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Now You Can Save 50% On Tires For Your Motorcycle! Blew My Mind!

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That does not look safe at all

Lean that thing over some wet leafs or sand and its going down hard. I had this mental picture of a group of Harley guys complete with HD branded leathers and a Willie G. half helmet riding these and had to LOL. `

These ought to make for some

These ought to make for some interesting FAIL videos!

Save 50% on tires???

I can only imagine how expensive those tires are going to be

Look like regular tires to me...

to require specially-made tires would be unnecessary and counterintuitive.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

While America is investing in

While America is investing in collapse, eugenics technology and scientific prison grid, Asia is investing in miracle inventions!


I just sent you another message. Check you junk folder. I cc'd myself, and that's where mine ended up. Thanks.