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Healthcare Freedom?

Obamacare Alternative?

Has anyone found an alternative to Obamacare that satisfies the Individual Mandate? Or, one that let's you opt out of the IRS reporting, etc.? If one gets an Obamacare plan, then by default they are indirectly endorsing this approach by being an enabler by purchasing. An alternative allows us to 'vote with our feet' by not supporting the government system and fully supporting the Free Market instead.

I found one so far, www.healthshareliberty.com
It has been around since 1990. Also, it has a national and International (as long as the bill is in English)open doctor/hospital network and is fully transparent due it being a non-profit. Prices are low and stable.

Discuss what you think about this option. Plus, what other legal alternatives can we consider if we as individuals and small business owners want out have any of you found?

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There should be no mandate

There should be no mandate for health insurance, but there should also be no requirement for hospitals or doctors to provide services without pay or some kind of guarantee that they will be paid.

That's for sure!

No way there should be a mandate! Can anything be MORE unconstitutional than that? And that's a for sure that no doc or hospital should work unless they are paid! Unless it's a charitable act, then what sort of slavery would that be? Same goes for forcing doctors to accept less money than their service in a free market based medical world would be worth.

That's why I still like this health sharing cost approach. It covers the basic and catastrophic things. Gives price stability year over year. And allows you to budget for those every day medical expenses.

Again, any better alternatives discovered by anyone out there?

Enjoy the TDay weekend.

The important thing is...

Being able to opt out. P-R-O-T-E-C-T-I-O-N from.
We passed our Health Care Freedom amendment here in Ohio after a lot of effort, work, and shoe leather spent by a LOT of dedicated liberty minded patriot's to get it on the ballot by gathering over 400,000 signatures for one thing, then campaigning for it and spreading the word. We managed signatures and votes from both democrats and republicans alike and got it passed by a nearly 2/3 vote of THE PEOPLE. Even when the republican party did their best to link it to a failed SB5 anti union legislation (then ballot initiative) resurrection that was dead in the water from the get-go, and "they" knew it.
QUESTION. How in the heck can a supreme court decision override the WILL of We The People? My understanding of the constitution is that we are a government OF, BY, and FOR the people. There is no way that any branch of government should be able to rule over the will of the people. Ever.
Our Health care Freedom amendment passed in every county in the state of Ohio. Our protection from Obama Care "should" be guaranteed under the constitution.
But for anyone questioning that...it may be a good idea to visit the site provided.


Way to go Ohio!

Any other States taking this initiative? What a great 'We The People' approach. That coupled with some sort of plan like www.healthshareliberty.com and 'We' are off to the races!

Healthy free alternative?

Learn what maximizes your health and what minimizes your disease, and then actively practice what you've learned. Exercise, eat, relax, think, cleanse, love, communicate, etc... in a manner that works for you.

(Free health tip: Fear/stress only helps when immediate survival at stake and your actions can make a difference. Otherwise, fear/stress is detrimental to health.)


Those sure are the basics!

Those sure are the basics! Then a program for when that cannot handle the load.

here's a list

of cash friendly doctors around america:

This is a great resource.

This is a great resource. Keep 'em coming.

I have no interest in satisfying

the individual mandate and I won't pay the fine either.
Lets test the theory that the IRS has no teeth in enforcing this law.
It is the only way to get our freedom to NOT pay for insurance if we don't want it back.

EDIT: I read some of the FAQ at that site.
Sharing isn't available for pre-existing conditions in the first year.
Not sure if this would be a legal plan under Obamacare.

No Fine...get exemption.

If you opt to have nothing then ideally the IRS will be out to collect. Whether they can or not is another matter. But, typically most people/families need some program if they have health issues. Looking at the numbers on this program is very straight forward, economical by comparison and allows you to use any doctor or hospital.

This program IS listed as an approved program for the exchanges. However, by signing up for it the member gets an exemption number that goes on their tax return. The program does exclude certain pre-existing conditions over a time period whereupon it will be included. Plus, they offer you a health/diet coach to set up realistic targets and as they are achieved, you are in.

