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Have Daily Paul followers Become Anti-Christian?

I have encountered many people in the freedom movement who reject who are even hostile to us Christians. I notice people persecute me for writing a prayer about asking God. We will lose this battle for the republic without divine providence. Do you agree or do many of you think you can win without God's help or have disdain for us God fearing people. I do not care if a person is a christian or not. Respect the right to worship or not to worship. But there are some mocking us in the movement saying we are the liability.

the truth is we do not have a prayer to win back the republic if we reject divine providence. DO you agree.

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I have not. I am interested

I have not. I am interested in the subject though. What do you know about it?

What I hate is when atheists

What I hate is when atheists celebrate Christmas. You can't have it both ways. I have friends who are atheists and I refuse to give them gifts.


has nothing to do with Christianity. No one knows when Jesus was born.

How would you feel if some one celebrated your Birthday another day?

And used your day to give every one else Presents and put up Trees with lights on? Kinda weird huh?

And watch the word hate. Hate should not be in our vocabulary. I know.. some times I do it but I then realize how stupid I sound.

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so,you hate athiests

celebrating a pagan holiday?
christmas isn't the birth of jesus
it is ra's and a host of other false dieties birthdays though
and now,the christian community claim and embrace it as their own
I bet the savior loves the idea of paganism entering into the bible,as if it is true
Yes, i know,there are 2 things never to talk about,religion and politics
and for the same reason,ones will mot change their minds about either,no matter how much truth is before them...it s just to hard to change your views

but most would rather try change the views of others,and make them sin themselves
But reflect on this,if the shepards were guarding their flocks,would it have been around the winter solstice?
Or this one,stars cannot guide and point to a specific object,such as is suggested in the bible,as it states they FOLLOWED a STAR,soif they did follow,then did that STAR move?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Yes deacon, I am well aware

Yes deacon, I am well aware of the origins of Christmas traditions. However, we are still celebrating the birth of Christ. And Christmas itself is not a pagan holiday only some of the traditions were adopted. So yes, it is insulting when atheists celebrate Christmas while not recognizing what we are in fact celebrating.

I'm pretty

sure most Atheists only do it because of the kids.

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you celebrate christmas

which is a pagan holiday,adopted to bring more heathens into their fold
what this did was water down the bible,and cheapened what the actual birth meant
was the birth recorded for all to celebrate? no,strangely,this was omitted
from todays bibles,maybe from the start
But it is a false date that professed christians celebrate,and it is an abomination to god,keep the holy days hols,this,is not a holy day
it is just a holiday
you see,this is why I do not talk about this,the ones so ingrained will not change,but will go out of their way to make others sin
If you do know the origins,then you should also know if it started as sun worship,then it is the doctrine of man,much the same as easter is,it is all pagan worship,and it is used to enslave men
And this is why i left the church,it is falsehoods wrapped in truth,but it is all lies

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Yes, I've read about Esther

Yes, I've read about Esther the Goddess of fertility and all the other stuff. My Mother practices Wicca and my dad is a non practicing Catholic while I was raised a Lutheran so I come from a diverse background. I enjoy reading about all the history and origins of everything. I'm the kind of person who questions stuff and tries to find answers.

FYI...my church even recognizes that the date is wrong. That is no secret. If you understand the history of the traditions and how they were adopted then it doesn't matter. But nobody knows the date so we celebrate it on December 25th...the day it was declared.

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Here is a reference for what you said.


Agree that reading all of this stuff makes this a real mess.

Nonsense. Holidays are also

Nonsense. Holidays are also just a way for people to get together. One needn't believe in anything in particular to enjoy being with family or friends.

So family & friends

only matter on Holidays?

Well great! Let's all get

Well great! Let's all get together on Kwanzaa!

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Ok...but if we all get together on Kwanzaa

Can we exchange gifts? I really love giving gifts and wrapping presents :)

Sure. I'm sure they would

Sure. I'm sure they would love that. I'll bring a bunny.

I'm guessing you were being

I'm guessing you were being sarcastic, but I upvoted you in earnest.

Thanks! I have a sense of

Thanks! I have a sense of humor. I'm glad you do to!

It's worse for Christians to celebrate Christmas

at least on December 25th. When an atheist celebrates on 12/25, Saturnalia, a pagan festival which worships a pagan God, at least it's not sacrilege to them.

Anyway I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be happy if atheists refused to participate also. If being atheist got us off the hook for the expected giving of 'gifts' (which to me makes it not so much a gift) more people would be atheists. But it doesn't.

I'm pretty sure there is a

I'm pretty sure there is a difference between an atheist and a pagan.

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Much bigger question to be asked:

Is there a difference between a pagan and any member of an organized religion?

