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Why I dropped Microsoft products like a bad habit and won't be going back - A Lesson in Freedom

Well I did it. I finally pulled the plug on Microsoft and erased clean their proprietary nature that represents not freedom, but the very proprietary nature of a closed system.

Sure, it has created a boom, complete with anti trust behavior and accounting gimmicks. Yah, it created a few millionaires that used to be the envy as they drove around in the Vipers by 35. Yah it fueled the real estate market, I mean everybody should own 5 houses and drive up the costs of real estate for everybody, including senior citizens and their 5 acre horse properties that saw 17 percent increases in property tax once upon a time, forcing many from their properties, being on the fixed income.

Yah, it created jobs, to the extent that the unskilled peoples of this country, coming from public education, could not obtain work there.

Yah it is true that you could get on with a temp agency, without healthcare....but these are just a few pieces of anectodal evidence of the mirage.

If Microsoft is the Oasis, what is Globalism?

I made the bold move to rid myself of their proprietary nature that did not represent freedom, but rather built in manipulation, vulnerabilities, ongoing problems, and no resolution, but total control. I saw enough. I broke the mold. No more updates. See ya. No need for their products.

Solution? Linux.

Open Source for me was a solution. It allowed me to realize alternatives, one that does not fund globalism, the modern day eugenics movement, or elitism.

The end result of the profits stuck out like a sore thumb, all that profit that is being pilfered from society is being hoarded into elitist ties, under the guise of philanthropy and humanisitic causes.

Well I can see through that, from those that wish to play god as they continue down their dangerous path of Globalism and social engineering.

I could no longer support it. I took that step and so should many others if they even care.

I can no longer pay to play for their fake caste system, where they get involved in things that they should not, be it Common Core or vaccination programs in Africa. Sounds good, but against the will of parents?

So enough was enough. I pulled the plug. No more left wing cowardice hiding behind Progressive Agendas that are really as evil as Hitler Germany. The fake caste system, the importation of foreign workers to the detriment of US citizens and taxpayers, and the usuary of the public education system to tell the dummies that they lack in skills and fail in math and science to me, is really just a lie or another way of saying that they don't want critical thinkers, that they want compliant worker drones, or they will import others to finalize their Global Agenda and create a fake monetary stream based around not consistency and quality of a product, but rather a built in system that further creates social disparities, that of the have and have nots.

So to combat that, I made a move for freedom. I dropped Windows like a bad habit.

There is another world out there. There is real competition. There is capitalism. There is freedom of choice. There is privacy where others work with the NSA.

Learning both systems, cutting my teeth on Windows, and then rolling over to Linux took some getting used to, but I had to stay with it.

One by one, I want others to get up and take a look at the politics that hide behind this company and their products. Yah XBox is cool. Doesn't mean that I will buy that product again. Halo is a badass game, too bad it probably contributes to many greater problems in society, but I won't hold Microbaby to that one here, although there is probably some truth to it.

So on the personal computer market, I say roll it over now. On the hand helds, roll it over now. Make that move to Linux. Consider the phones that Linux sells if your into that. But bring competition, innovation, and freedom to market.....versus proprietary market where they think they can reap insane profits and devour economies because people don't know any better.

A person should be able to be whatever they want to be when they grow up. But these companies and their HR departments control the market and force feed the market and the credentialism and then say Americans lack the skills they require. Well at that point, it is time to cut them off for good.

I'm not sure where to go with my newly found skills. I mean it would be nice to help others roll over, one PC at a time, perhaps find a company that would welcome this, as I want to help others with taking back their freedom. Others are out to subvert freedom with their Global Agenda and they act childish in this endeavor to the extent that they are arrogant about it and act like they own the football, and if you don't like it, they will leave the game and take the football with them. So be it.

That is if you want to play that game, and watch it play out via public education.

The next question is, with this open system found, that of Linux, how can one create opportunity to further bring competition to market? Are there any arenas out there that feel the same and would team up to take on social engineers to take on those that would erode society for their ill gotten gains based on proprietary software? If so, let me know. I want to get back on the roles of healthcare to deal with a medical condition. Obamacare isn't going to help. Obamacare and the globalists have created the problems and forced it. Now we must circle back and put an end to it, and bring competition, solutions, services, and freedom to market.
At least that's why I did it.

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Pipelite to the rescue.

Until Netflix switches to HTML5 there is another option called Pipelite.

This solution runs Silverlite in WINE and allows the Linux web browser to watch Silverlight Videos after overriding the User Agent.

This is preferable to the old solution of running Silverlight and Firefox in WINE or Using a Windows Virtual Machine.

