a flawless exchange with everyone handling their own translations locally. The only time we get frustrated is when we Skype with voice! lol

It's not a business model

It's not a business model ripe with anti freedom written on it. Not at all. It's the strings that bind society, one of which I cut. That's the difference. Don't take too much offense. I wrote something of what I did. It was a lesson for me. Don't get so touchy.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Don't worry, I'd say the same

Don't worry, I'd say the same thing about a captured OE car part that hasn. 't hit the aftermarket. You know you are going to get bent over. That's the subject at hand. Not only that, I said follow the profit stream with the consequences to society, given the huge draining affect a lop side causes. This is why I think competition is key. Aftermarket be damned, it's how you start off. It's how you learn.
The profits are also funding the political process. Not only that, but a global agenda. This is where I think competing systems come into play. Open vs Closed. Pick your poison.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Arch Linux for me

Stared a long time ago with Slackware and have tried most of the distros now. Arch is my fave but that is what I love about linux. If you don't like a distro you can change it or just use another one :D

info for a technospaz

What is the best web site/book/place for a a not tech-savy person to learn how to use Linux?


Tech books are OK for Apple and Cisco but Linux?

Tech books are OK for Apple and Cisco but Linux? Not so much. Way more geek then what is needed.

All you need is a distro DVD. See:
Linux Mint 13 Mate http://www.linuxmint.com/release.php?id=18
Elementary Linux http://elementaryos.org
Kubuntu Linux 12.04LTS http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu

The reboot the machine with the DVD and load a LIVE Linux desktop that you can change or add to without installing a single thing to your existing hard drive. When you are done playing just remove the DVD and reboot the machine.

With a LIVE disro running. You can install applications from the software center or install Linux to your hard drive or to a removable USB drive that can be used instead of the DVD.

Or you could simply run the Linux DVD in a virtual machine.

Thank you MyWindow

You've given me a start



Adolf Hitler the greatest story never told on YouTube and see what JFK had to say about Adolf Hitler... Remember; the winners of wars write the history books

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!


Teach us your ways!

I'm a Mac user

Part of the profession of graphic design. Windows makes me crazy. Never really gave Linux a good look until this post and the informative comments below and now my curiosity is peaked.

I love this site!

How does a browser like FireFox perform on Linux vs. Mac or PC?

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Firefox works fine and

Firefox works fine and Chromium works even better. On a Linux machine there is no shortages of browsers to choose from. You can even have IE if you insist.

Firefox is on Linux...

It's called IceWeasel, though.

Some distro's like Ubuntu and other derivatives call it

Firefox still.

It's a branding/royalty issue from what I recall.

It might also be an issue that some distributions alter the code with customizations. (instead of add-ons) Thus the Mozilla Foundation won't let them legally call it "Firefox" since only their original code can be called that.

Firefox is still Firefox on

Firefox is still Firefox on Linux. Debian originally changed the name to IceWeasel and the to GNU/IceCat so it could be placed into the Debian Repositories.

You'll very soon have the option of a Linux powered SteamBox if

you don't want an XBox or PS anymore.

You could help the cause

By starting a company that switches people over from Windows/OSX to linux. If there is a demand for that(and the tides of liberty are rising) I'm sure there are people out there who would gladly pay for help moving away from the world of windows. Even if there are other ways to find that out online, all things not equal people still buy from people they like

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds"

Your idea has so many merits

Your idea has so many merits on so many fronts. Could combat Agenda 21, consult in home brew because every commercial business needs ale, and with open source we could create new opportunities and take the jobs back. With the right investment, the company could be a major home brewer consultant and open source converter, a pain in the ass on several fronts. I'd accept silver, bitcoins, and paypal. But this business model has merit, namely it could take me off grid. I could start cutting out the overtaxation, plus I could consult in home brewing worldwide.

Be Your Own Media!!!

I have had a desktop PC since 1985.

I had been fighting for decades feature creep in Windows and QuickBooks and all the unwanted PC vedor crap, three hour daily virus scans, three hour updates and all night backups. Five months ago, I finally did what I have always threatened to do, build a PC from components. core i7, full tower, 5 fans, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD.

I loaded Ubuntu, thinking that I will eventually need to buy Windows. I use my PC for spreadsheets, word processing, double entry bookkeeping (getting away from Intuit is great), Bloomberg TV, stock trading, YouTube, Hulu and so far have not bought Windows.

The only thing I have not been able to run is NetFlix which requires MS Silverlight and there is no Linux version available, so I have an old laptop with Windows 7 and a big screen connected exclusively for that purpose.

Sounds like a conundrum.

You have been using a desktop PC for since 1985 and still have not learned how to use a search engine. There are three active solutions to the Silverlight problem. Pipelight is by far the best until Netflix switches to HTML5.

Thanks for the laugh. Since search engines are not your thing but Videos are here are some interesting links.

Hulu Desktop

Minitube (Youtube TV)

Plex Media Server

Bloomberg TV on Linux

my first Desktop was PlatoV

The next one was a QX-10 that ran CP/M.

You may remember that Microsoft bought an inferior version of CP/M
from Digital Research that became MS-DOS.

I started using MS-DOS on a add-on card for my QX-10. My next PC, a 386-20, ran windows because I had some software for it.

Quattro was the superior spreadsheet but Jim Manzi killed it with a famous lawsuit but Lotus was devoured by IBM and is no more. Excel, a really weak spreadsheet as compared with the power of Quattro, has become synonymous with "spreadsheet".

Word Perfect was the superior word processor. It's still around but
doesnt have much market share.

The open source software seems to be superior to the commercial options in many ways. Commercial doesnt equal bad.

Obviously the days of Microsoft are numbered it seems, barring a complete rework of their philosophy.

It's Linux and LibreOffice for me for the near future.

Netflix uses Microsoft's

Netflix uses Microsoft's Silverlight for now.

Check this article:


This is the solution for now. It's running Wine + Microsoft's Silverlight + Windows Firefox. But it's made to look like its own app.

Netflix has recently added HTML5 to its options page, so they are working on a solution. Unfortunately the solution requires DRM be added to the open HTML standard, but it is a subscription service after all.