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(Michigan) I was kicked out of a political event for quietly filming *video included*

Hey friends,

Anyone that knows me knows that I record almost all interactions in politics. You never know when you are going to come across some juicy ommissions.

Last Friday, a local club hosted a meet-and-greet featuring Michigan Gubernatorial Challenger Mark Schauer, US Senate Candidate Gary Peters, and Attorney General Challenger Mark Totten.

Before the candidates had a chance to speak I got kicked out for filming. If you would do me a favor and watch the video/share it, the more embarrassing it will be for the people that censored independent media.

You would think they would be happy to get as much media/attention as possible to showcase the candidate, but when dealing with 'progressive control freaks' I'm not surprised at the treatment.

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This country.... I actually

This country....
I actually have seen similar behavior by Republican staff aides at the Texas State convention in 2012. Not the filming but the security guard attitude.

Southern Agrarian


good choice of sound affects and nice subtitles on finishing your drink.

It was a $8 scotch on the

It was a $8 scotch on the rocks (overpriced for the brand may I add), I wasn't going to leave a fallen soldier behind.

You needs one of these...

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Wow you really are ahead of

Wow you really are ahead of the curve.

Southern Agrarian

Ordering today! Never thought

Ordering today! Never thought about a devise like that. Thank you.

They are getting smart at, "practicing the art of deception"

The last thing they want to happen is a comment or a strategy outed on a youtube video with a million views. Look what happened to Romney during a stealth video recording, the 47% remark. IMO if they won't allow us to see and hear our candidates, they don't need our votes.

Was it a public place?

Such a bummer, I wondered if it would of helped to have the first amendment memorized and to say it loud enough without causing chaos to remind the oppressor what they stand for. Thanks for doing what you do. On another note, you know since the corporately owned mainstream media continues to keep throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks, let's throw some liberty against it to see what also sticks. Peace, Love, & Liberty, what an attractive message.........

Nonaggression is cool.

kind people rock

It was a private event free

It was a private event free and open to the public.

If it was a public event I would have went constitutional on them.

It still looks bad for them by taking the actions they did.

Gotcha, thanks for attempting this.

This is great evidence of the non transparency in some local politics. I can see the headline, 'Democratic event shuts down citizen videographer. What are they hiding?' Thanks for all your efforts, peace.

kind people rock

Free press not invited.

Something to hide? Who knows.

Free includes debt-free!

If you have nothing to hide,

If you have nothing to hide, huh

Are you authorised to use that term

Im pointing out the phrase they like to use on folks who dont like spies, and then go on like they have something to hide, and then conviniently forget their own mantra.........not implying your a shill, as the impression i got from what i wrote on the second read through

So basically, if your an individual, you have no reasonable expectations of privacy, but the larger your PERCIEVED to be, the more avenues of privacy protection you have.....mmmmm, that seems?.......backwards

They want paying, they prove their innocence.

Innocent until wanting paying.

Punch the clock.

Better ;-)?

Free includes debt-free!