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Am I Going Crazy?

I went to a dinner party last night that had wine and beer tasting with lots of free food. I had a good time but one thing started to bother me as the night went on. I was trying to have conversations with people but every one kept picking up their phones and flashing it around. I swear... at one point of the night I literally saw almost 70 percent of the room with phones in their hands, taking pictures, texting, scrolling, etc. I started to really get annoyed.

I tried to ignore it but this lady kept holding up her phone and her stupid camera was pointing right at me. Was she taking a video of me? I doubt it because she was talking to people just holding up her phone. But for some reason it really bothered me. I then started to say this.... "I wonder if a human could go a whole day with out picking up their cell phone and actually interacted with people face to face.... especially at a dinner party." It got silent and most of the people on the table gave me a dirty look. They didn't stop taking pictures and people were still flashing their crap around me. I had enough and left.

Am I Going Crazy? Because damn... those phones..... I hate them!

I even had a conversation with some one about the new Xbox. It seems like a really cool system with a ton of good features but the weird part was when this guy said the best feature was how they can talk to the Xbox and the camera will be able to scope the whole room. How is that the number one good feature? Why do you want a Video Game System that invades your privacy? I thought it was made so I can play a video game?

By the way, I am not some weirdo that lives in a Box that is shy from every thing. I perform for a living around hundreds of people.

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Like an artificial limb -

This immediate connection to both phone and internet has become an extension of the human being, like an artificial limb. People cannot live their lives comfortably or normally without it.

I am with you here. I stopped using Face Book one night while spending time with my friends for this very reason. Before internet service had become standard on everyone's mobile device, we took turns "checking our friend updates" on a desktop. That was when I realized - I am already sitting here with the people I want updates on.

There is a point where it goes too far, and I believe we crossed it a long time ago. I remember another friend of mine - a Navy retiree - once telling me about a phone implant that was being designed for the jaw. I laughed at that idea, that anyone would want their cellphone permanently implanted into their body, that no escape from connection on demand would be possible. Now, after having spent years observing the phenomenon you are describing, I do not think it is funny any longer. No, it would seem logical to Western minds who rely on an electric existence, an avatar or a tweet to give them substance and meaning. We as a society have already crossed the point of absolute necessity.

Animals are attracted to shiny objects


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Going a whole day without using a cell phone ?

Well I would say that you can, because I have never owned one !

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

I ony have

one in case of an emergency.

Fear-based exhibitionism and

Fear-based exhibitionism and groupthink is the new normal.

In other words, people in groups still make dumb decisions, even as individually people may be quite intelligent.

It's possible

...to go weeks without a phone but people are too uncomfortable with themselves these days.

I leave my cell at home all the time when I go out; there's either no plan or no adventure if you have a safety net.

It's the texting that drives me nuts... too many insincere and casual relationships among Gen Y.

You identified the difference.

Are we free and protected or not? At what point are we not protected by trolls?

Have faith in your first instinct. Its been proven to be correct %80 of the time. Those are great odds even if you are wrong.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Guess we

on the same page lol

Phones are out - real life is 'in'

In an apparent backlash against stereotypes portraying the youth of America as a bunch of '21-by-34-millimeter screen-obsessed hooligans,' the youth of America have produced a public-service announcement that describes why staring at your stupid cellphone screen all day like an idiot is, in fact, lame...


I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by pandas starving hysterical naked

-Allen Ginsberg

yeah dude, you're going crazy

dude, people socialize with phones/gadgets or not it's called a choice. I'm tired of people crying about stuff like this. Its like dang how needy can you be. Get with the times my dude it's all good. Also, xbox can watch me if I consent that is not the problem. The problem is when it's all centralized through government not decentralized like a company. Dude, what about the free food and booze and you make it awkward by calling everyone out. If I invited you and you pulled that kind of stunt you better believe you would not get invited again for being so irritable.

Of course

we are socializing through devices now a days. We are doing it right now. But I am at home and not ignoring people around me. People walk around with their heads down outside. That seems normal to you? I love technology but it is taking over our lives. When was the last time you went out side and looked up at the sky?

