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Libre Office - Wow.


In preparation for my Transition from Windows to Linux,
I downloaded LibreOffice Version:

My Big Concern was whether or not my library of .ppt and .pptx files was still going to work.

The answer is YES... and not only YES but ZOMFG YES!!!!

I have been using Office 2007 for awhile and hate hate hate it and hate hate hate the friggin' ribbon bars but kept office2007 because I dont have a good reversion path easily available.

LibreOffice brings back some of the features I missed and adds new ones.

And it is FAST as lightning.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Folks, there is life after Microsoft, and it looks good.

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Libre office

is awesome. Only issue I've run into is converting Excel stuff over.

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I've been running Ubuntu 12.04, that comes with Libre Office, for 6 months now. What's this thing called Microsoft? I forget. :-)

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Id love to make the switch from Windows to Linux

But I dont seem to know any alternatives to Foxpro and Microsoft Publisher.

alternatives to foxpro and publisher

Open source alternatives to foxpro and publisher exist.

Foxpro alternatives are:
(I believe that VFPX is actually Foxpro gone open source, not an alternative - the real deal. But I could be wrong.)

Publisher alternatives are:
and of course - the LibreOffice and OpenOffice suites

I still use Office 2003. Just

I still use Office 2003. Just as good as the new ones. Don't even care.

And yeah, Libre Office is pretty terrific.

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I don't mind Libra Office and anyone with license issues should seriously consider it.

However I do prefer the new Office 2013 products.

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