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Check out this ad I was forced to watch prior to viewing a youtube clip a few minutes ago


No doubt this was paid for by AIPAC.

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Good Art for a Bad Message

Too bad.

Look at how many

of us saw this and commented on it here. I watched it to the end specifically to see who claimed credit for it. To no one's surprise, nobody.
If we saw, imagine how many under-informed watched and came away thinking what the producers wanted them to believe.

Dr. Mike Vasovski
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2 Highly Thumbed Up Comments

99 and 184 "thumbs up" for the 2 comments below. People are waking up to the lies.

2 days ago

This ad was funded by Illuminati CIA who need a new enemy to destroy. The Iranians are 100% right. The U.S. is pure evil, and intelligent Americans are sick of it. Only the zombies of America continue to buy into this propaganda.
It's not just the Iranians that hate America, Americans now hate America.
Kyle Jones
1 day ago

This is called 'Iran Facts' but leaves one of the most important one out. And that is the US and the UK staged a coup in Iran because it was going to nationalise the oil and then a more hard line leader came in after the revolution. This is also a propaganda video by AIPAC, the warmongering Israeli lobby that gets the US to go to war on their behalf.

I was utterly amazed.

I remember when I became "enlightened" with the fact that we are being fed historical lies that backed all of our foreign policy. It was a slow process for me, since I just didn't want to believe we were being lied to.

And then I saw this commercial on YouTube, and I remember what it was like seeing something like this before I knew the truth.

It's pure deceit. Plain and simple. Thanks to Ron Paul, I now know the truth, and so does the rest of my family, and my uncles, and friends, and co-workers, and neighbors...

Keep spreading the word people. We can fight the lies!

Thank god

That we are being feed with "facts", else I might have been opposed to openly declaring a war on Iran by sanctions. But since they don't like us (I wonder why...) it must be totally okay, at least until they start liking US. But should they keep disliking US we should drop a bomb to make sure that they start liking US instead. Sanctions are good because they are more "humane" and is absolutely not one of the major causes for the start of a massive starvation no matter what non-TV "conspiracy" statisic shows. /end sarcastic rant

Worst of it all is that some people actually buy into this Sh!t

No way

I don't believe you. I've never had to sit through anything other than a 30 commercial clip. What are you talking about?

People dont get the fact that

People dont get the fact that the more you make life miserable for everyday people in other countries the more they follow extremist leaders. This is a lesson I learned especially from Ron Paul's 2012 campaign.

If people are happy and have a growing middle class they want international trade and a government that wont oppose their creation of wealth.

If people are starving and desperate, especially due to the United States' actions. Then it is really easy for extreme leaders to gather their flock to fight the injustice.

This is how the Nazi party came to power and now the Golden Dawn Neo-Nazi party is gaining momentum in Greece becuase people are becomming more and more desperate. This is why the Shaw is in power in the first place.

Maybe we should stop making people starve to death, overthrow their governments etc. and start buying Persian rugs and hookah supplies. When two nations are making money trading with each other,they dont tend to want to shoot each other very easily.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

What if the US had a Pro East Government?

Pro Western Gov't is the key word. In 1953 Iran had a Pro Iranian citizen Government that was replaced by a Pro Western Gov't that was not Pro Iranian citizen.

Imagine for a moment that the US had a Pro Western Central Banking Government that was not Pro American citizen. A Gov't that did the will of the Bankers and not that of the People. Hmm, sounds a lot like what we have today, doesn't it?

Had the US and UK government's not installed their PUPPET, the Shaw in 1953, then Iran would not be Anti-Western today.

Israel, the US's supposed 'friend', is not unlike Northern Ireland. A group of people unfriendly to those they have been GIVEN power over. Who thought that putting a bunch of Jews in control over a bunch of Muslims and their land back in the 1940's was going to result in Peace? No one.

Had the UN put a bunch of Muslims in control over a bunch of Jews, it would have resulted in chaos on conflict like we see today with the opposite.

If someone has a youtube account

this video could be left in the comments section.

It's a wonderfully informative video on this topic of Iran and the Shah etc.

What always comes to mind for me is the Good Doctor blasting Rick S and Michelle B etc. out of the water in one of the debates with his ever present knowledge of history.


Ron Paul is My President

It's so easy when we just ignore the past.

Who was the Sha of Iran, what was his political role, what was his character and who supported him for decades?

That one question deflates this whole baloon.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I flagged it

for "promoting hate of a certain country and a certain religious group". Maybe if enough of us flag it.....

