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New Snowden leaks expose the NSA's play for more power

New Snowden leaks expose the NSA's play for more power

By Dell Cameron on November 23, 2013

If what they say is true and knowledge is power, the National Security Agency is the strongest government organization in the world—by far. But its trove of data on American citizens, possibly constituting yottabytes of files in a $2 billion, 100,000-square-foot data center, wasn’t enough.

Recently leaked documents from Edward Snowden, revealed in the New York Times, show the NSA had a plan to rapidly expand its authority. The leaked papers, dated February 2012, detail the NSA’s four-year plan to update and increase its methods for gathering intelligence by intercepting foreign and domestic communications.

The document, titled “Sigint Strategy 2012–2016,” claims the NSA intends to “aggressively pursue legal authorities and a policy framework mapped more fully to the information age.”

Read more: http://www.dailydot.com/politics/snowden-leak-nsa-power/

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An idea whose time has come

cannot be stopped, works on both sides of the coin.
Liberty is not the only idea, slavery is one also.
Who will win? Liberty or the NSA?