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Godfrey Bloom (MEP from Yorkshire) goes off on EU over taxes

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The EU was a good idea

For transportation and citizenship purposes. That's about it.

I'm in love with this guy

I'm in love with this guy

Ahhhh :)

Was it love at first sight? lol I don't blame you, he is very charming. ;) lol

Nice Rothbard name drop

bump and embed


I could never figure out how to embed vids.

On the YouTube video page, click "Share"....

Then, copy the embed code and put it in your post.

WAMO! Done!

Nice video btw. Thanks for sharing.

I did that

And it didn't show the video, just the code. I'll have to research it more, there is something I'm over looking. Thanks for the comment. :)

Front page bump

Front page bump



Thanks again


The time is coming

this won't be just an idled threat anymore. "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" - John F. Kennedy

Scary and sad

I believe it's coming sooner than later, and I'm truly scared.

No need to be scared

Just be angry, and strong. IMHO

reeeeeeally angry and

reeeeeally strong! I agree.


it's time we start making a move to get state militias, and recruit all those military leaders who are being fired by Obama. :D

Wow !

Guess he told them !!


I kind of wish

We had a politician that spoke like this in congress.




For the bump


That was freaking awesome! Between him and Nigel, the EU doesn't stand a chance, thank god. Thanks for sharing this.


He is very blunt like Nigel.

Seems more blunt

By I've never heard of him.

Me either

But I like what I hear. I hope to learn more about him.