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Mandatory labeling is about who has the power: The individual or

the government.

This "labeling issue" perfectly encapsulates the struggle for individual liberty...in all issues from pot to income tax.

It's amazing how many "libertarians" beg the state for violence the moment it suits their pet issue.

For those of you who are concerned with what is in your food here is a list of alternatives that do not involve the government:
Ask. Test. Form strong relationships with food producers. Make a list of producers who make food the way you want-offer that list to others on the internet. Form an association of buyer's. Form an association of producers. Grow your own. Grow for others and compete. Innovate a technology that allows you to test food. Don't buy until you are satisfied. And sue producers who harm you.

This is just off the top of my head. Some are more practical than others. We can put our head's together and brainstorm even more ideas. And we can do it right here on this site, on this thread even. I'm game, I'll help.

For those of you who feel mandatory labeling is a righteous use of violence:
How does your desire give you the authority to impose your standard on other people's transactions, dictate other people's property rights, and interfere with other people's ability to peaceably trade?

What unique characteristic do you possess that gives you the authority to dictate other people's private and peaceful activities?
...Maybe you have some unique 3rd eye or spiritual connection to the almighty? Does God whisper in your ear about what other people should and should not do? Or do you have a magic stone that only you can read?

If not, then maybe that's why you're unable to pick up a gun personally to interfere with other's peaceful behavior or go to court and get an injunction that bends them to your will.

Instead, you beg the government to aim their superior violence making machine at those who live in a way you find disagreeable. Just like every other statist-with every other issue.

Guys, if we won't respect each other's property & liberty, then who will? Let's innovate our way out of this distopian police state. Let's get what we need done without preemptive threats and violence. Let's start living individual liberty today.

Good luck all :)

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