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Trapped in an Alternate DP Universe

I've been trapped in an alternate universe. There is no escape. There is just one constantly shining immense star in this universe I'm in. Sometimes I see up to five smaller stars, but they aren't very predicable. Their brightest varies greatly as do their periods of darkness; they can even disappear for long periods of time. Whether these five stars are the same ones reappearing and disappearing or are ones seen only once and forever gone cannot be determined. However, there are many planets, and there is especially a whole lot of cosmic gas out here. Whether this gas is going to coalesce and form a new star or remain just gas is the question? Likewise, whether or not one of the bigger planets will ever become a star is being watched very intensely. Similar to other universes, there is much emptiness better known as dark matter; some places are very, very dark indeed. This universe that I've been trapped in is called Liberty.

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