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Why I dropped Microsoft products like a bad habit and won't be going back - A Lesson in Freedom

Well I did it. I finally pulled the plug on Microsoft and erased clean their proprietary nature that represents not freedom, but the very proprietary nature of a closed system.

Sure, it has created a boom, complete with anti trust behavior and accounting gimmicks. Yah, it created a few millionaires that used to be the envy as they drove around in the Vipers by 35. Yah it fueled the real estate market, I mean everybody should own 5 houses and drive up the costs of real estate for everybody, including senior citizens and their 5 acre horse properties that saw 17 percent increases in property tax once upon a time, forcing many from their properties, being on the fixed income.

Yah, it created jobs, to the extent that the unskilled peoples of this country, coming from public education, could not obtain work there.

Yah it is true that you could get on with a temp agency, without healthcare....but these are just a few pieces of anectodal evidence of the mirage.

If Microsoft is the Oasis, what is Globalism?

I made the bold move to rid myself of their proprietary nature that did not represent freedom, but rather built in manipulation, vulnerabilities, ongoing problems, and no resolution, but total control. I saw enough. I broke the mold. No more updates. See ya. No need for their products.

Solution? Linux.

Open Source for me was a solution. It allowed me to realize alternatives, one that does not fund globalism, the modern day eugenics movement, or elitism.

The end result of the profits stuck out like a sore thumb, all that profit that is being pilfered from society is being hoarded into elitist ties, under the guise of philanthropy and humanisitic causes.

Well I can see through that, from those that wish to play god as they continue down their dangerous path of Globalism and social engineering.

I could no longer support it. I took that step and so should many others if they even care.

I can no longer pay to play for their fake caste system, where they get involved in things that they should not, be it Common Core or vaccination programs in Africa. Sounds good, but against the will of parents?

So enough was enough. I pulled the plug. No more left wing cowardice hiding behind Progressive Agendas that are really as evil as Hitler Germany. The fake caste system, the importation of foreign workers to the detriment of US citizens and taxpayers, and the usuary of the public education system to tell the dummies that they lack in skills and fail in math and science to me, is really just a lie or another way of saying that they don't want critical thinkers, that they want compliant worker drones, or they will import others to finalize their Global Agenda and create a fake monetary stream based around not consistency and quality of a product, but rather a built in system that further creates social disparities, that of the have and have nots.

So to combat that, I made a move for freedom. I dropped Windows like a bad habit.

There is another world out there. There is real competition. There is capitalism. There is freedom of choice. There is privacy where others work with the NSA.

Learning both systems, cutting my teeth on Windows, and then rolling over to Linux took some getting used to, but I had to stay with it.

One by one, I want others to get up and take a look at the politics that hide behind this company and their products. Yah XBox is cool. Doesn't mean that I will buy that product again. Halo is a badass game, too bad it probably contributes to many greater problems in society, but I won't hold Microbaby to that one here, although there is probably some truth to it.

So on the personal computer market, I say roll it over now. On the hand helds, roll it over now. Make that move to Linux. Consider the phones that Linux sells if your into that. But bring competition, innovation, and freedom to market.....versus proprietary market where they think they can reap insane profits and devour economies because people don't know any better.

A person should be able to be whatever they want to be when they grow up. But these companies and their HR departments control the market and force feed the market and the credentialism and then say Americans lack the skills they require. Well at that point, it is time to cut them off for good.

I'm not sure where to go with my newly found skills. I mean it would be nice to help others roll over, one PC at a time, perhaps find a company that would welcome this, as I want to help others with taking back their freedom. Others are out to subvert freedom with their Global Agenda and they act childish in this endeavor to the extent that they are arrogant about it and act like they own the football, and if you don't like it, they will leave the game and take the football with them. So be it.

That is if you want to play that game, and watch it play out via public education.

