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Have Daily Paul followers Become Anti-Christian?

I have encountered many people in the freedom movement who reject who are even hostile to us Christians. I notice people persecute me for writing a prayer about asking God. We will lose this battle for the republic without divine providence. Do you agree or do many of you think you can win without God's help or have disdain for us God fearing people. I do not care if a person is a christian or not. Respect the right to worship or not to worship. But there are some mocking us in the movement saying we are the liability.

the truth is we do not have a prayer to win back the republic if we reject divine providence. DO you agree.

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"followers"? when I did I become a follower?

the DP is more like a smoky ole bar full of disgruntled Liberty lovin patriots.
no, we don't all get along and sing kumbuya.
and we occasionally throw a few bums out into "public"

but I don't think that anyone around here could really be called a follower. except mebbe the lurkers...

My inner geek

My inner geek was only concerned with the grammatical structure, but you do raise a compelling clarification.

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It's a setup, Allison.

I fixed it. The poster did not, and he hasn't been here much since his initial comments.

A subtle form of propaganda.

generally divisive and defensive. followers are generally associated with cultists. guilt by association.
a political tactic used quite well against the good Dr in 08.

it also attempts to link "divine providence" with only one theology.


Sure looks like pot stirring, complete with strawmen and false accusations.

Free includes debt-free!

I don't think I am disgruntled but ...

a pretty good comment.

Thank you. +1

Have some Daily Paul followers Become Anti-Christian?


Free includes debt-free!

The liberty movement needs to leave others free.

Else it flounders.

Free includes debt-free!

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Will the OP Ever Fix the Title?


Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Agnostic here...

I have not become "anti-christian", and I have little concern for what traditions others choose to follow. I am not hostile to Christianity, though I must admit that it annoys me that some would attempt to use the liberty movement to project their personal religious views on others. I simply do not understand why it is a good idea to marginalize people or place limits on "accepting" people, who otherwise would be great allies, based on personal preferences or lifestyles. This notion in itself is counter to liberty, not to mention we need everyone we can get. If we are able to "win", it will be from building coalitions, NOT agreeing 100% on what we do in our personal lives, just as if we "win" not everyone will choose to use their liberty the same way. This, in a nutshell is what I find irritating about Christian activism entangling itself into the liberty movement. It is paradoxical to advocate liberty and conformity in the same argument. If you want to kill a movement, continue to make posts such as these. If you do not actually work for the CIA, you are doing their work for them by dividing the group so that it may be conquered. Cut it out.

ahhh, a breath of fresh air :)

yes liberty should be about the pursuit of happiness. If Jesus makes you happy, pursue that. If meditation makes you happy, do that. If sunshine makes you happy. go outside. If having a big family with 20 kids makes you happy (and you have the means), do that. There is no guarantee that you will be happy, but an individual has the inherent right to pursue it.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.


The answer is no. If you are a Christian, you don't just become Anti-Christian... The people who visit/contribute to DailyPaul are a diverse group. I am a Christian. I don't think anyone could influence me to become anti-Christian as I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and has risen. Nobody can prove or disprove that, so it would be very difficult to steer me away from that belief, then go even further and push me to be against anyone else who believes this way. What drives people away from Christianity are "Christians" who say one thing and then do another. "Christians" who don't walk in love toward other Non-Christians. The way you bring people to Christ is by walking in love and showing the love of Christ. It's by saying what you mean and meaning what you say. It's by talking the talk, but also walking the walk. Not by pushing away the people who are not there yet or don't know any better. Jesus said, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." He didn't condemn them. Concerning the prostitute, He said, "He who is without sin cast the first stone."

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


Very True Jason

Some of the nastiest most intolerant people I have ever met call themselves Christian...we had to leave a local Boy Scout troop that billed themselves as a home school troop because of the "Christians" involved in the leadership were some of the most controlling, dishonest cheaters I have ever dealt with...

While collectivist ideas are not exactly appropriate, especially here, it is anathema to believe or expect that one continually, and continuously presented with "examples" of the Christian ethos exemplified by those who profess to be walking with Christ…only to find them to be the worst kind of people..would or should then somehow want to emulate such behavior by adopting a like-minded belief system.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I think in general

the web makes it be easy to be anti Christian. Go to any web page on the internet that allows comments and you will have someone post a christian comment and you will have two or three or more people post a comment of how stupid that person is, then they will start asking random Bible questions to "prove" that Christianity is wrong.

For instance have a Christian woman on a christian website write something about modesty and women will accuse her of saying women get rapped because of how they dress.

Have a christian post that embryos dont have gills and that christian hates education.

Go to amazon.com and they have a place for discussion and they have a specific spot for christians to discuss stuff and four fifths of the comments are posted by atheist.

If anything dailypaul is a heck of a lot nicer toward christians than most websites and ironically is nicer to Christians than some christian websites that allow comments.

The Religion of Athiesm

I believe a lot of this is because many atheists, without admitting it, think of atheism as a cult or religion of their own. They try to recruit followers and sway, shun, belittle anyone who doesn't believe/disbelieve as they do.

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


True again…

add to these…the proponents of Evolution who carve their beliefs in granite..

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

"They try to recruit

"They try to recruit followers and sway, shun, belittle anyone who doesn't believe/disbelieve as they do"

Thats a two way street.......better for all sides to leave it at home and focus on the one thing that brings us together, the one thing that belongs to the individual, and not a group of folks......i lean towards atheist, but although i dont like to see any one group speak for the whole, i dont like seing individuals who believe in a thing mocked, those who leave it at home, unless its a debate on the actuall subject where inevatibly questions get asked....if that makes sense

It sounds to me like your Christian

site has poor moderators. This might be a business opportunity for a Christian DP'er with some web skills.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

America is becoming Anti

America is becoming Anti Christian. It is amazing how often I see someone show faith withing comments on the internet and they are attacked. Not simply a comment or two but much like the attack of a pack of wolfs.

because many modern

Christians are hypocrites who shame the concept of Christ by being bigots and violent. There is no mystery here or shenanigans by the devil.

Really? I was reading an


I was reading an article about a persons death. In the comments below a person wrote "God rest her soul". That was followed by attack after attack on the poster for believing in god.

I fail to see your reason.

my reason?

take a look around.

I am a true believer, but faith has no role in this.

Faith is personal. Keep it to yourself or limit it to one on one.
Faith is only relevent to the unprovable. Keep it far from reason.
Faith can not save us. It saves souls not the economy.

God gives us the choice to either learn the easy way or the hard way. God does not favor one option over the the other. That is left up to the greatest gift that God gave us ... free will.

God Bless.

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Ignore the Great Commission?

How do square, "Faith is personal. Keep it to yourself or limit it to one on one", with Jesus' command to His disciples to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation"? Mark 16:15

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

I preach every day.

By my actions.

I preach every day.

By my words to individuals...

To my family ... To people.

Not to the internet.

Not to faceless, nameless, avatars.

One at a time. It works no other way.

I am sure you understand this.

God Bless.

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Thanks for clarifying

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

An excellent citation.

And you're welcome.

I wish you well.

perhaps the word "preaching"

referred to acting Christ-like NOT verbally vomiting the bible while embracing bigotry, etc.

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You are correct

If someone is going to claim the name of Christ - myself included - we need to do our best to act like Him. Sometimes we need unbelievers to point out our hypocrisies and show us how far we are from His example.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father