You can also download a

You can also download a stripped down version of windows and run it in VMWare for netflix.

Bill gates the master of Genocide via shot injection

Linux, Ubuntu. BYE TV, BYE Windows u were perverted by evil people, good ridance.

The troubling trend is the CLOUD. They rename MAIN FRAME that was rejected into the loveable cloud.

If U want to loose windows just check out linux, Ubuntu is one of the easiest OS to install and use,,,, FREE.



This is such an important step and one that demonstrates if one really believes what is professed on the DP and elsewhere about the world we live in.

It is so easy to SAY one believes in the principles of liberty but it requires a deliberate act of the will to DO something about it…whatever that may be…in order to align one's life with them.

Ron Paul is a good example of this.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

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Skip Ubuntu and go directly to Crunch-Bang Linux

Crunch-Bang will give you an uncluttered workspace that will make you more proficient and productive (it's based on Debian, as is Ubuntu, so you can use the same programs, if you choose).

Crunch-Bang also has a better (more clear and helpful) community of support that isn't over populated by people who don't know what they are talking about (a plethora of 1st timers confusing each other). So you can get better answers to your questions and learning.

That's been my experience.

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Oh Yeah. ..and it Boots in about 10 Seconds!!

Upon logging-in, it takes another 8 seconds (much faster than windows on the same machine, or even Ubuntu for that matter).

..and this is with my little whimpy computer.

My faster/modern machine runs like.. ahhh.

You'll be back

I've seen so many people go down this route before where they decide they are going to take a principled stand against the tyranny (everyone seems to have a different complaint) of for-profit operating systems companies by installing open source distribution X on their primary PC. Most of these people come crawling back with their tail between their legs in a few months or years. The problem is that Linux is such a freaking headache to maintain and actually use day to day. Wait until you need to find a driver for a new unsupported peripheral, or compile an open source tool whose makefile isn't quite setup for your particular distribution. It is hard to appreciate all the things that just work on Windows or OS X until you lose them. Also, speaking of tyranny, you should investigate the activities of companies (i.e. Google, etc.) who make significant contributions to various Linux distributions. You will find that they are every bit as evil, if not more so, than Microsoft.

All that said, if you are dead set on installing an open source operating system, you should have gone with FreeBSD. It is way better than Linux :).

I've been using it for 5 years now, have converted 8 other users

and a total of about 20 machines to Linux over that time frame.

Not only are there no maintenance issues AT ALL, not a one of those 8 people have any intention of switching back.

But yes, be mindful of Google and it's grubby hands in Linux.

FreeBSD is not "right out of the box" usable. In fact, After 4 tries, I gave up installing. I'll stick with Debian based Linux, thanks. (nothing against RPM based either, I just started with Debian and stuck with it)

I have my entire family on

linux. My 5 year old nephew and my 85 year old Grandmother both use Ubuntu LTS everyday without any issues, so I have no idea where you are coming from there.
Many countries are switching their PC's from Windows to Linux for stability and money savings (Iceland, Russia, China). Even the ISS switched over because Windows sucks and blue screens are a little worse in space.

I'm kind of weary of you implicating linux distros because of donations. Some claimed Dr. Paul was a nazi because a nazi once donated money to him. It is a dangerous and logically unsound line of thought.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

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Keep Windows on the Side and use Only When Necessary

There's always some old Windows program you probably would like to use on occasion, and it's handy to use it where and how you used to.

Otherwise, you may find that you really don't need MS-Windows.

Linux distributions become more and more useful to the common user everyday, and now is better than ever to make the switch.

I'm thinking about doing the same, Woodman

Great post. You inspired me.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Anonymous

Good idea


"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Anonymous

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You Can Install Both and Step Between Them Until You Commit

So, you don't have to make the full change and can wade your way into the Linux world.

Separate partitions, dual boot?

Data on a third partition? Which file system is the best go between.

Free includes debt-free!


"Data on a third partition? Which file system is the best go between."

NTFS is the easiest choice.
FAT will also work

If you are using Linux mostly then file permissions will be important if security is on your mind. I this case ext2 should be considered or with limited capability ext3 or ext4 can also be accessed. This will require special software and buggy drivers to access from Windows though.

I will warn against accessing the Windows Partition from Linux since this can cause Windows to throw a conniption fit.

Before making any big changes to your machine make sure to back everything up? Clonezilla and a Removable USB Drive can make this very simple.

I'd recommend ext4 and single boot.

Put a stripped down XP or Win7 if you have a copy in VirtualBox.

For everything you really don't need a "true" Windows for, there's Wine.

