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I Met A Guy At The Bookstore Who Is Writing A Thesis

He was in the same isle that I was in so I asked him what type of books he was looking for. He stated that he was writing a college thesis on Economics.

We talked a bit about free market, which he seemed to understand, so I asked him if he knew the difference between the Keynesian and Austrian schools. He never heard of Austrian economics, Hayek or Mises. After we burned 30 or so minutes talking he asked the lady for a piece of paper and a pen :-)

Anyway, I just got off of the phone with a friend who is a member of our group and is also on committee, we thought that it would be a great idea to donate some of these types of books to our local public libraries. I thought that maybe a few of each title would be better, it would make it appear that they are "popular".

Who knows, maybe the teacher or professor reading those papers will also have an "Ah-ha!" moment.

My goal is to reach the hearts and minds of the American people. And to affect an entire generation, including those who go to the public library :-)

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reminds me

of the lady who won as a socialist in some county council on the west cost. She was a professor of economics

This one?


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How could someone at the

How could someone at the collegiate level writing a thesis on economics possibly not know about the Austrian School?

Wow. Just wow.

Well, as we all know,

Well, as we all know, mainstream economics only focuses on Keynsian economics and nothing else. There practically isnt another type discussed.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

And they don't call it 'Keynesian Economics', like there's a


They just call it 'economics 101'

(which is sorta funny - shouldn't one start with one instead of one oh one?)

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Because they are in college

Have you ever been to college? It is a brainwashing factory for the most part.

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They're like birdhouses, except for books...

The Little Free Library:

They are popping up everywhere around Green Bay.

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Good Idea

But it has become a non-profit corporation that now has to bend to the tax laws. Forget it. I'll open my own, I don't need the IRS to tell me what I can or cannot put in my "library". Just like the churches being 501c (3) corporations. Now they can't speak out against the tyrant in the WH.

Donating books, how very Franklin and Jefferson of you!

Our township library always has the latest garbage, but no Tom Woods, Lorenzo, Murphy, and so on.

Free includes debt-free!

Why, thank you, Paul_S.

For Liberty :-)

For those who don't know, libraries will take book donations. I've seen some really fantastic bargains online for slightly used books :-)

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