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Dallas Morning News covering for Sheriff's Dept assault on AJ


OK everyone watch the video again, before you respond to the so-called journalists. BTW John B. Wells read this story on Coast to Coast last night, so you won't be alone. Charge!


The bone-chilling weather undoubtedly kept many people at home, but Austin-based radio personality Alex Jones would not be deterred.
Jones, a hero to his anti-government listeners, was broadcasting live Friday from downtown Dallas. And it was quite a show.
It began with a demonstration in Belo Garden Park across from the Earle Cabell Federal Building. And it ended with Jones and his followers being shoved across Commerce Street in the cold rain by Dallas County sheriff’s deputies, who decided they’d had enough.
The crowd that gathered outside the official JFK ceremony in Dealey Plaza was a mix of protesters, tourists and locals who just wanted to experience the moment.
Shortly before 11 a.m., about 100 of Jones’ fans, mostly 20-something males, gathered around him in Belo Garden. He invited them to line up and say something into his microphone.

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Why So Many Police

If the police would have left after the event was over this would have never of happened. The sheriff/police had way to many officers. Why? They both got what they wanted. Alex wanted to show America how the public servants think they have to power and the sheriff wanted to show Alex that they have the power.
Once again we have multiple public servants breaking their oath of office and should be charge with treason.

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Some of the information in this article

is inaccurate.

"Jones and Co. then turned and marched back up Main Street, with no clear destination."


According to video evidence, Jones and his group were advised by the Dallas Police there was an area around Main and Market where they could assemble, the officer called it a "free speech zone."


According to Castro, deputies repeatedly told the demonstrators to move and to “cease their disorderly conduct,” which, she said, included “using profanity and obscenities.”


Since when is using profanity and obscenities against the law? How many videos should I post of law enforcement officers using vulgar language?

"They were forcibly moved back when they refused to obey, she said. Deputies did not use any chemicals or weapons, and no one was injured, she said. There were no arrests."


Sounds more like a ringing endorsement of the people in the crowd to remain calm than the Dallas Sheriff's deputies who used force. It is my understanding people could walk through Dealy Plaza when the ceremony was over. The ceremony was over.

It is my understanding the police allowed the group to walk in so far where they were met by Sheriff's deputies. I wonder if there was law enforcement behind the group. If the crowd had not remained calm, I don't want to think about what could have happened.

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That said, the comments were the real story, not the article itself. Wow.

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Dallas Sheriff's Deputies Assault Free Speech Activists


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