Good for you!!

I've been using linux for over a decade now.

To anyone who is new to linux, you probably want to start with a debian clone like ubuntu, linux Mint etc... before trying something like Arch, gentoo, or slackware.

Steam Box is going to start moving gaming away from windows. Which will be another nail in the coffin.

Considering Ubuntu

actually works. I have installed and reinstalled Linux on my system multiple times. At some point the OS is no longer compatible with my hardware and i have to resort back to Windows.

But Im not worried about surveillance. posting here on the DP is good enough to ALREADY make the NSA's List of potential political threats.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


I can recommend perhaps a more compatible flavor.

There's also tons of help available online. No need to go back to M$.

It all depends on what you want...

If you use the computer for the internet, word processing, and other "normal" personal computing tasks. Linux Ubuntu should work out fine.

If you use lots of analytic software, Matlab, Ansys, Catia etc... Windows is probably best.

If your a gamer, you probably want to stick with Windows because the games are made for Windows.

If your a programmer, you probably need to use both.

Its all about what you use your computer for.

Steam is now available for Linux, so games are here, and more on

the way.

There are plenty of advanced scientific apps for Linux. Mileage may vary based on your exact needs.

The only reason really to NOT use Linux exclusively would be a particular app you are tied to with no comparable option, or the switch would be too much for that app. (usually business apps fall here)

Those are becoming fewer and fewer as time goes on.

What's it really like?

I should go find my Linux friend and ask him how many times he re-installs his operating system. I think he does it weekly - just to get blah, blah, blah working, i.e. email. Boy that sure sounds like fun.

Then he isn't doing it right.

I've only re-installed by choice because I personally like a fresh install when I upgrade the entire OS every two years or so. (though it isn't necessary)

On the other hand, if I didn't re-install Windows every 6 months fresh, the entire system became slow, and unusable after a year.

About 99.99999% of all Linux "fixes" don't even require a log-out much less a restart, not to even speak of a fresh install.

Any claim to the contrary is simply without merit or foundation.

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Some Tech Guys Push The Limits And Deal With The Consequences

That's how they become Gurus.

My Linux machine has been 'up' for over 20 days.
The only reason it was 'down' at all was because I needed to reroute my power cord.

Windows? Seems to only get slower and less reliable with every program that gets installed.

That's been my experience.

..and you can run a full-blown MS-Windows in a virtual machine from within Linux; using common/modern machines/processors.

Why the slander?

Here is all that needs to be said about Linux reliability.

This list shows the uptime of leading hosting providers. You will see the list mostly contains Linux and it's derivatives.

My daily Linux Desktop Machine is over 5years old without a new install and the only time it gets reboot or shutdown is to add or remove hardware or to clean out dust bunnies.

Your friend may enjoy playing around with bleeding edge software or distros. Or maybe he has not decided which of the 1000's of distributions he wants to stick with. If you want a stable machine then there are no shortages of mature Linux Operating Systems to choose from.

He probably DOES think it is fun

A lot of people use Linux because they enjoy tinkering, but you don't have to tinker.

I've used Linux for more than 10 years, and it has improved remarkable over that time. It does almost everything as well or better than Windows.

At work, I use the stable version of Debian. They come out with a new Debian version every 2 or 3 years. Once it is installed, you don't have to reinstall it for years, and you will never get a virus and virtually never have a crash as long as you stick with the stock Debian applications.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

been thinking about this for years.

I have been wanting to do this for years.
I'm going to start with linux on an open pandora hand held.
TY 4 a boot to the butt.
Wish me luck and gratz! :D

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

KDE vs. GNOME vs. Unity

What desktop envirnement do you use? I use KDE.

XFCE Ubuntu

I use XFCE Ubuntu or Xubuntu because I like the classic menu-driven desktop environment that lacks the Amazon search stuff found in Unity and is also lighter weight in terms of RAM usage.

I was a big fan of Gnome 2, but switched to XFCE when Gnome 3 came out.

I also prefer how Ubuntu renders fonts in comparison to Fedora or Debian. I have interest in Arch Linux, but have stuck with Xubuntu for now because of it's ease of installation.

I didn't like Unity at first, but I prefer it now.

It still has a LONG way to go before it's ready for prime time. However, I've converted 4 noobies to it with zero issues. They like it better than menu driven systems.

I still really like Xubuntu/XFCE though. (Debian XFCE is even snappier though it takes more work to make it pretty)

LXDE options are great for older hardware, but it isn't quite as painless out of the box as XFCE.

edit: you can turn the Amazon stuff off in Ubuntu.