But, like everything, this won't be a solution for everyone. It looks like it is a good fit for a lot. Again, what other alternatives is anyone finding?

for various reasons

the "Free Market" failed to deliver health insurance that simply protected from bankruptcy and ??? the doubters will say that the marketplace did not function properly due to intervention etc ..so be it..we failed as a nation for every one should be able to have health insurance ..we will never agree as to what works ..as of now I am for single payer ..all out and now..this bs with the irs etc and the multitude of rules is nonsense.

Free Market got Squashed!

It does seem like the Free Market dropped the ball on medical issues. But, when you peel back the onion it reveals a much different story.

The Eagles, The Foresters and the Ladies Friends of Faith are just a few of the lodges that had doctors providing economical health care. That is until collusion with government allowed these to be stomped out and doctors instead became a cartel.

Here are a couple great reads to put the evolution of healthcare into a better perspective.



Of course single payer always seems on the surface like a quick fix. But, the unintended consequences of a one size fits all approach NEVER works (forget about cost). Just go to the Coffee aisle at the grocery store. Look how many versions of plain coffee we need. Then think we will apply the idea of only one choice on 300+ million people administered by a unaccountable no bottom line in sight bureaucracy. Sure, what could go wrong?

Here are great documentary from a number of years ago about Canada's single payer system, called 'Dead Meat'!


The important thing people

The important thing people seldom realize is that THERE IS NO FREE MARKET in health care. Government is inserted into the process at every step. It is over-regulated from head to foot.

Why should everyone be able to have health insurance?

Health care and health insurance are not the same.

Unless you have a catastrophic disease or some major illness it is far cheaper to pay out of pocket for medical care.

When I tell my insured friends that a doctor visit costs me around $200-300, the reaction is wow, I only pay 25$ with my insurance.
But they are paying 200$ or more a month for that discount.
Yeah but... I MIGHT get hit by a bus and need a new leg or something.

I'll take my chances.

What it used to be..

What you are describing was health care of yore. Catastrophic coverage for the huge bills (major Hospital, etc.) and pay for everyday stuff out of your pocket at a low cash price. Then the Government stuck its nose under the tent and here we are. What permits the closest approximation of your dream set up. So far all I have found it this healthshareliberty.com

Short of having nothing, what is a viable alternative?

I would like to see a lot of nonprofit...

I would like to see a lot of nonprofit Healthcare organizations pop up. Wouldn't that be just the blowback the insurance companies deserve. They would be forced to compete and this whole mess would be for nothing.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Non profits EXACTLY

Being a non-profit was one of the main things that attracted me to the healthshareliberty.com model. Essentially, that is why their prices are so low. Once you add in marketing and profits (not that there is anything wrong with either), prices have to go up to cover those added costs. Simple math!

So, besides this one, what other non-profits or similar has anyone uncovered?

Cant Afford It

My husband doesnt get insurance at work because we cant afford it. You try living on 9.00hr, and paying just basic bills.
He goes to the VA..and I just dont go.
I refuse to sign up for ObamaCrap

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Many can relate!

Boy, you are not alone on this one. It's what got me looking for an alternative. This resource above looked most promising. Inexpensive, stable cost, open network. Seemed most realistic for most. They have shown that their prices can go down. With more members prices should go down further. Helping you and others get more income will require more Liberty candidates getting elected. The Libertarian Party is getting more attractive every day...maybe Jessie Ventura!?

Obamacare alternative

Yes, definitely worth looking into. Thanks.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

What do you think?

Did you check it out? What was your take on it? Have you found any alternatives? So far, this looks most promising. Advise on any other finds.

It's not my

priority right now. But I appreciate the post and do plan to check it out.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


Please post back as you do. Trying to get as much crowd response about www.healthshareliberty.com and also to uncover any others. Obviously this or something like it could be for our own personal use. But, if these alternatives prove to be beneficial, then we should be promoting them as a community as a way to move way from government and health network controls. What alternatives do we truly have, unless we self medicate? And that doesn't sound too promising!

Thanks for the post ... love helpful posts

Thanks for posting this. Definitely looks to be worth further investigation on my part.

What do you think?

Did you scope it out? What do you think about this program? Found anything else?

I'm going to try it

I'm going to try it

What did you think?

Checked out the program? What was your take on it?