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Great Reporting about the horror of civil asset forfeiture

This is what we fought the British to stop.


“Where are we?” Boatright remembers thinking. “Is this some kind of foreign country, where they’re selling people’s kids off?” Holding her sixteen-month-old on her hip, she broke down in tears."


"Basically, if you're carrying a large amount of cash, and someone from one of these task forces pulls you over, they feel they have the authority to take your money from you. It's then up to you to prove you earned it legitimately. The stops can quickly devolve into shakedown operations, in which a motorist is told he can face arrest, or he can give the police all of his money and go free."

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So, why not carry your money

So, why not carry your money in a larger safe? They wont be able to get it open and legally cant open it without a warrent. Plus they would need to hire a safe cracker who could then be used as a witeness to the crime if they do have him open it.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


Good point