I might be crazy to you but maybe I am just different. I don't follow the normal trends every body else does. Does that makes me crazy?

And to the Xbox statement... If I was standing by your window all night looking through your blinds, you sure as hell would not like it.

You people are way too comfortable at being spied on. And it is really happening. This is not a conspiracy. They spy to market. Spying on us isn't always used for Government. They take what we talk about and use to market it.

And I'll be invited every time something like this happens because I help the community.


That really is what it's like. Soma for the masses. Addiction.

It Is A Sad Trend

The progression of technology... It was inevitable that these devices would become so prevalent. Now my grandma and grandpa "got free Iphones" with their contracts. And they can't get off the damned things.

I care not what people do on their time. But when you have company, or you visit company... It is annoying to not be able to leave your phone alone; or to ONLY BE ABLE TO DISCUSS YOUR NEW DEVINE AND THE NIFTY FEATURES!!!

Yeah, they have software, and it is on your pocket computer, got it, yep.

There will be A NEW GENERATION OF DUMB. The government could enact WWIII, and impose worse sanctions than the Nazis... Today's people would probably not even "look up from their phones" long enough to even notice Hitler's mustache.


I love tech, but I also love... ideas, philosophy, history, discussion, debating, EYE CONTACT, INTIMACY....

This one little device has changed the SOCIAL EXPECTATIONS OF 2 OR 3 GENERATIONS.

I was born in 1979, I am 34. I never "felt old." Until my 65 year old inlaws CAN'T GET OFF THEIR EFFING IPHONES AND FACEBOOKING, and that is all they can talk about.

When I was a kid, cell phones were nowhere to be found. We looked each other IN THE EYES. We had an APP... CALLED EYE CONTACT. I never realized how awesome eye was; how great HOLDING THE ATTENTION OF ANOTHER PERSON WAS; until it primarily ended; around 2010.

Teenage girls and boys are addicted to their phones.

When I was a teen, I was addicted to talking to girls.

It is NOT A FAIR TRADE. Today's kids GOT THE SHAFT in that trade.

Sorry kids, you won't know what it feels like to talk to that girl on the phone for an hour on Thursday night. It's too bad.

Now I feel old.

I Love Technology Too!

It could be used in so many good ways.

Welcome to..

Welcome to today's society, where most everybody is too distracted by a magical scientific device that removes their attention from the world around them. Ever wonder why the average human being is so dumb? Or even better, ever wonder why we're in this current sociopolitical situation?

I think Carl Sagan was right when he said, "we live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology." I at times pitty those people, they're letting a little device consume their entire life's, kinda reminds of the TV.

Anyway, don't mind them, keep having real interactions and real moments, not these mindless adventerous in a digital world.

"Life is just a candle, and a dream must give it flame.."


It's annoying. I really hate when you are talking face to face with someone and they start texting. I will wait for the, to finish, but they keep they keep talking. I also hate when people check their phone every few minutes. (Perhaps a bit sexist, but in my observation, it's mainly girls who do this.)

Fortune Favors the Bold


girls like to take pictures and lots of them. Sucks they using phones instead of an actual camera.

I give anyone a pass that is doing business.

I will not contest their efforts to trade for mutual benefit.

Traditionally Sabbath started at sunset the previous day.

Pencils down.

Free includes debt-free!

You are an E

E's don't like anything that takes potential attention away from them.

Personally I think it's wonderful. No longer does the person who is physically in front of you have a special demand on your attention.

In this regard phones are just a visible indicator that "I am not thinking about you" to the person in front of them. It's not that people weren't thinking about other things when people invaded their space before, but now it's readily apparent.

You used to have to be 'rude' if you did not want to interact with someone. Many people don't like to be rude so they just put up with it. Now it's easier to ignore people. I think it's a really good thing.

I should add for clarity, I have nothing against E's, there's nothing wrong with E's. E's are the majority. I certainly wouldn't marry one though:)

I's who marry E's will receive a special place in heaven I am convinced.