Best comment so far:

"Ratings have been disabled for this video".......Hmmmm.....wonder why? I guess anyone can put up a video, twist the truth, and claim them as "facts". Also - out of over 1,029,000 views, ONLY 5 comments??? It's plainly obvious someone likes to censor and act like dictators only allowing "certain" comments. How democratic/fair/pick your word - of you."

Would be nice if someone with the know how would "video reply" with a good FACT based video of how things really are.

Oh look

Oh look.. Propaganda.

Fancy that.

Adds it the other pile of stacked pile of propaganda*

Dammit I'm running out of room in this room... Looks like I'll have to start piling this crap in another room...


a million views, but 5 comments. Just goes to show how ineffective their message is.

-quiet engineer

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The western loving Shah was a puppet of the U.S.


With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

I like the nuke explosion at

I like the nuke explosion at the end. It reminds me of the "mushroom cloud" speech that Bush made. Makes sense, the same people dominated and controlled his administration.

Propaganda Inc.

I saw them too, even on YouTube video pages that had nothing to do with the Mideast, with Islam, with Zionism, or American foreign policy!

I sent them a letter asking them to discontinue the ads, at least on pages that had nothing to do with the ad material, and excoriating the content.

I asked them to discontinue the ads, or at least to target their audience more selectively. Those ads are EXTREMELY offensive!

"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

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This Bleeds Profusely of Irony.

We've done nothing but live up/down to their views of America being a big problem for them.

Never mind that we started it all and that the hostages were taken from our embassy which was being used to manipulate and ultimately overthrow their government; eventually leading to the problematic (from U.S.A. federal perspective) Iranian leaders.

The last statement may have a completely different meaning when taking an anti-american view; "..until the threat from Iran is totally dismantled", might be seen as the threat of America itself.

We help create the beast and we keep egging them on, if you can say the U.S.A. federal actions are "we".

WTF did I just watch

That's some professionally made war propaganda...and youtube is taking a cut to play it. It's about time youtube gets replaced.

THIS is why I hate ISRAEL!



Nope but people all over the world

have been saturated with our propaganda for decades.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.



Go here to see all the co-sponsors.



You can block all the crapola by downloading and installing this hosts file, but of course, that won't do anything to deprogram the sheeple.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Saw the same thing last

Saw the same thing last night. Absolutely putrid portrayal of actual history that will no doubt be sopped up by the vast majority of our public school educated countrymen. By America's historical standard of aggression, Iran is Switzerland for God's sake, yet you're supposed to believe they're just chomping at the bit to nuke Israel and the whole world and force all Christians into slavery.

It's not on their web page

. Looks to me a very talented portarit artist is trying to sell this to AIPAC.

Those ads are insidious...

some are 2 hours long.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.


I believe Iran has a right to protect itself, just as any other country. Especially with all of the hostility towards it. Iran and Syria are two of the few countries that have their own central banks and are not directly controlled by the IMF. Israel and America are hostile countries, and if I was Iran I would want to be able to protect myself. I also believe it is purely defensive, believe that Iran knows that if they chose to strike first with a nuclear weapon, they would be wiped off the map by multiple countries. I don't believe they are that stupid, but the pro-war propagandists want you to believe so. We have been after Iran ever since I can remember. When I was in high school in 1984, one of my former friends was passing out"fuck Iran" buttons to anyone that would take one. I have also seen many misquotes put out by the main stream media where the translations are purposely misstated to make it look like Iran is saying things that it really did not say. Of course they don't like us. How would we feel having multiple countries hostile towards us for the last 50+ years? We'd be pissed too.

Hear, Hear!

Iran has never committed an act of aggression against anyone. I hope that they've figured out how valuable the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is.

I'm disgusted by the Washington DC regime's self-appointed role as Planetary Bully.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Thanks for the response...

... I agree that every country has a right to protect themselves and I'm sure you would acknowledge Iran hates us. But think about it, if you were the president of a country who simply wanted a free banking system and was independent from the most powerful, would you say statements such as the politicians of Iran has said. I by no means think they really mean it, they are a lying politicians and whatever they say reflects more of what the people think then what the government think and thats the key point. If in Iranian politics one must repeat the same destroy America dialogue it makes them sound anything but reasonable. Also, should the mistakes we've made in our foreign policy in the past make us stand by and say they have the right to defend themselves even if it means harming us in the process? At what point do you think it would be necessary for the US to use military force on Iran IF they acquired a nuclear weapon and stated that they intended to use it along side Hezbollah? I am not taking sides, I just think some Liberty minded folks have become a little to positive about what is going on in the Middle East that they completely do not look at any other side presented. I'm just getting different opinions.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Even if Iran....

.....got a nuclear weapon they couldn't hit the United States with it. They have no way of getting it here.

From what I've seen the Iranian people don't hate the American people.