The next question is, with this open system found, that of Linux, how can one create opportunity to further bring competition to market? Are there any arenas out there that feel the same and would team up to take on social engineers to take on those that would erode society for their ill gotten gains based on proprietary software? If so, let me know. I want to get back on the roles of healthcare to deal with a medical condition. Obamacare isn't going to help. Obamacare and the globalists have created the problems and forced it. Now we must circle back and put an end to it, and bring competition, solutions, services, and freedom to market.
At least that's why I did it.

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Hmm, don't think so

Not really a big concern. GPL still covers you for that. As I understand the GPL, the code must be made available. By definition, open source makes raw code available. Even if you yourself can't go through the code, the fact that it must be available forces them to be honest about it, because there are people who DO go through that code.

which is why you should compile it yourself

If you don't compile it yourself, you can't be certain that the image you're using is compiled from the code you're reading

You don't have to compile it

You don't have to compile it yourself if it's something available to public, it is enough that others can. If there was a discrepancy between the source code provided and the pre-compiled code being offered for download it could be quickly discovered. As long as you do your research on what you're downloading, you're fine.


Finding the discrepancies isn't a sure thing. Think of how they made Stuxnet. It was in the systems and in the wild for years and it wasn't detected because it only 'turned on' randomly for short time periods under certain conditions. My point is, if you want to be as close to sure as possible, compile it yourself.

And how exactly is compiling

And how exactly is compiling it yourself going to stop that from happening? It's not.

i didnt say it would

I didn't say it would stop that from happening. I'm saying it would be much easier for the community to catch it in code then to disassemble it and find it that way. I said it's safer, not full proof.

Hmm, I fail to see the

Hmm, I fail to see the difference. Either way, you are relying on others to comb through the code and notice any irregularities. It doesn't matter one lick who compiles it. Integrity of an entire software application isn't someone anyone can ever hope to confirm by themselves.

Watch these vids


That may help. Basically, reverse engineering a flaw is a lot harder than finding a flaw in straight, uncompiled C.

Wtf? You link me to hours and

Wtf? You link me to hours and hours of Assembly basics vids as your proof?

Of course reverse engineering is harder than looking at raw code. That really doesn't have anything to do with it. If the source code is available, no reverse engineering is necessary. You really don't seem to get that... The source code is THERE for you and anyone to LOOK at, compile, do whatever. You yourself do not have to compile it for that to be true.

you dont want to understand

dude... are you high?

I know the code is available and you can compile it yourself. That's what I've been saying you should do. :::facepalm:::

I'm saying, don't use a pre-compiled image so that you know it's the same code as what was published.

I linked that to you because you were saying that you don't understand the difference between reverse engineering and code reading.

Wrong, it is you who fails to

Wrong, it is you who fails to understand that reverse engineering has nothing to do with it. You've no more guarantee that the source code you download and compile is problem-free than a compiled executable. Any given version could introduce new code or a publisher could decide to change what code is downloaded at any time. You have still yet to provide one SINGLE reason why compiling it yourself does ANYTHING to change this unchangeable fact.

Give me any scenario where a publisher abuses the fact that you downloaded an executable rather than compiling it yourself and I will tell you how to do the exact same thing with source code and no pre-compiling.

still missing the point

Good lord... this isn't about the fact that an attack can be done both ways. It's about the fact that reading the code is easier. That's all I'm saying. It's not complicated. If you think reading disassembled code is just as easy as reading C++, you're better than me and I'll give you that. I have a harder time remembering which memory address that variable is pointing to from 78 lines ago, but maybe that's just me.

Reading the code is

Reading the code is impossible. You simply cannot afford, even as the maintainer of a code base, to check every single compile. It's impossible. I don't think you've done much software development. Your argument only even comes into play if you're a superhuman who can review every single line of everything you compile (not to mention, understand it without digging in at all). Such a person doesn't exist, so again I say, it doesn't matter whether or not you compile it yourself.


you're still missing the f'in point. it's easier to hide behind pre-compiled images. that's all i'm saying! lol

That's not true. To prove it,

That's not true. To prove it, I repeat:

Give me any scenario where a publisher abuses the fact that you downloaded an executable rather than compiling it yourself and I will tell you how to do the exact same thing with source code and no pre-compiling.



