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Is Obama and the Banker Establishment With Thier Puppets in Congress falling from Power?

What is most disturbing is a report from Former Maj. General Vallely talking about forced resignations in the government. Is he getting scuttlebutt from the General Staff officers in the Pentagon sending an ultimatum pushing for forced resignations of the President Obama, VP Biden Speaker Boehner, and Sen. Harry Reid as a last peaceful solution before there is a military coup? If the leadership in the White House and Congress ignores the Military’s call to step down peacefully for the good of the country to avoid a military coup removing them from office. They all could be arrested if they did not heed.

Journalist Benjamin Fulford in his reports on Nov 19, 2013, November 11, 2013 and Nov 6, 2013 has received from reliable sources inside the Pentagon that plans are in the works to remove Obama and arrest members of congress who are collaborators for the oligarchs and the bankers on Wall Street. Could the there be an ultimatum by the General Staff officers who are patriots to force these corrupt politicians in Congress and the White House to resign to avoid being arrested for treason as Retired Maj. General Vallely reported in World Net Daily?

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**raized eyebrow**

What A nice dream.

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

Benjamin Fulford has the same credibility as Sorcha Faal

No credibility at all!

I think he just makes stuff up so he can keep selling hopium.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Really now...

Can you point to me anything credible ever said by Benjamin Fulford or World Net Daily?