A Major Factor

This is disgusting - a major contributing factor in the degeneration of practical thought within our intellectual society.

Did you know that T's are often the culprit of random, violent outbursts? Einstein and Galileo were also T's. They were also sufferers of ASD! That is, if you're willing to accept without question whatever comes out of our "intellectual society".

Did you also know that "Rats should avoid Snakes in marriage"? I just made that up - it carries the same merit as if I had actually checked the zodiac the last time I had an egg roll. Anyone who believes they can define an individual ontology through social contract and perception is working toward the same goal as the tyrant. Coercion is manipulation. Don't consider yourself an "oracle" simply because the social mechanism makes it possible to follow certain patterns and reinforced stereotypes. Or are you a jr. member of the Thought Police after all?

Oh the E gets upset when an uppity I stands up for himself

I'm just saying I like being left alone sometimes. This bothers you.

Who is the thought police?

I have dated lots of E's. The world is full of them. Nice people. Just not ideal for I's to live with in my experience, which is a lot. My wife also agrees.

Being with an I is awesome. Finding other I's is the hard part.

E's gain energy through interaction, I's lose energy through interaction, and need to recharge. This creates an adverse relationship dynamic which has to be overcome. The E always tends to feel slighted, the I always tends to feel crowded. It can of course be overcome but personally I don't see the point in bothering, unless you really love the person.

But as long as I've offended you and offering an opinion may as well keep going.. in my opinion the world is largely the way it is because of E's. E's, because they crave human interaction more, base their opinions more on what the crowd thinks than what principles, logic, and morality might dictate.

E's tend to be the ones who go along. I's tend to be the ones that say "No, this is wrong, I don't care what everyone else thinks!"

Some people say we can't have democracy because women vote. I don't think that is right. We can't have democracy because E's vote. And too many vote without their own thought, but based on the group think of the crowd.

There, have I offended you enough?:D

Obviously people here, E's and I's, think much more than most people. And regardless I don't suggest any 'fix' to the problem of people being different.

It's E's who tend to think I's need to be 'fixed'. I's just want to be left alone from the would be 'fixers' sometimes.

Close call on my mc Friday

I was riding along, no cars around me, through an intersection, I had the green light. Chick in a beat up Celica comes flying out of a gas station parking lot, swerved over two lanes almost into me. I slowed down and got behind her to avoid her - and then she hit the breaks in the middle of the road! Whoa! She had her cell phone in her right hand up to her left ear! I rode up along side of her and said HANG UP AND DRIVE, B***H! And blasted off.

Well she catches up to me at a red light and says "Excuse me, I was lost, and I'm NOT a bi+CH." LOL.

I said You almost hit me two times, sister! You're on your phone and driving crazy. You need to pull over and get directions, and figure out where your dumbazz is!

Then she said "You're right, I'm sorry." And I said Thank you, I'm sorry I called you a Beezy.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

This holiday watch for 'Cudnoski's Theorum'...


Given enough time, any gathering of immediate and extended family for a holiday celebration or any other event, conversation inevitably reverts to discussion about our pocket digital devices and all of their fancy interactive features.

I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by pandas starving hysterical naked

-Allen Ginsberg

Nope, people are attached to their phones.

I only have a flip phone and only use it for calls every now and then. I have had it for like 8 years now. No need to get a new one when it works fine and I mostly use it just to talk anyway. Never liked texting and I dont see a point using the camera because if I want to take pictures, I will use my dedicated kickass DSLR.

My brother would often play Xbox and I swear, he had trouble actually paying attention to the game he was playing because literally every other minute, he would have to pick up his phone to answer and send a message.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


I have a phone but only use for an emergency, an old one too. I think about 7-10 years old.

No, you are going sane.

I won't be surprised if soon it will be accessible through contact lenses, instead of phones.

Jefferson's picture


sane man is considered insane, in an insane world." Unknown

What's up Lao?

Hi J -

I hope you are well! I've been really engrossed lately watching this guy's videos - somebody posted one here and I can't get enough of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5n_bRmMA5Q

It's amazing where the red pill takes one.... :) It transforms everything.