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Political Change Is Healthy, Don't Want To Stay The Same

We are all creatures of habit. We wash, rinse, and repeat our daily lives with hardly any deviation from the routine.

"Stick with what works."

But is it really working?

Variety is literally the spice of life, but I often find myself doing the same things over and over again every day. Repetition is safe, predictable and quite normal human behavior, but is it really a good thing?

When I was a kid, I asked my father why I couldn't just eat McDonald's cheeseburgers and pizza every day. He said, "You need to eat a variety of foods. Cheeseburgers and pizza don't have enough of what your body needs, you have to eat your greens and beans too or you'll get sick."

Food for thought...

Whether it is food or politics, change is good. Variety is good. Challenging yourself to do things differently is good.

Stagnation is not good. Spinning our wheels and going nowhere is not good. The failure to do something different and not change our ways is not good.

Change is good, but quite difficult for most of us who are set in our own stubborn ways.

How many of us here tend to eat the same things all of the time?

We go to the supermarket and know exactly where everything is.

Food and politics have a lot in common.

We like what we like. Trying something different is not easy, because it's off our own beaten path.

Challenging yourself to eat different foods is healthy, but not easy.

When I was in my early 20's, I actually went to a Hillary Clinton campaign office to volunteer, and I voted for Al Gore!

What happened? I challenged my own beliefs, dared to try a new idea, and changed because of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul gave us a lot of steak and potatoes politics - bring our troops home, end the Fed, abolish the IRS, follow the Constitution...GOOD STUFF!

But the strict red meat and potatoes diet didn't work.

Along comes his son, Rand Paul saying, "We need to eat our beans and greens too."

Political peas don't taste good but they're good for us.

If Rand can just add a few pads of butter, a dash of pepper and a lot of sea salt to the peas, we might like it.

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Change for the worse

is more likely in politics, than change for the better. The change we need is less reliance on politics as a way of dealing with one another, and more reliance on voluntary interactions. Politics is all about who gets to control whom. Liberty means every person gets to control himself or herself, without some coercive "authority" demanding obedience. Liberty and government are incompatible opposites. Changing from one form of government to another rarely does anything to advance liberty.

Obama was all about "change" too. Try changing your diet to include arsenic and curare, and get back to us on the benefits you experience.

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