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DC: Mike Rowe interview - Interesting insights

I read this article, and thought there were some interesting insights. I also found a TED Talk from Mike Rowe that I am linking.

MIKE ROWE: You don’t have to go to college
Christopher Bedford
Associate Editor

TheDC: How can we bring back the strong image of the working man as something to be sought after and to be desired?

Rowe: It’s not up to the person doing the work to elevate their own profile. It’s not fair or reasonable to expect them to, nor would they want to. At least in my experience on “Dirty Jobs,” these people, they are in on the joke. It’s the rest of us who are disconnected from the reality of the way the world works.

People confuse me all the time with a spokesman or an apologist for blue-collar work. I’m not — I’m a fan. No one’s asked me to speak on their behalf, but I’m involved in this now because that show reminded me in so many ways of my own personal disconnect. I just was reminded of a lot of things that I’d forgotten: very, very fundamental things about the nature of work, the definition of a good job and the value of a useful education. Nobody preached it to me. I just saw it 300 times in a row and had to conclude thusly.

Continued: http://dailycaller.com/2013/11/22/mike-rowe-you-dont-have-to...

Here is the TED Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/mike_rowe_celebrates_dirty_jobs.html