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TWA Flight 800 Documentary

Everybody needs to see this. This is another prime example of why you can never trust the government. The doc is on Netflix.


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Just finished watching this....thanks!

I had no idea of the behind-the-scenes story. Heartbreaking for the families who were never given straight answers.

Hats off to the courageous filmmaker and the honest investigators.

Worth a look.


Filmmaker asserts new evidence on crash of TWA Flight 800:

CNN video: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/06/19/us/twa-crash-claim/

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Just watched last night

I knew there were conflicts between eyewitnesses and the official investigation but had no idea the scope of the cover-up until watching this.

FBI agents broke into the hanger at night to tamper with evidence (the story of one getting caught beating a piece of fuselage with a hammer to flatten it).
The CIA propaganda video proclaiming that eyewitnesses did not see a missile. Also, no eyewitnesses were allowed to testify at the hearings.
The fact that a splatter pattern found on the center fuel tank was withheld from the investigators.

It is curious to think what really happened. Maybe it was a pre 9/11 trial run to see what TPTB could get away with?

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gets lost sometimes among all the other controversies...


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