Gilligan's picture

What you are saying is theoretically true ...

... but if you know any of the developers and/or attend the developer conferences, you would quickly realize that the vast majority of these guys are very libertarian. Linux seems to fit, hand-in-glove, with an anti-authoritarian attitude. There is no centralized Linux authority.

While I personally would not be able to detect any backdoors, I am totally confident that if anyone tried, it would be very quickly discovered by hundreds of the security-minded folks that eat, breathe, and live this stuff every day.

(BTW, if you are really, really worried about security, you can use the Gentoo distribution of Linux. That one is completely compiled from source.)

Google is government.

they're all completely compiled from source

The difference is, who compiles it?

At any rate, I wouldn't trust a spy to be honest at a linux con and say, "Hi My name's Michael Weston and I'm a spy."

Besides, being theoretically true is all I need to know that it's an attack vector to guard against.

bump. I needed this info.

muchos gracias.



"Health" care.

Woodman101, you sound like a victim of groupthink. There's a significant difference between health care and medical care. Health care doesn't have to cost a penny. Eat right, get enough rest and some exercise, and "listen" to your body. This can be a challenge, since your body doesn't speak English - it speaks feelings.

But all this "we" and "they" crap sounds like you're a confused conspiracy theorist.

If you think you need somebody's permission to Be Free, you don't understand the concept of Freedom.

But keep plugging away - we Libertarians welcome everybody who believes in freedom, even thought it's so seriously misunderstood.


Freedom is my Worship Word!

I gave you a thumbs up for

I gave you a thumbs up for being an asshole.

I'd give you a thumbs down for misinterpreting my overgeneralizations.

Be Your Own Media!!!


My first Linux was Slackware 3.3. I jumped on it as soon as somebody told me it was free. Now it's on 14.1, but it there's something about the eye candy that I'm used to. For some reason, the minesweeper clones just don't seem as crisp and sharp as Win-DOH!s has. MAME has made some advances, at least in their user interface, but why bother when I can just boot XP (which hasn't been as roundly condemned as the other M$ crap, and I didn't pay for it anyway) for games and pr0n, and I don't download anything, and I block all the malware with the winhelp2002 hosts file.

But I like having the C compiler, and perl, and bash, and apache on localhost, and various and sundry other utilitarian geekware.

So, I guess like anything else, it's a trade-off. At least for me. I suppose I could "make a statement," but really, who gives a flying rat's patootie what I have on my box? I seriously doubt if Bill and Melinda take a personal interest in what I'm doing to my personal confuser, and I'm using a borrowed copy of XP; the last time they got any of my money was when I plunked down $2C for Win 2000, which they quit publishing updates for around '05 or 06.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Gilligan's picture

Linus Torvalds, inventor of Linux, asked about whether

he has been approached by the U.S. Govt about putting a "back door" in Linux:


(Not that it could be done anyway, since Linux is open source and such a back door would be impossible to hide from the thousands of freedom-loving developers that work on it.)

Google is government.

Garan's picture

Don't forget GNU/Linux

You're probably aware, yet I'll say for other's benefit, Linux was built on top of GNU and can be considered a version of GNU.

..just giving Richard Stallman some well deserved kudos.


Started using Ubuntu on dual boot in 2013

I believe if your passionate about freedom, it should begin to impact ever area of your life. From the non-gmo food you purchase to what you allow your children to watch.

I may not be able to get my Adobe software to work on it but I'll be making the full switch to Ubuntu in January.


Been using OpenSuse too. Been using Photoshop in Virtual Machine.

I enjoy CS2 so I use Windows XP for that.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Didn't Bill Gates buy 500,000

Didn't Bill Gates buy 500,000 shares of Montsanto? Was it shares or $$ from ill gotten gains to turn it around on humanity?

Another good enough reason to drop their product like a bad habit.

I agree with Blaze7.....all aspects, this being just one.

Be Your Own Media!!!