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God vs. Natural Law

Three men lived in a small town. In the town square was its prized possession, a great ancient water fountain that ran day and night where all could come to drink. The fountain was so old, that no one knew for sure the exact source of the water. The men walked past the fountain towards the local saloon. An old women named Liberta stopped them.

With a frail voice she told them, "Boys, this fountain is precious. The water is much better than anything they have in the saloon."

One of them mumbled, "Very good Liberta, we'll be back later." They continued on in pursuit of their libations and soon entered the bar, sat, and ordered drinks.

The first guy proclaimed, “The water comes from an underground pipe that runs miles and miles to the great lake! Everyone knows this! You cannot enjoy the water if you don't know it comes from the great lake.”

The second guy retorted, “There is no proof of that whatsoever. The fountain comes from a natural spring. What else could it be?”

The third guy was an idiot and said, “Who needs water anyways. I like this cheep beer they give me.”

While the men were arguing, the bartender slipped outside to the fountain. For several minutes he tried to smash it apart with a sledgehammer, but the fountain resisted the blows and the bartender grew tired. The bartender then took a black sheet and covered up the fountain. Soon the townsfolk forgot the fountain existed, and from then on they drank only beer.

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