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DC area Libertarian candidates

The three candidates who filed signatures this week are:

Frederick Steiner, City Council At large. Mr. Steiner is a resident of Ward 4. An IT professional, he is married and the father of a one year old. He earned an MBA from George Mason University in 2011.

Sara Jane Panfil, Delegate to Congress. Ms. Panfil is a Ward 3 resident and paralegal. She is a 2010 graduate of Columbia University.

Bruce Majors, Mayor. Mr. Majors, a resident of Ward 2, has lived in DC since 1980. A realtor and graduate student in economics at George Mason University, Mr. Majors' 2012 campaign for Congress earned 16,500 votes and permanent ballot status for the Libertarian Party in DC.

In addition, Ryan Sabot, a Tenleytown resident and undergraduate at American University, has announced an intention to file for Ward 3 city council representative. And a candidate for Ward 6 (Capitol Hill) is likely.

DC Libertarians plan to continue recruiting a nearly full slate through December and are looking for more local libertarians to run a full slate. There may be some contested primaries.

In nearby Arlington, Virginia, Evan Bernick, a recent graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, will run in an April 2014 Special Election for Arlington County Board.

The Libertarian Party seeks to open up the political process, which in DC is virtually a one party state, with incumbents for life, to competition from citizen candidates.

Contributions can be mailed to Majors, Libertarian for Mayor, Suite 711, 1200 23rd Street NW, Washington DC 20037.

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The 4th Libertarian who will run for office in the 2014 elections is picking up his petitions today at the DC Board of Elections for the April 2014 primary.

Ryan Sabot, an American University student and Tenleytown resident, will run for the Ward 3 City Council seat.

Mr. Sabot joins Sara Jane Panfil (Ward 3) running for Delegate to Congress, Frederick Steiner (Ward 4) running for City Council At Large, and Bruce Majors (ward 2) running for Mayor.

Candidate recruitment continues with a Ward 6 City Council candidate likely and Wards 1 and 5 possible. (Wards 2, 4, 7 and 8 city council seats are not up in 2014). There may also be school board or advisory neighborhood commission candidates and some primaries may be contested.


Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor