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Navy's futuristic-looking vessel being commanded by Capt. James Kirk

BATH, Maine (AP) — Captain Kirk's futuristic-looking vessel sports cutting-edge technology, new propulsion and powerful armaments, but this ship isn't the Starship Enterprise.

The skipper of the stealthy Zumwalt is Navy Capt. James Kirk, and yes, he's used to the jokes about the name he shares with the TV starship commander played by actor William Shatner.

t's the first U.S. surface warship to use electric propulsion, and its power plant is capable of producing enough electricity to light up a small city and to power future weapons like the electromagnetic rail gun.

Inside, it's just as unique. The number of sailors needed to stand watch will be reduced through the use of cameras and video monitors that show what's going on outside. The bridge will indeed look like something from "Star Trek" with two chairs surrounded by nearly 360 degrees of video monitors.


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The Difference

is the first Capt. Kirk's mission was peacefully explore new worlds. This "new" Capt. Kirk's mission will be to attack and destroy the worlds of people who have never attacked the United States

An emp would be devastating.

Technology just keeps progressing.

Actually most military

Actually most military hardware is built to withstand an EMP; unless they decided to change that more recently.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

How is this a defensive weapon exactly?

How is this a defensive weapon exactly? They also cost $3 Billion each.


A quote from the article

"An outspoken Chinese Admiral told the AP that the US Navy’s new $3 billion stealth destroyer could be taken out by a few fishing boats with explosives".

Do I detect a little jealousy in that Chinese Admirals comment? Maybe he would feel better if we sent him a thank you note for all the money it took to build this boat? LOL