Throughout history, only certain people seemed to have pipelines to the Almighty. They were looked upon as special (godlike) and they were made leaders throughout the Old and New Testaments, Koran, and beyond to the present time. You have heard I'm sure of Reaganomics or "trickle down economics." Well this is trickle down commands from the Almighty.

For example, take the Pope. God told the Popes what to do, like make 400 years of Crusades killing in the name of God, and then these Popes told the people what to do. Like in the Old Testament, countless people were slaughtered by God giving the command to kill to just one person who told the rest to carryout this order. I don't know why God wouldn't just communicate directly with individuals with commands as important as committing genocide. These trickle down commands were based upon one man having a pipeline to God's will. This type of thing is fraught with potential corruption and paganism for following one man's wishes rather than the Almighty SHOULD HE BE WRONG. Are these also forms of paganism?: celebrating Easter derived from Estrus and Christmas derived from the lowest point of the Sun cycle, and calling upon all of the Saints to pray for us, and carrying crosses, wearing special clothing, eating or not eating special foods, having statues or pictures of gods, etc.

Right it would be

Right it would be sacrilegious to a pagan to celebrate Easter, just like it's sacrilegious to a Christian to celebrate Saturnalia on 12/25. And you can be sure pagans know 12/25 is very much a pagan holiday.

Atheists are just being polite, or else just enjoy spending time with the family, when they go along with these holidays. Other than that, believe me most would prefer not to spend the time or money.

I'm all for spending time

I'm all for spending time with family. Have at it...all day long! My point is that if it's about spending time with family and loved ones than why not make it a point to do it every other day of the year? And it's nice to think they are doing it to be polite but a lot of those same people are the same ones who will down vote a comment or thread that mentions their Christian faith.

What's the difference?

silly stories of a fat man flying deer or silly stories of a virgin birth

"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good."
Thomas Paine

The fat man w flying deer derived from the pagan tradition...

..from northern Europe and has nothing to do whatsoever with Jesus.

St. Nick was in Anatolia (Turkey) and of course Jesus, Mary and Joseph were Jews.

There are a lot of other

There are a lot of other "silly" holidays for other "silly" religions out there but most non Christians celebrate Christmas for the gifts.

"Hate"?...I don't remember Jesus teaching that...

Seriously dude...you "hate" it when people who don't believe what you believe enjoy the holidays by decorating their house and spending time with and giving gifts to their loved ones?!

Furthermore, you "refuse to give them gifts"?!

If you're just having fun and being facetious, then my apologies...

But if you're being serious, you really ought to completely disassociate yourself from Christ, because you're acting and promoting exactly the opposite of everything he taught.

In a way I am just being

In a way I am just being funny. No I don't hate my atheist friends. I don't hate anyone (except McCain and Graham...I really do hate them). However, i think it is wrong to celebrate Christ's Mass for the sake of getting gifts. Why would anyone who doesn't believe Christ as our Lord and savior want to celebrate him? Just being logical.like I said...you can't have it both ways. I'm not going to give you a gift for celebrating my Lord when the rest of the year you make a mockery of it.

2 things.

1. What is this "for the sake of getting gifts"? You do know that non-Christians are not all 7 years old, right? I think you're WAY over-simplifying what Christmas means to non-Christians...almost to the point of "making of mockery" of not being a Christian.

2. If people make a mockery of your religion, that's wrong. But you're just as wrong to accuse someone of doing that who hasn't.

The dilemma here is simple. Christmas means something different to you than it does to me. It seems that the Libertarian way, Ron Paul way, and even JESUS way of handling such a situation would be for us both to respect each others' different views. Instead, you've gone all: "because you view the holiday different than me, you can't have it"! That's just immature, insensitive, rude, incredibly arrogant, greedy, and has nothing to do with anything taught by Jesus (or Ron Paul).

"Just because Christmas means

"Just because Christmas means something different to you than it does to me". So you've taken a Christian holiday and changed the meaning of it for your convenience. Maybe this will help...right from the dictionary.

Christ·mas noun, often attributive \ˈkris-məs\
: a Christian holiday that is celebrated on December 25 in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ.

I'm sorry if you think I'm rude. I'm not trying to be. But I think it is actually disrespectful of you to change the meaning of a Christian holiday.

I'm not changing the meaning...YOU ARE

You are trying to change it to: "A Christian holiday on Dec 25 to honor Jesus Christ in which non-Christians shall not get to see their families"

Still won't answer me huh: how does me spending time with my family hurt you?

We all know the answer: it doesn't!

You talk about me needing to reflect on what I believe, but I would give you the same advice. You are acting in a way that is so opposite of the way Jesus would want you to act, all in the name of Jesus.

Christmas was stolen from the Pagans by the Christians

The Christians stole the Pagan holiday of Saturnalia and turned it into Christmas. Also, if Jesus did actually exist, he was not born in December, but rather in August (or close to it).

~ Peace Love Revolution ~